Japan Claims to Have Found Coronavirus Treatment. Is It True?

As the coronavirus spread continues to worsen, the search for a cure has intensified. While none of us are doctors and we cannot pretend to know what lies ahead, we are all watching the news closely in this regard. Everyone is hankering for some good news during these trying times. We have always been under the impression that a viral outbreak cannot be cured in a traditional manner, though.

We are under the belief that a viral outbreak cannot be cleared unless the doctors who are working around the clock to develop a vaccine are successful. So far, we have been led to believe that it will take at least one year for a vaccine to be developed. However, our perceptions may not actually be true.

Japanese doctors are said to have created a cure and we are already on the edge of our seats. A drug that has been used to cure the flu in the past is said to be providing great results. According to reports, their remedy is eliminating all traces of the coronavirus from patients within a four day period.

If this is true, we are rejoicing. We will hold our applause until we are able to find out more, though. In a perfect world, this cure would be able to be manufactured on a wider level immediately. Medical authorities are backing up these assertions at the present moment. It remains to be seen as to whether the reports are true.

China science and technology officials believe that favipiravir is responsible for producing the necessary results. Clinical trials are now taking place in Shenzhen and Wuhan. 340 patients are involved in the trials. The medication in question is said to have a high degree of safety and treatments have been quite effective.

Patients who are testing positive for the virus tested negative after taking the drug. Since we are still several months away from a universally agreed upon vaccine, we need all of the medications that we can get in the meantime. We need to be doing everything in our power to mitigate the spread of the virus while we still have the chance.

No one is saying that the Japanese cure is foolproof but there are other doctors who are also working tirelessly to assist the world population. There is also a medication that is typically associated with the treatment of malaria that is said to provide the desired results. This is the sort of ‘outside the box’ thinking that could allow hordes of patients to avoid a long and protracted battle with the virus.

A peer-reviewed study showed that 100 percent of the patients who utilized the malaria treatment were cured. If true, this is the second treatment to offer a 100 percent level of effectiveness. President Trump should be moving to make these treatments more widely available, as a means of reducing the strain that is being placed on our nation’s hospitals.

We could use all of the good news that we can get at a time like this. There is very little to smile about at the present moment and that’s why we are going to share as many of these stories as we can. The Oxford University Medical Center is also doing its best to assist everyone when it comes to making testing more affordable.

They are claiming to have created a testing kit that is designed for at-home usage and test subjects will have the results that they need within 30 minutes. The test has been designed with maximum sensitivity so that patients are able to detect the virus during the earliest possible stages. Experts are hoping that these tests could be rolled around on a wider level within a two week period.

The Oxford University testers ran the testing in coordination with a Chinese medical center. The test kits are said to have provided results that are 100 percent accurate. The most encouraging part of all is that the tests are offering complete accuracy for patients who are testing positive and negative. False negatives and positives have been a major issue throughout the testing process.

When it comes time to deal with a pandemic of this magnitude, accurate results are of the utmost importance. No one is trying to sell anyone a dream here and there is still much to be done before we are able to breathe a sigh of relief. Labs are in the process of locating cures for the disease and effective testing kits are going to play a major role in the process.

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