Buttigieg Is Trying to Become the White, Gay Obama. Is It Working?

Ever since Mayor Pete’s unexpected surge into the national consciousness, ridiculous comparisons have been being made. We cannot get enough of the silliness and we are sorry that we are not sorry. While we would be fine with an openly gay president, we would like to think that we could do a little bit better than Mayor Pete.

This man has accomplished next to nothing unless you are super impressed by his ability to run small towns in the Midwest into the ground. That has not stopped the outlandish proclamations from rolling in. People seem to think he is a symbol for social justice, as opposed to the two-bit hustler that he really is.

For example, there is a huge rush to compare Mayor Pete to Barack Obama. We guess that we can understand it on a certain level. Since there had never been a black president before Obama’s election took place, we can see why people would want to compare the two. The country has yet to even seriously consider a gay president.

That’s not to say that there could never be a viable gay candidate. That is the furthest thing from the actual truth. Instead, we say that to say this: it is okay to criticize Mayor Pete and no one should call you homophobic for doing so. A bad candidate is a bad candidate, no matter what their sexual orientation may be.

Barack Obama should be personally offended by this comparison, by the way. While we are certainly not going to ever become the president of his fan club, there are certain lines that need to be drawn in the sand right now. Obama was an infinitely better candidate than Mayor Pete could ever dream of being.

The only reason he is even alive in the current race is that the Democratic party is in total shambles. Biden was their presumed front runner and he is now crashing and burning. We cannot believe how poorly he performed in the first few primaries. He is already resorting to telling insane lies about getting arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela.

Give him another week or two and he’ll be claiming that he used to hang out with Tupac Shakur. Meanwhile, who else is Mayor Pete even up against? He’s got to contend with one billionaire who is trying to buy their way into the race and it’s not like Elizabeth Warren is lighting the world on fire. Amy Klobuchar definitely isn’t winning herself very many fans.

In a climate like this, it is easy to see why some Democrat voters are trying to talk themselves into Mayor Pete. After all, the only other semi-valid candidate is a self-proclaimed socialist who is trying to make history of his own. To the best of our knowledge, we have yet to see a Jewish president of any kind.

While the Obama comparisons do make some sense in a bizarre way, we are not about to get on board with them. The Democrats need to get their heads in the game and stop trying to throw themselves at any candidate that is not Bernie Sanders. Sure, Sanders is a deeply flawed candidate but this is what happens when you kneecap your own party members on a consistent basis.

Biden probably would have waltzed to the nomination if the Democrats hadn’t stupidly opened the door for the rest of the world to take a closer look at his dirty laundry. They thought that they were going to get Trump out of office by pointing out his dealings with Ukraine.

Guess what happened instead? The political world (and the authorities) are now taking a much closer look at Biden and his son’s relationship with Ukraine. In a climate like this one, it is easy to see how people could talk themselves into the idea that Mayor Pete is somehow the next Obama in waiting.

Desperate times are always going to call for desperate measures and the Democrats have never been more desperate than they are right now. When you have candidates like Bloomberg openly pining for Hillary Clinton to enter the fray, that’s when you know that things are starting to get really bad. How many more insane comparisons need to be drawn?

Hopefully, the people who are insistent on comparing Mayor Pete to Barack Obama come to their senses before it is too late. Otherwise, they are going to be left with some serious egg on their faces by the time it is all said and done. We can only speak for ourselves here but we have already had enough.

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