Sanders Proudly Tells Americans That He Would Not Close Border to Coronavirus Victims

During a recent appearance on FOX News town hall, Bernie Sanders was asked some very important questions. People want to know what he would be willing to do to stem the tide if coronavirus continues to spread. Sanders was asked if he would be willing to close the borders to slow the virus down and his response was a very telling one.

Sanders claims that he would not be ready to close off the borders because he does not want to be a xenophobic leader. Even when Sanders is asked about his personal policies, he always swings it back to Trump somehow. You could ask a Democratic candidate about the color of the sky and they would make it about Trump if there was any way for them to do so.

In Sanders’ eyes, closing the border is the last thing that he wants to do. He would rather confer with the scientists and make a decision then. Bernie does not realize that he would not have the time to do this in a pressure situation. Presidents do not get the luxury of sitting around and collecting as much information as they possibly can.

They need to make quick decisions under duress. Bernie does believe that it is okay to start banning public assemblies, so he hasn’t lost his marbles completely. He might have more of his faculties than Biden does at this point. We do realize that this is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

At this point, why would Bernie even care about what he is saying? Unless Biden finally has the meltdown that makes the Democrats think twice about endorsing him, he is essentially toast. He might as well say whatever he has on his mind now because no one is going to be listening to him after this year is over.

If he tried to run for president again after this, we would be absolutely stunned. He already had the nomination swiped out from under him in 2016. Now, the Democrats are putting their thumbs on the scale to make sure that Biden wins the nomination. While it’s fun to see Bernie rant like this, we cannot win until he finally snaps and becomes truly unhinged.

At the moment, he is still clinging to a tiny bit of decorum because there is still an outside chance that he can close the gap on Biden and win the nomination. It will be fun to see how he acts once the nomination has been lost, though. This is even funnier when you stop to think about the fact that Hillary Clinton is probably waiting in the wings.

Let’s face it, she is licking her chops. The Democratic party has fallen even further now that she is not there and this is something that we never thought that we would be saying. This is what happens when you have a self proclaimed socialist going against a senile old man who thinks that he can just repeat “Barack Obama” until the campaign is over.

Why wouldn’t Bernie be willing to close the borders down? In our humble opinion, keeping the nation safe from the rise of a deadly virus is not nearly the same as being xenophobic. Stories like this one just go to show that this is all theater to these politicians. They do not care about the American people whatsoever.

All they care about is taking shots at Trump and getting retweets and likes from their social media followers. That’s all Bernie has, really. They are more than happy to support him on social media but when it comes time to vote, the millennial audience stays indoors on their smartphones. He should have seen this coming, for sure.

The Democrats have now become the party of doddering old men. They have successfully chased away all of the young blood and now Elizabeth Warren is left to dangle her endorsement for everyone’s amusement. How can a party possibly allow themselves to fall this far this quickly? From the looks of it, it is only going to be a matter of time before Bernie Sanders is forced to drop out of the race entirely.

Bernie would let anyone into this country because he has zero concept of border security. It is safe to say that his model for border governance leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope that we do not have to spend four years listening to him spouting off this sort of gibberish. This is the future that all of the crazy liberals want, though.

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