Report: Bernie’s Top Advisor for Criminal Justice Arrested for Plotting Prison Break

Bernie Sanders is catching a lot of flack for how his supporters conduct themselves and rightfully so. Why should any political candidate be allowed to whip their supporters into this type of frenzy? There is a certain level of danger at his rallies that never seems to get addressed.

Instead, people look the other way and try to pin the responsibility for the bad behavior on Trump. Bernie attracts a very dangerous subset of people and we wish that people were willing to admit to that. The revolutionary types that pride themselves on being a part of the counterculture are all about Bernie.

He speaks to them in ways that other candidates would never dream of. The aging revolutionaries who were never able to achieve their true goals see themselves in them. You better believe that the Antifa thugs and Occupy Wall Street protesters are also watching his rise closely.

Now the complaints are starting to roll in about the conduct of the “Bernie Bros” and we are not shocked. This was inevitable. When you empower the wrong kinds of people, there is no shortage of terrible things that can happen. If you are anything like us, you are just hoping that nothing truly terrible happens.

It would be awful if this election cycle were marred by some sort of tragedy. That’s why the Bernie Bros are being watched closely. It all starts by being rude online but from there? Things can only get worse. This story is a prime example of that. Did you hear the news about his former criminal justice adviser?

This adviser was recently arrested and you won’t believe the reason why. He was actually in the process of planning a prison break! This is the person that Bernie actually chose to advise him on criminal justice-related issues. We wish that we were making this up because it sounds like something out of a bad movie.

Alex Friedmann was instrumental in helping to shape Sanders’ agenda on criminal justice in the state of Vermont. Now, he is facing serious prison time. The irony is so thick that we could choke on it. It really makes you wonder how many other criminals Bernie is harboring in his potential cabinet.

Friedmann was stashing ammo and guns in a prison that has yet to be opened, in hopes of aiding the inmates who are looking to escape. This crime took place in Nashville and yes, Sanders is still touting the contributions that this dangerous criminal had to offer him. We are sure that he is going to start backpedaling on this association before too long, though.

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall held a press conference on the matter, stating that at least three guns were found in the unfinished prison. Not only is this man dangerous but he is also stupid. How did he think that he was going to hide guns in this location and not end up getting caught?

This is the type of mentality that Bernie Bros have. They think that they can say or do anything and it won’t matter. The guns were planted during a break-in and Hall believes that the prison break was being planned for several months. Bernie supporters would want violent criminals to be released back into the general public.

That fits their whole bleeding heart ethos, doesn’t it? The potential loss of life that could have taken place here is frightening. This man clearly did not care who he hurt and we are shocked and appalled that he would have such a high ranking position under Bernie. Do you really trust this man to make the right decisions as President of the United States?

We know that we don’t and this story confirms what we already know. Sanders is willing to put power into the wrong hands and does not care what happens from there. This is the progressive candidate that the left thinks so highly of, though. It’s the sort of behavior that makes us wonder what they will think of next. Maybe for their next trick, they can start to back someone who has actually pulled off a prison break!

Bernie needs to take a long, hard look at his vetting process. Thank goodness that this man was apprehended before he had a chance to bring this awful plan to fruition. We shudder to think of what would have happened if this cache of weaponry was not discovered in a timely manner. Kudos to the law enforcement officials who were able to step in and intervene before a tragedy took place.

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