Why Did Biden’s Doctor Withhold the Results of His Cognitive Functioning Test?

Joe Biden keeps making the news for all of the wrong reasons. First, he confuses his wife and his sister. Then, he can’t even seem to remember his own name. This would be depressing if it weren’t so hilarious. After watching the left start all kinds of narratives about Trump’s health, it has been fun to watch them race to conceal Biden’s clear and obvious cognitive decline.

He’s stumbling through speeches to the point where Democrats are bending the rules to help him. Biden won’t even have to stand up at his next debate. The DNC decided to change the rules, so that old man Joe would have a nice, comfy chair to sit in. His campaign has been filled with gaffe after gaffe.

Now that people are truly starting to wonder if he is okay, questions are being asked. Democrats are no longer able to stick their heads in the sand and ignore what is clearly taking place. It’s frightening to watch. How can they possibly look their constituents in the face and tell them that this is the best man to lead the country over the course of the next decade?

It goes to show just how soulless the party has become. Biden’s medical history has been released to the general public now, as a means of quieting the speculation. However, the release of the information is only raising more questions. His doctor claims that he is healthy enough to be president.

Unfortunately, there are some people who have taken notice of the fact that the part about his cognitive functioning has been withheld. Did Team Biden really think that people were just going to ignore that aspect of things? They did not even bother to perform the cognitive functioning test because they knew good and well that Biden would not be able to pass it.

While this is probably smart from a political standpoint, it does not provide very much comfort to the American people. They deserve better than a president that cannot complete a full sentence. What happens when he takes his dementia to a new level? This is a very slippery slope and no one should have to be subjected to it.

It’s irresponsible behavior from the Democratic party, for sure. They are so hellbent on removing Bernie Sanders that they will promote anyone else for the nomination. Biden can barely walk and chew gum. Most political analysts believe that he would be annihilated by Trump. That’s how desperate the Democrats are for anyone but Bernie to take home the nomination.

Some are trying to defend the decision to skip the cognitive functioning test. They believe that the process of campaigning serves as a substitute for the actual test. We have one simple question for these people: what campaign have you been watching? If the campaign is supposed to serve as the substitute for the real test, Biden is failing miserably.

We just wonder how far this is going to get pushed before someone is willing to step in. It will be hysterical when Biden steals the nomination from Bernie and proceeds to trip over his words during the next speech. Once he is given the nomination and soundly beaten by Trump, they are going to have to reckon with the damage that they have done to their party by allowing this freak show to continue.

It must be nice to simply skip out on the parts of the test that are not going to go well for you. This is what the Democrats do. If things are not going to their liking, they rewrite the rules and change everything around. Biden will get to have his debates from a comfortable chair and we are sure that they change more rules as the campaign goes on.

Give it a few weeks and they are going to be telling Bernie that he can’t raise his voice above a certain decibel level. Biden’s dementia might kick in and cause him to panic. We have already seen how quickly he will fold in the face of any sort of serious opposition. It is only a matter of time before he has an even bigger screw up on the national stage.

Remember the good old days, when the left wanted us to believe that Trump was the one whose mind was slipping away from him? It all seems so quaint now. They would have a tough time pushing that narrative today, especially now that they are responsible for propping up senile Uncle Joe. The hypocrisy that they engage in never ceases to amaze.

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