Ohio Trying to Keep Biological Males From Competing in Women’s Sports

As the liberals attempt to compromise the sanctity of women’s sports by allowing biological males who have transitioned to compete, a number of states are looking to strike back. Ohio is definitely one of them. The state is currently in the process of introducing a new bill that will be known as the Save Womens’ Sports Act, if it is successfully pushed through.

Other states are currently in the process of debating similar legislation. These measures are designed to bar men who have transitioned from being able to enter female athletic competitions. If the measure is passed in the state of Ohio, it would be applied to the athletics departments at all of the state’s high schools and colleges.

Private schools that are looking to maintain their membership in state and national associations will need to remain in compliance as well. As you may have imagined, the news of this legislation is drawing the ire of the same liberals who are always complaining about legislation of this nature.

We are not sure what they expect. If men who have transitioned into womanhood are allowed to compete in women’s sports, where does it end? Contact sports could cause all sorts of issues that no one is looking to deal with. If the liberals would sit down for two seconds and think about these things, they would realize that they are in the wrong.

If men are allowed to compete, guess what this does to the world of women’s athletics? It creates a universe where women are unable to compete on a level playing field. Young women are unable to pursue their dreams because they are too busy competing with all of the men who have decided that they are going to make the transition into womanhood.

That’s why so many states are looking to do something about the issue before it is too late. If men who have transitioned are allowed to compete, it is only a matter of time before young women are seriously injured. No one is thinking about this when they sit on social media and try to act as woke as possible for the benefit of their followers.

No one wants to consider the realities. The genders have some physical differences that cannot be ignored. While no one is saying that women are not able to compete at the same level as men, these differences can cause a wide range of issues. Some objections do need to be taken a bit more seriously, though. The state of Ohio is looking to do just that.

Intersex students will have the chance to compete with either gender if the bill goes through. These exceptions allow these students to continue competing with the gender that they feel most comfortable with. The authors of the bill and their supporters are on the right side of history.

The medical facts are simply too much to ignore. Male athletes have a larger lung capacity, more muscle strength, greater levels of bone density, higher red blood cell totals and larger hearts. The bleeding heart liberals who whine and complain about these types of bills would do well to consider all of this before they continue to offer opposition.

In this particular instance, the objections that are being raised come from the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland. According to their director, there is no need to pass any sort of bill that addresses this matter. That is because the Ohio High School Athletic Association has already taken care of the issue….supposedly. Unfortunately, these rules are not adequate and do not reflect the times that we live in.

We have already seen too many awful cases around the country where states have paid the price for refusing to get with the program. It is all well and good to want things to remain the same as they always have been until someone is badly injured as a result of the inaction. Medical professionals are currently being allowed to warp the development of children everywhere and this is a problem that is certainly not going to go away anytime soon.

The Supreme Court is currently handling some pending cases that deal with these issues. The entire country is watching closely to see how these cases unfold. We question the Supreme Court’s ability to produce a broad enough ruling to put a stop to the chicanery that is taking place on a state level. Until then, states are going to continue to make their own rules and women will continue to receive the short end of the stick.

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