Dr. Fauci Lashes out Against Mainstream Media (Video)

Now that Dr. Fauci has emerged as one of the most reliable voices during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a great deal of speculation about his relationship with Donald Trump. President Trump has been speaking out about the need to return to normalcy and his words have seemed to contradict the advice that is being provided by health officials.

This has caused people to believe that Dr. Fauci and President Trump are at odds. Dr. Fauci has gotten tired of all this speculation and he is now addressing the mainstream media. There is no rift between Dr. Fauci and the president. As the head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci believes that he has a certain level of responsibility to assist the nation.

That means doing everything in his power to put a stop to the false narratives before they have a chance to take root. The media needs to stop trying to force the idea of a split when we need to remain united. During Dr. Fauci’s recent interview with WMAL, this was one of the main points that he was trying to make.

There’s no reason for the liberal media to act as if Fauci and Trump are not getting along. They are so desperate to make Trump look bad that they are willing to say anything at this point. The media needs to be addressed and we are grateful to Dr. Fauci for taking the time to do so. Otherwise, these types of stories start to spin out of control before we are able to do anything about it.

The stories that are pitting the president against one of his most crucial advisers are the furthest thing from helpful at the moment. We wish that the media would be willing to take a step back and acknowledge their biases before firing off these types of hot takes. They are not based on any facts and they are pure speculation.

We have much bigger problems to deal with at the moment. Those who wish to get bogged down by these types of stories are exposing themselves for not truly caring about the American people and it is beyond unfortunate. Dr. Fauci has even praised Trump’s willingness to incorporate various pieces of advice from the task force and thinks that the administration’s response has been sufficient.

It is easy to see why Dr. Fauci has become so frustrated. It is hard to spearhead a response to a deadly pandemic without everyone second guessing you along the way. The media might think that they are helping out by creating this narrative but they are doing very little. All they are doing is creating more and more confusion during a time when we need as little confusion as possible.

The American people are terrified and do not know what is coming next. The last thing that they need is misinformation from the liberal media. Can’t they put aside their distaste for President Trump for a moment or two? Instead, they are looking to use the crisis as a means of pushing their typical agendas and we wish that we could say we were surprised.

Dr. Fauci says that Trump is taking his suggestions and he has not been overridden. We are facing a number of major challenges as a nation and togetherness is key. It is fair to wonder if Trump is going to put an end to the quarantine period in order to bolster the economy. At the moment, there is no indication that any decisions have been made.

If President Trump is experiencing any frustration with Dr. Fauci, it has yet to show publicly. The narratives about a rift between these two men are little more than wishful thinking. Trump may want to resurrect the economy by Easter but no one knows if this is going to be the date. He is merely offering a guideline and his words cannot be taken as law.

He is going to consult with the necessary health officials and make his decisions accordingly. The idea that he would blatantly ignore the instructions being provided by Dr. Fauci is overblown, to say the least. Their relationship is a strong one. In the words of Trump, we would have already heard about it if they were not getting along.

Trump is certainly not one to hold his tongue when it comes to the people who are drawing his ire. We find it hard to believe that he would be ready to keep his thoughts to himself in a scenario like this. Say what you will about him but the current president is always willing to speak his mind, even when he knows it is not something that people want to hear.

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