Trump’s Numbers Continue to Soar, Even in the Face of Coronavirus

In the face of a Democratic field now dwindled to two and the ongoing spread of coronavirus, it seems the media has given little room for much of anything else. That is except for their continuous blaming of just about everything even remotely negative on President Donald Trump. If the mainstream media and the establishment Democrats were to be believed, Trump pretty much started this virus and is doing nothing about it.

You would think all this nonsense would bring Trump’s polling numbers down drastically, and according to some biased pundits and news outlets, it has.

However, in their panic to assume the worst about Trump, they have forgotten the rest of America. But Trump hasn’t. It appears he is once again swooping in to give them the attention they deserve. And they love him for it.

Trump, like any campaigning president or candidate, holds rallies to raise support regularly. But unlike most, as people register, sign up, and buy tickets, he asks them about themselves, collecting valuable data on their voting records, and the demographics they associate with.

As Trump’s communications director Tom Murtaugh told The Washington Examiner, that data is telling of what the November election holds, and it could be rather scary for those on the left.

According to what Murtaugh said, those from every demographic, including people who are usually left-leaning or don’t vote at all, are coming out en masse to show support for their president.

Take the recent rally held in North Charleston, South Carolina. Of those who attended 16 percent were black, 29 percent didn’t vote in 2016, and 38.6 percent labeled themselves as being Democrat or independent.

I don’t know about you, but it’s really saying something when almost 40 percent of those who attend your event are from an opposing party.

And numbers elsewhere haven’t been all that different.

In Las Vegas just a week earlier, 18 percent classified themselves as Democrats and 27 percent were not white. In fact, the average percentage of Democrats at nearly every Trump rally in January and February was about 25 percent.

Politico reported that this information taken by the Trump campaign will be kept and every name will be taken note of for future campaign endeavors. “The Trump campaign kept every one of their names and plans to spend the next eight months urging them to help the president’s reelection efforts.”

In addition, Politico noted that “About 126,000 of the 1.4 million names collected at rallies come from people who have not voted in the last four elections, according to the Trump campaign. Another 168,000 did not vote in three of the last four elections, the campaign estimated.”

This means that Trump is motivating people that past candidates and presidents have somehow failed to reach, often known as the ‘forgotten Americans.’

But the rallies aren’t the only thing that indicates this extreme growth in Trump’s support base.

Also critical to notice are voter turnouts in the primary caucuses. All across the nation, people are showing up in droves to vote for President Donald Trump, even in districts where he goes uncontested.

So far in all but four of the 21 states that have held Republican primaries so far this year, there has been only one contender that could even remotely be called serious, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld. However, as the polls will tell you, Weld has virtually no chance.

This means that in most districts and states, there is pretty much no reason for voters to really even show up. But they are.

USA Today reports that in Alabama on Super Tuesday, Trump got more votes than all the Democratic candidates combined with Trump receiving a total of 695,469 votes. In contrast, total Democrat numbers only added up to 444,407.

And in Washington state, Trump got 523,504 votes, while then frontrunner Bernie Sanders only received 335,561 votes.

As reported, “And it wasn’t even close.”

Eric Trump says this is because “People are p – ed off at the government, right? They don’t like these other candidates at all. My father’s bringing back the pride of this nation… People finally feel like they have a voice again. And that’s why people are turning out in record numbers.

All of this means, “Democrats have an a– kicking coming to them in November,” as former Democrat turned Trump-supporting independent Karlyn Borysenko says. “And I think most of them will be utterly shocked when it happens.”

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