What Happened to Those FISA Abuse Hearings, Senator Graham?

This is a story that has been in the news for some time now. While you would think that there would have been some progress when it comes to the hearings that were supposed to be scheduled about the Mueller probe, there has yet to be any. Lindsey Graham has not held one yet and we are wondering what the hold up is here.

Graham promised hearings on this matter back in May 2019. Think about how much time has passed since then. He told us that he would get to the bottom of the Mueller probe and how it started. Those who were hoping to receive answers on this topic were more than happy to believe him.

US Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony was the setting for the initial commentary. He made this promise in front of the world and the United States Senate. Senator Lindsey Graham may have said all of the right things at this moment but we now know the sad truth. He is a fraud, just like all of the others.

He said whatever he thought would win him the most approval in the moment and did not care what happened next. The American people were sold a bill of goods by this con man and he clearly never thought that anyone would be willing to call his bluff on it. Sir, we were there and we saw everything.

His willingness to lie about something that we all saw is bold and audacious. It speaks to how corrupt our public officials are becoming. They are ready to look us in the face and lie at the drop of a hat. No one was even pressing Graham to make such a statement. This man took it upon himself to lie to the American people. That is what makes this whole situation so galling.

No committee hearings have been scheduled and none are in sight. The Spygate scandal is one of the largest scandals in our nation’s history but no one seems to want to follow up on it in any meaningful way. It makes us wonder what Lindsey Graham has to hide. Maybe he thought better of these hearings once he realized that he had his own skeletons dancing around in the closet that might be exposed.

There are no shortage of State Department, CIA and FBI operatives that could be called in to speak about this matter. These officials were all found to be lying to the FISA Court. They were willing to spy on Donald Trump before and after his election and if the shoe was on the other foot? We are more than sure that the left would be trying to make them pay.

If it came out that Barack Obama had been spied on in such a manner, the you know what would have hit the fan and we never would have heard the end of it. However, when it is Trump? Even those who claim to be on the right side and vow to obtain justice are growing silent. It is disconcerting to say the very least and we wish that Graham had been willing to keep his mouth shut from the very beginning.

When you do not make promises of this nature in the first place, you do not have to deal with the backlash once they fall through. Graham’s lying has not stopped, either. He even claimed that he had made a request with the Department of Justice to address the issue. 21 current or former officials from the Obama administration were supposedly going to be asked to offer sworn testimony in front of the United States Senate.

Of course, this was just more bluffing from Graham and we should have known better. This man is clearly going to keep saying whatever he has to in order to gain public respect. However, you cannot continue to lie to the people like this and expect them to trust you. We just wish that elected officials would be willing to say what they mean and mean what they say.

Otherwise, all you are doing is spending months lying to the public and the worst part of all? Graham truly had nothing to gain by doing so. He could have sat tight and waited for someone else to step forward but he didn’t. Graham wanted to be the big man who took down the left but instead, he has allowed himself to go out with a whimper. Maybe next time he will keep his mouth shut and stop the lies before they have a chance to start.

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