The Left’s Dementia: No, Trump Is Not Declaring Martial Law

There are a few things that the left loves more than conspiracy theories. They are especially fond of any conspiracy theory that involves President Trump. The left has been peddling some insane ones for a while now. For starters, they want the world to believe that Trump will simply refuse to leave the White House if he happens to lose the election in November.

This is pretty ridiculous when you stop to consider the fact that they were originally claiming that he didn’t want to live in the White House at all. The liberals were saying that Trump called the place a dump and that he would rather live in one of the Trump towers.

Bill Maher is one of the main liberal media types who is leading this charge. You would think that he would at least pretend to care about the facts here but that is never how it works with the liberals. Instead of admitting that their initial conspiracy theory was wrong, all they do is move onto the next one.

To that end, Maher is now claiming that the coronavirus outbreak will lead to some truly insane behavior from the leader of the free world. The fear-mongering on the left is at an all-time high. He says that if the outbreak were to get truly bad, Trump will simply declare martial law. How he managed to get to this conclusion is anyone’s guess.

Of course, this speculation has been fueled by the Bernie mania that is sweeping the left. Their own party is looking to eliminate Bernie and instead of reckoning with this? They would rather launch insane attacks against those who have nothing to do with their actual issue. We would love to say that we are surprised but we are not.

Buck Sexton did his best to engage with Maher on this topic. He even drew some parallels between the rise of Trump and the rise of Bernie. The two parties both experienced some difficulties, as the establishment looked to put a stop to what was taking place. No one wants to see parties at war but this is a common reality in the world of politics.

We just wish that people would be willing to maintain the same stances all of the time. Those who are decrying the way that the Democratic party is treating Bernie have no issues when the Republican establishment acts like this towards Trump. The hypocrisy is off the charts and we wish that these people could see themselves as we see them.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. The left thinks that no one can see them for who they truly are. People like Maher sit on television and say whatever comes to mind. There are zero consequences for the before because the left does not believe in them. If you are called out for your nonsense, all you have to do is blame someone else and all is well again.

Even those who still take the time to watch Bill Maher every week have gotten sick of the nonsense. We would be willing to bet that a lot of his viewers are just waiting for him to get canceled. Why doesn’t he use his intelligence to help others? It would be nice to see him actually use his powers for good for a change.

We are sure people are getting tired of him but that does not mean that his audience is ever going to tune out entirely. He would rather peddle fear and conspiracy theories to them, though. It is shameful behavior, to say the least, and maybe one day, the hysteria from the left would clear.

They have to get tired of being pandered to like this eventually, don’t they? Otherwise, it is going to be a long few months before the election takes place. The longer they allow their emotions to be controlled by the Bill Maher types out there, the less hope they have for the future. This is one of the many sad truths that they are going to have to face if they are going to overcome their issues.

As for us, we are going to go out on a major limb and say that we highly doubt that there will be martial law in this country anytime soon. The liberals have been making ridiculous predictions like these for some time now and we have yet to see a single one of them come to fruition. We suspect that it will always remain this way.

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