Dems Derail Disaster Relief Package Over Obamaphones and Green New Deal Fantasies While Over 100 Americans Die

While this is probably obvious to everyone who is paying attention to the current crisis, it is safe that Nancy Pelosi is doing her best to politicize things. Can you believe the audacity of trying to squeeze a Democratic wish list through at a time like this? We wish that we could pretend to be surprised but this was the most inevitable action that the Democrats could be.

They have never known a crisis that they couldn’t use to their advantage. Pelosi also thinks that she can get away with this craven behavior because the liberal media will be more than happy to run interference in the meantime. The New York Times has already been willing to fall in line.

Of course, they are not placing the blame for the coronavirus bailout bill stalling on Mitch McConnell. We are not sure what Nancy Pelosi is even looking to accomplish in this instance. These demands are not going to work and she will have to back off them at some point. Republicans are not going to allow themselves to be bullied like this.

Sure, they need House votes and this bill has to get pushed through before the American people experience further economic hardship. However, that does not mean that they are going to be tricked into enacting Democratic agendas. The Democrats do not care if they are causing economic damage to their base.

All they care about is forcing their policies through. They have assessed the situation and believe that significant damage is essentially unavoidable at this point. Since the American people are going to be facing challenging times anyway, Pelosi believes that she might as well push some new policies through while she’s at it.

This is a bold strategy but it only works if the general public places the blame on the GOP. What happens if they turn around and rightfully blame the Democrats instead? This is something that Pelosi is failing to consider. She is so confident that everyone will simply blame the GOP, instead of taking a closer look at what is actually going on.

When the checks are not sent out to the American people, both parties are going to have to shoulder some of the blame. People are going to realize that the Democrats placed their own policies over the safety of the American people. Economic devastation may or may not be inevitable but that does not mean that the press is not going to hold anyone accountable for what is happening right now.

Pelosi really thinks that no one is going to be willing to take a closer look at what is really going on. She is severely underestimating the American public. When a crisis is taking place, no one is going to care about which party is doing what. They are going to use their own common sense to figure out who is responsible for their economic hardship.

When the GOP made similar attempts to usher in their own legislation during the tea party era, they were accused of taking hostages. Where is the outrage for what the Democrats are doing right now? They are withholding money from the American people during a moment when they need it most because it is important for them to have a “win”.

We have never seen a crisis like this one and people are staring a massive pile of debt in the face. Pelosi would rather starve the American people if it means passing emissions standards related legislation. It seems like something out of a terrible movie or television show but this is the reality that we are all facing and we have Nancy Pelosi to thank for it.

If she was truly looking to make the Republicans her scapegoat, she should have focused on the Steve Mnuchin slush fund that is designed to reward favored interests. The complaint is an overstated one but she stands a better chance of getting the media on her side than she would otherwise.

Pelosi is not the type to worry about accountability because she is never held responsible for her actions. She shoots first and asks questions later. This deal is urgently needed but there is no end to the face off in sight. It’s not going to be written up anytime soon, even though American citizens are a week away from having to come up with their rent and mortgage payments.

Ted Cruz has made his feelings known on the matter and Pelosi is bound to come under further fire in the days to come. Let’s hope that she feels the heat and finally decides to come to her senses about the harsh financial realities Americans are facing.

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