Trump’s Fighting Back and Sues NYT for Blatant Lies About Russia Hoax

The Trump campaign has finally had enough of the blatant lies that are being told by biased reporters. The New York Times is chief among them. The paper is now going to face the consequences of their actions, as they should. The campaign is filing suit against them for all of the lies that they have been telling about Trump over the past few years.

When a well-known newspaper decides to start knowingly publishing lies, that is when common sense needs to take over. No one should ever have to open a newspaper and read blatant lies about themselves, especially not the leader of the free world. So what is the topic that finally pushed Trump over the edge here?

He has gotten fed up with all of the discussions about his supposed involvement in Russian collusion. It is easy to see why. The allegations have been proven to be false several times over. While the two things are not related in a traditional sense, we can’t help but notice that this move comes on the heels of an interesting story involving Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann.

This is the young man who was accused on being a racist because of some videos that depicted him in an unflattering light. As it turns out, the young man was innocent and now he is expecting the people who lied about him to pay up. CNN engaged in some rather heinous coverage of the young man and they were forced to pay out a settlement because of it.

Meanwhile, Trump’s suit is focused on Max Frankel. He does not work as the New York Times editor anymore but he was at the center of a piece that drew a great deal of ire. The article alleged that there is formal collusion between Russia and Trump. He also claimed that Trump was looking for assistance when it came to his fight against Hillary Clinton.

Trump was supposedly offering the Russians the chance to assist him, in exchange for a foreign policy that would be more favorable to them in the future. If Trump’s suit is successful, he could receive the same sort of settlement that Sandmann was able to obtain. It’s not like he needs the money but there are certain principles that are involved here.

No one likes to be lied about and this story does not make much sense. The story even went against the previous reporting that the New York Times had done on the topic. Once the Mueller Report showed that there was not much there, that should have been the end of it. As you already know, they were not willing to leave well enough alone and now they are going to be paying for it.

We hope that’s what happens at least. Newspapers need to humble themselves and stop trying to create the news. It is their job to report what goes on, not manufacture stories that do not actually exist. The Times has not been able to hide their level of bias towards Trump for some time now and they deserve to be treated poorly for doing so.

Instead, people continue to blindly look towards them for the news. You would think that the American public would start to wise up. If the Times is willing to behave in such a way now, what will stop them from continuing to do so in the future? Trump is drawing a line in the sand now and we hope that he is successful in this endeavor. No one should ever have to sit down and accept that they are being lied about….not on this scale!

The Mueller report already concluded that there was absolutely no conspiracy taking place and that should have been enough for everyone. The fact that it wasn’t is ridiculous. This is a topic that needed to be put to bed months ago. Instead, the New York Times has done everything in its power to keep at the forefront of the news cycle. It is an irresponsible move to say the very least.

Anyone who is on the side of truth and justice will be watching this case closely. If Trump is able to win a settlement, the money is going to be the least of anyone’s concerns. It would send a message to the New York Times (and the liberal media as a whole). They would be told that they could no longer lie to sell newspapers or draw eyeballs to their news networks. To be quite honest, that is definitely the world that we want to live in.

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