Video: Sanders Vows To Provide Free Healthcare For All Illegal Aliens

The most recent CNN Democratic debate was held without a live audience being present. The coronavirus pandemic also caused the debate to be moved from its original location. As a result, it was held in Washington, DC. Bernie Sanders could not wait to use this opportunity to make more promises that he probably shouldn’t have.

In Bernie Sanders’ America, the healthcare of illegal aliens is going to become a burden for the taxpayer. Medicare for All is already an insane proposal and he has no idea how the average American will be covered. Where is the money supposed to come from in order to make sure that all of the undocumented immigrants can also receive free health care?

Middle-class Americans would experience a massive tax hike as a result of this idea. Does Bernie really think that the average family that is fighting to survive will really want to open their wallets for illegal aliens? You do not have to be a “xenophobe” to see the flaws in this logic.

We are currently struggling to make sure that all Americans who are here legally receive the proper access to healthcare. This is something that needs to be taken care of before we start worrying about forking over free healthcare to people who are not here legally.

This would seem to be sound logic to just about anyone but the liberals are notoriously hard-headed. They believe that everything should just be handed to everyone. In their minds, a faceless corporation suffers instead of good and decent people. What happens when one of these illegal immigrants decides to commit crimes once they have received their free healthcare?

Bernie Sanders is not going to consider this aspect of the equation because the audience that he is blatantly pandering to does not care. They just want to be told that everyone will get everything for free. Why would they ever stop to think about the consequences and repercussions associated with these sorts of free handouts?

Sanders loves playing fast and loose with money that does not belong to him. That’s why the Democratic party is doing everything in its power to make sure that he is not able to win the nomination. When you have one candidate who has no solutions other than to turn the country into a free giveaway spree, the client who is noticeably declining mentally probably seems like a great idea.

Biden may not win but he will keep the party from pushed further left and that is what they really want. Winning isn’t even important to them. The nation’s wealth needs to be protected in the meantime and this is the way that they have chosen to go about it. Sanders and his ilk are never going to get the chance to put any of these plans into action.

The most disconcerting part about Sanders’ rhetoric is the sheer number of people who seem to fully agree with him. No one actually believes that he is going to be elected president. Instead, we are worried about what will happen next. His rabble-rousing is only to encourage the left to fire off more insane ideas about how this country can supposedly be fixed.

Bernie is proud to behave in this way because he has yet to notice the consequences that are sure to take place. Will he be there to help those who are left to deal with the swarm of illegal immigrants that are going to cause all kinds of trouble. Bernie doesn’t even know how much it is going to cost to cover the citizens of America, let alone how much it is going to cost to provide coverage to illegal aliens.

Liberals believe that they are entitled to everything and that they can simply hand it out as they see fit. That is not the way that the world actually works. We are tired of Democrats like Bernie Sanders behaving as if they are in charge of some sort of massive piggy bank. It’s not Bernie’s call to decide on these types of things. He seems to think that it is, though.

America would never stand for a Bernie presidency and that is one of the few things that give us comfort during these trying times. If Sanders wants to waste his last few moments in the public eye on something as ridiculous as this, that’s his choice. In the meantime, the rest of us are going to be searching for more practical solutions to get us through the more difficult times that the nation faces.

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