The Dem’s Frontrunner: Biden Confuses Wife With His Sister

Joe Biden is currently being judged on a sliding scale. Pundits seem impressed with him as long as he doesn’t trip over his own feet or sniff anyone’s hair. However, Biden can not seem to help himself these days. Every time he speaks in public, he has some sort of horrible gaffe that ends up making the rounds.

This latest screw up is an absolute doozy. The man cannot even tell the difference between his sister and his wife! We wish that we were making this up but we assure you, this clip is real and it is spectacular. How can this man possibly confuse his wife and sister?

We are not even kidding when we say that this man has dementia. The Democratic party is behaving in a very childish manner right now. Instead of getting behind a candidate who has a very real following, they think that Biden can coast on the Obama name recognition forever.

It does not matter to them that he is no longer playing with a full deck. They would rather lose with a Biden that is not actually lucid than win with a candidate that does not embody their true beliefs. We wonder if his wife was upset by this mistake or if she’s just gotten used to him not knowing what is going on.

The Democrats have no problem rallying around the guy who does not seem to know where he is most of the time, though. This is not the first insane gaffe that he has and we doubt it will be the last. At this point, Bernie Bros should probably just sit back and wait for him to shoot himself in the foot.

Super Tuesday may have gone well for Biden but that does not mean that he is out of the woods yet. He’s still got a long way to go and we are sure that there are several more mistakes to be made. Team Bernie can sit back, cross their fingers and hope that he takes himself out with an even bigger mistake than the ones he has already made.

You would think that confusing your wife with your sister would be enough to disqualify you from a presidential race but the Democrats are a very desperate party. Desperate times always call for desperate measures. That’s why they will continue to prop up Biden like this. Until he finally makes a truly big mistake, of course.

At that time, they are going to act like they never supported him to this extent. Or, they are going to pivot towards the blaming of others. This is not a party that is used to taking responsibility for their own actions. They would rather point fingers and play the blame game. Biden’s senility is no one’s fault. Father Time is unbeaten in this regard.

The party could certainly use an influx of youth but where is that going to come from? They are clearly going to toggle between old and useless candidates for the foreseeable future. The best part of their continued love for Biden is that it seems to be based on the false idea that he is the one that is going to be able to defeat Donald Trump.

It’s time for the Democrats to face some cold, hard truths. Trump is probably licking his chops at the idea of facing Biden. Biden is going to end up drooling on himself during the middle of a debate and Trump will coin a new nickname for him. By the time the election rolls around, he is going to be known as “Senile Joe” or something equally comical.

We wish that there was a betting pool as to what happens next with Biden. He’s already upped the ante so much. What’s next? Is he going to forget his own name on live television? The possibilities are endless. Obama does not even all that enthusiastic about endorsing him. This man worked alongside Biden for eight years and even HE does not want any part of endorsing him. That’s a pretty scathing indictment of his potential leadership skills, isn’t it?

From the looks of it, Obama just wants the nomination to go to anyone but Bernie. If Biden is the one who happens to end up with it, he’ll call that a happy coincidence. In the meantime, the rest of us are able to sit back and enjoy the show. Any televised Joe Biden appearance is now a total must see. No one wants to miss out on the next meme or hilarious video clip, that is for sure.

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