Mainstream Media Wants to Stop Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings – Because They Are Working

Left-wing media types may have thought that they could use the coronavirus pandemic to silence Donald Trump but they are finding out that this is easier said than done. Their attempts at blaming him for the pandemic have yet to be successful. They are now left to wonder what will come next.

The true downside of the coronavirus pandemic should be obvious to these journalists but instead, they are focused on the idea of attacking the president. Thousands are dead and thousands more are clinging to life but why care about this? They would rather try to circle Trump like the angry buzzards that they are.

He’s not dead yet, though. While there are some who have criticized Trump for trying to send the nation back to work by Easter, there is no disputing the fact that he is getting tons of television time. He has been addressing the nation on a daily basis and these coronavirus briefings offer all sorts of valuable information.

The news networks are forced to cover everything that he says and he’s got a captive audience that is hanging on his every word. Live sports are over in the meantime and production on new television shows and movies has ceased. This allows Trump to become the center of attention and this infuriates all of the leftists out there.

Meanwhile, the left’s real concern stems from Trump’s rising approval rating. They may have believed that they would be able to pin the blame for the coronavirus pandemic on him but the general public is not about to buy into this narrative. His approval number continues to skyrocket and they are powerless to stop it.

They may have believed that this crisis would allow them to position Biden and/or Sanders as a viable alternative but Trump is having none of it. Biden’s inability to string a full sentence together is also hurting his chances. Say what you will about Trump but at least he is able to make it through a briefing without losing his train of thought multiple times.

The worst of the virus is still ahead of us and that’s why we need to remain united. There is no sense in attacking Trump at this point. He is willing to place himself in front of the general public on a daily basis. Even as the nation falls apart, he is presenting himself to the American people each day and presenting a “take care” attitude.

The briefings are getting massive ratings, even as the liberal media questions whether they need to be aired in the first place. The average audience for these briefings is comparable to the season finale of The Bachelor. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow believes that the briefings should be kept off of the air because they are allowing Trump to spread misinformation.

She claims that there is no spite involved in this decision but we highly doubt that this is the truth. Left-wing media is doing everything that they can to portray these briefings as being harmful but all evidence points in the opposite direction. They can sound all of the alarm bells that they want but Trump’s approval rating has never been higher.

While they are claiming that Trump is turning our television stations into “state TV”, they are also advocating for these stations to opt against airing the addresses. This is the sort of contradiction that the left specializes in. Unfortunately, all of this whining is having the desired effect and networks have decided to step away.

CNN and NBC have already announced that they are unwilling to continue airing the daily pressers. These briefings are imperfect and there is material that can be criticized. On the other hand, Trump is still the leader of the free world and the briefings contain all sorts of helpful information.

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx flank Trump during these briefings and they are providing necessary information as well. The leftists do not seem to realize that there are experienced public health officials who are assisting Trump during the briefings. No one should be pretending that they want the briefings to stop airing for any sort of ethical reasons.

This is all about politics, pure and simple. Anyone pretending otherwise is lying to themselves. They do not like to see Trump’s approval rating rising during an election year and they are now grasping at any straw that they can possibly find. It’s sad to see and it’s self serving behavior at best. It’s a very curious coincidence and we see through their lies.

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