Weird: Rashida Tlaib Doesn’t Want Men to Want to Have Sex With Her (Video)

Representative Rashida Tlaib (Democrat-Michigan) recently decided to speak at a rally that was designed to promote pro-choice concerns. This rally took place at the Supreme Court. Yes, this is the same rally where Chuck Schumer decided to do his best Tony Soprano impersonation, threatening Supreme Court Justices who are not doing his bidding.

As for Tlaib, she was there to speak out about the intersectionality of the abortion movement. The videos have since been posted to Twitter and they are comical. She said that people are obsessed with what she chooses to do with her body. That’s probably overstating the case a little bit but this is who she is.

Cheap sensationalism is her favorite activity. As if that were not enough, she went on to say that men should not even want to have sex with her. She also thinks that pro-lifers are actually trying to “commercialize” the bodies of women in order to make them feel like they are lesser people.

We are not sure where she is even getting any of this from. Who are all of these people who are looking to sleep with Tlaib? She is probably putting the cart way before the horse here. It is one thing to talk about your pro-life beliefs. There’s freedom of speech and it protects her right to speak like this.

However, we are going to have to draw the line at her acting like all of the world’s men are dying to sleep with her. That is mighty presumptuous and we wish that she hadn’t put that mental image in our heads. It wasn’t necessary and it did nothing to add to her point. It’s almost like she was dying to turn some men down when no one was actually hitting on her.

What does any of this actually have to do with pro-life concerns? Near as we can tell, she just wanted to work this into the conversation. That is what people like her do. They hijack the usual talking points and try to make them about their personal desires. We think that the lady doth protest too much.

It’s highly doubtful that there is some line of men who cannot wait to take their chances. Why don’t you just stick to the conversation at hand, Rashida? We can talk about your sex life or lack thereof another time. The Supreme Court should not be the site of these types of conversations.

Chuck Schumer already befouled the Supreme Court steps with his gangland rhetoric and now Tlaib thinks that we care about who supposedly wants to sleep with her. We can’t lie, though. The woman does have a certain charm if you’re into the whole hysterical leftist thing. She’s probably best known to some for being the woman who screamed obscenities about Trump.

She wanted him impeached and while she got her wish initially, it did not turn out how she wanted it to. Since she did not get her way on this topic, it is easy to see why she turned to another pet topic. Rashida is filled with hateful rhetoric and no man wants to be forced to deal with that in their everyday life.

Everyone has enough problems to deal with each day, without having to deal with the issues that are caused by a loudmouth girlfriend. This is crass behavior and if the left really feels that strongly about pro-life issues, they should probably pick a better spokesperson. All she is doing is making them look like a bunch of clowns but they should be used to that by now, right?

The Democrats never stop to think about the message that they are sending and they certainly never stop to consider the messenger. How is anyone supposed to be taking pro-life concerns seriously when all Tlaib wants to do is talk about all of the men who are supposedly dying to jump into bed with her? No one likes to be preached to like this, especially not about a topic that they are currently holding very near and dear to their heart.

While we do not agree with the pro-life sentiments that Rashida and her cronies are constantly spewing, we think that everyone deserves to have the issues that are important discussed in a rational manner. Unfortunately, Tlaib is unwilling and/or unable to do that. Maybe in the future, the left can find a spokeswoman for these issues that is not more concerned about letting all of us know how desirable she thinks she is to the opposite sex.

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