Clinton Ordered to Testify Under Oath on Emails

Tom Fitton is the founder and president of Judicial Watch. As such, he is privy to some key information. Fortunately, he has decided to share it with the rest of us. A federal judge has granted discovery to Judicial Watch and their findings represent a major bombshell. If you were still hoping that Hillary Clinton would be brought to justice, this is great news.

There has been significant discovery when it comes to the scandals involving Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and Benghazi. A federal court has even ordered a deposition on the matter. If you are anything like us, you are thrilled to see it. It is high time that Hillary Clinton had to answer for her crimes.

Her behavior was never acceptable. We cannot believe that the process managed to take this long. It always seemed like an open and shut case to the majority of Americans who have any sort of common sense. The prior testimony that Hillary had to offer didn’t really answer any of the questions that anyone had about the matter.

Now, she is going to have to come back and do it all over again. Maybe this time she will actually answer the questions that are being asked of her instead of tap dancing around them. She’s now going to be made to face justice for her lifetime of treason and malfeasance. Hillary has gotten away with these crimes for far too long.

When they were pointed out by Trump during his 2016 campaign, no one wanted to listen. They wanted to make Trump out to be some sort of misogynist monster who has no regard for anyone but himself. Maybe, just maybe, he was thinking about the future of the nation when he spoke up about Hillary.

Hillary needs to be questioned about her e-mails and she needs to provide real answers when these questions are raised. If she tries to weasel through the proceedings without actually answering any questions, that is when the legal system needs to step in. We are tired of seeing her wriggle out of every jam that she ends up because no one has the courage of their convictions.

She may believe that she is safe because of whatever immunity deal she struck in the past but these deals are not going to keep her safe forever. Hillary’s unwillingness to get out in front of these crimes and do something about them before being hauled into court is also very telling.

As far as we know, she does not actually have immunity. Her aides may have been given immunity but that’s as far as it goes. The shame investigation that took place when Obama was president is now being replaced by a real investigation that is designed to really get to the bottom of things.

That is all anyone is really asking for here. Wouldn’t it be nice if the laws actually applied to everyone, instead of being applied selectively? We guess that it is too much to ask for the Clinton family to be treated like the criminals that they really are. Sure, everyone can point out any issue that takes place when it comes to the Trump family but when it is time to talk about the Clinton family legal problems?

It gets really quiet, really quickly. Bill Clinton was in cahoots with Jeffrey Epstein of all people. Yet, people still want to cling to the idea that he died of natural causes. The Clinton family does not care who they have to step on to get where they want to go. Epstein could have been the one to blow the lid off everything but he died before he had the chance to testify.

At least Hillary is not going to be able to quietly slip away in the meantime. We hope that she is shaking in her boots as we speak. She cannot seem to find a way to worm into the presidential race this time around so she is going to have plenty of time to figure this one out. In the meantime, maybe she will finally have an attack of conscience and own up to her misdeeds.

It is doubtful that would happen but we can dream, of course. Hillary should have realized that she was living on borrowed time a long time ago. Instead, she is still living in her world of delusion, where she can do silly tweets and act like she has any relevancy. A prison cell is almost too kind of a fate for her.

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