Thought Millennials Are Safe? Think Again

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is releasing new information about the spread of the coronavirus and young adults are going to want to pay very close attention. While there is a certain perception that young people are essentially safe while the coronavirus continues to spread, nothing could actually be further from the truth.

Older adults are still considered to be more likely to experience severe health issues but that does not mean that millennials are out of the woods. 55 percent of those who have been hospitalized due to the coronavirus are under the age of 65. If millennials are thinking that the quarantine rules do not apply to them, it is time for them to have their wake up call.

You are not going to be immune to the virus because you are in a certain age bracket. This is the sort of thinking that has led young people to head to Spring Break, despite all of the warnings that have been issued. Over 10 percent of all ICU admissions have also been associated with the younger age bracket.

This data was collected from over 2,000 patients who are already found to have tested positive. Over 10,000 Americans have tested positive for the virus overall and we are sure that those numbers are even higher than the reports indicate. After all, the American citizens are either asymptomatic or unable to afford the proper testing because they lack health insurance still need to be counted.

It is going to take months, if not years, to fully unpack the effects of this virus. All we know for sure is that every age group is sure to be affected. The public messaging has aimed to ensure safety for senior citizens but that does not mean that the younger generation should be taking any less precaution.

In fact, the younger generation should be taking more. They are going to be responsible for spreading the infection even further if they are not careful enough. If even one irresponsible millennial decides to go out right now, they could be contributing to the spread. Dozens and even hundreds of people can be affected by one millennial who is carrying the virus unknowingly.

People are being urged to stay home as much as possible and this task will become even easier now that governors are suspending the vast majority of non essential services. There is no reason to be out and about unless you are obtaining the goods that you need for survival.

Adults of any age could be adversely affected by the spread of COVID-19 and this is the main message that the CDC is trying to get across right now. Health officials in Europe have also provided some disconcerting reports when it comes to the occurrence of the virus in young people. The rates of illness for European millennials are actually much higher than originally expected.

This is what happens when young people allow themselves to be swept away by sensationalist media. They were never invincible and they should have been taking the warnings seriously from the very beginning. School is not even going to be in session for the foreseeable future so why do the millennials even need a spring break? It’s selfish behavior to be sure.

Older Americans need to be protected and we have to make the tough decisions that will keep them safe over the short term, as well as the long haul. The mortality rate for the coronavirus spikes significantly when the cases involving older patients are tallied up. We are happy to report that children are currently being spared by the virus, for the most part.

Parents will still need to make sure that they are taking the necessary precautions when it comes to their little ones. Less than 3 percent of the patients that have been admitted to the hospital are under the age of 19. No children in this particular age range are believed to have succumbed to the coronavirus so far but this does not mean that families shouldn’t continue to keep their little ones at home.

The outcomes of patients that are still sick have yet to be reflected in the reports, so please be sure to bear this in mind before jumping to any conclusions. As the information is collected and we are able to act on the data that is presented, we will have more to add.

In the meantime, everyone needs to remain indoors unless they are considered to be a member of a vital organization. The rest of us simply need to work on our ‘quarantine and chill’ activities and prepare to hunker down for the foreseeable future.

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