Philadelphia: Government Supported Drug Houses Are Coming To Your Neighborhood

Have you ever watched the HBO show The Wire? If you haven’t, allow us to tell you about one of the more salacious plot arcs. The show is about the relationship between the drug dealers of Baltimore and the local police force, among many other things. There is a plot arc that revolves around the exasperated police force throwing up their hands and essentially giving up.

Instead of arresting the drug dealers and junkies, they decided to give them their own area to do whatever they want. On the show, it ends very badly once the higher-ups learn about what is going on. While art usually imitates life, the reverse is happening in the city of Philadelphia.

Safehouse is a nonprofit organization that is currently upsetting lots of South Philadelphia residents. They are drawing the ire of local residents by establishing a “safe house” for people to use when they are ready to inject intravenous drugs. We understand where they are coming from.

Why would anyone want to introduce such an element into their neighborhood if they did not have to? Mothers have to take their children past the site on an everyday basis. No one has ever stopped to think of them. Instead, people are more concerned about how the poor junkies are going to be able to get their next fix.

This is what the liberals want. The people who reside in this neighborhood did not even get a fair warning about what would happen. Instead, they woke up one day to a safe house on their block without any sort of advance notice. This is not fair and no one should be supporting this kind of decision making. One mother is already striking back against the people who are responsible for this.

Ed Rendell is the former governor of Pennsylvania and the chairman of the organization. Ronda Goldfein is the vice president and these two clowns are responsible for this sneak attack on the good people of Philadephia. Kenyatta Johnson is a local councilman and according to them, the drug house was able to slide under the radar because the area was already approved for a medical facility.

The drug house is in close proximity to a senior center, a school and multiple daycare facilities. Did these geniuses stop to consider that aspect of their decision? No, they did not. Now, they expect everyone who resides in this neighborhood to be okay with what is going on.

Addicts do not need to be watched over by people whose job it is to make sure that they do not overdose. Why on Earth would anyone want to make sure that these people live? They are a drain on the economy and are not doing any good for anyone. At least this safe house is going to provide referrals to various other social services.

They should be steering all of the addicts to the proper counselors and doctors right away, though. These addicts do not need to be coddled like this. Whatever happened to tough love? Does anyone even believe in that anymore? From the looks of it, we simply have to let everyone do whatever they want to do. The harm that it does to others is for someone else to worry about.

This is the first site of its kind in the United States but these facilities already exist in Canada. Research shows that facilities of this nature do not actually help to combat drug use. They are actually going to draw more drug dealers to the area and this is not something that anyone should want. What’s obvious to us isn’t so obvious to the powers that be.

The Controlled Substances Act contains clear and precise language that should have stopped this site from ever being opened. Safehouse knows exactly what they are doing and they are going against the law to do it. Unlawful drug activity will be occurring at this location. Why should taxpaying citizens be the ones that are forced to endure it on a regular basis? These are the questions that need to be answered.

The federal government is in the process of appealing the decision and we wish them the very best of luck. The laws have been put into place for a reason and we are tired of seeing them not being followed. Injection sites are the latest scourge on polite society and the liberals are not going to get away with this one. Be sure to hound your locally elected officials, so that you are not forced to endure these sites in your area.

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