Biden Doesn’t Want to Be Left Out: Claims Russia Is Also Meddling in His Campaign

Joe Biden has quite the persecution complex and it is fun to watch him indulge it on a regular basis. In his mind, he is the next president in waiting and anyone who thinks otherwise has it out for him in some way. Biden even decided to jump on the Russian bot bandwagon over the weekend.

After all, he does not want to be left out. If everyone else is going to claim that the Russians are keeping them down, Biden is going to make sure that he is getting in on that action. He can’t even make a name for himself in his own party and he is already losing primaries in humiliating fashion.

Sure, Joe, it’s the Russians that are going to keep you from prospering! We can’t wait to see him trot out that excuse again after another 4th place showing. He claimed that the Russian bots are spending all kinds of money, in hopes of trashing him on Facebook. We are not sure why they would need to do that when his chances of winning the nomination get more remote by the day.

These bots are apparently going on Facebook and spreading an anti-Biden agenda. He does a good enough job of that by himself without needing their help but we digress. If Biden wants to live in a fantasy world of delusions, he should be allowed to do so. When Uncle Joe talks like this, he provides the rest of us with all sorts of unintentional comedy.

Biden never knows when to stop talking, either. Can you believe that he decided to throw his own staff under the bus here? He was not content to merely blame the Russians. The Russian bots are only able to talk badly about him because they are receiving info from his own staff members. You absolutely cannot make this type of stuff up.

If Biden staffers are really leaking incriminating things about him to the Russians, that would seem to be a bigger problem than people talking bad about him on Facebook. Maybe he should be trying to root out the moles that he is currently employing instead of crying about the Russians all day. That would require him to do some actual work, though.

Biden has always had an air of entitlement about him, hasn’t he? It’s like he expects to simply repeat Obama’s name enough times to trick the left into supporting him. He is still saying the same nonsensical things, too. “I’m the person most likely to beat Trump,” he said during this televised appearance. Those who watch Face The Nation on CBS News every week had to be dying of laughter.

Even the most staunch Biden supporters have to be questioning his grip on reality at this point. He’s not working with a full deck and he still thinks that his past achievements are going to pave the way for him to win in the present day. In reality, Bernie Sanders is already far more popular with the left than he ever will be. Mayor Pete seems to have more a groundswell in his favor as well.

Biden was even asked if he had taken the time to speak with the intelligence community. This is not going to be surprising to anyone who knows how he operates but of course he hadn’t. All he knows how to do is go on television and just say things. Why would you bother to research a claim that is this bold and audacious? It’s indicative of who Biden is as a person. He lies all of the time and expects no one to ever call him out on any of it.

If Biden gets busted for lying, he just tries to call Obama’s name for the 100th time. He went on to say that the people who were busted for trying to occupy his campaign office were actually Bernie Sanders supporters. Biden loves to blame the boogeymen for his troubles. When he is unable to pin his lack of traction on the Russians, he assumes that he can get everyone on his side by blaming Bernie Bros.

His inability to discern fact from fiction is alarming. We are not joking in the slightest when we say that this man is clearly senile. He is not going to be able to run the country when he can barely run a coherent campaign. He’s already been caught telling lies about his connection to Nelson Mandela. It is only a matter of time before he is exposed again. We cannot wait.

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