Video: Trump Goes on the Offensive Against Fake Media During COVID-19 Briefing

President Donald Trump is no stranger to the art of the roast. He is well known for telling it like it is and he’s not someone who is ever going to bite his tongue. If you find yourself in need of a laugh right now, this COVID-19 briefing will have you chuckling immediately. He has had enough of the fake news media.

Unlike some, he is actually willing to tell them how he feels directly. CBS News’ Paula Reid decided to question the president about his recent tweets deriding the “lamestream” media and she also wanted to know more about his supposed Easter deadline.

As soon as she asked the questions, Trump wasted no time letting her have it. Trump believes that the media is rooting against him in the upcoming election and he has a point there. Even the leftists who he is talking about cannot deny that. To him, it is very clear what is taking place.

Since the media wants to see him fail, they will write any story that they have to. They do not care if these stories are true or not. All they care about is complaining to anyone who is willing to listen to them. Trump told Reid exactly what he thinks. In his mind, the leftists do not want to see the economy return to normal because there will be no one left to blame by this point in time.

If the nation starts to perform poorly in a financial sense, Trump is going to be the one to take the blame. That’s why he is lashing out now. He can see the writing on the wall already. A president who is in his position is not going to win, no matter what he does. If he reopens the economy by Easter and more deaths take place, he is going to shoulder the blame for this.

Meanwhile, if the economy remains closed and everyone’s financials take a major hit, he is going to be blamed for that. There is no way for him to win here so he might as well speak his mind until a final decision is made. Moments before this briefing took place, Trump had taken to his Twitter account to make sure that CNN knew how bogus their coverage has been during the course of the pandemic.

They are offering little more than fake news, during a time when people are starved for real information. It is easy to see why the briefings from the Trump administration are getting such high ratings. The American people are looking for someone that will take charge. They are tired of turning on their television sets and listening to people point fingers at whoever they dislike the most.

That’s what the left has been doing this entire time. They have decided that President Trump is the one who is responsible for what is taking place, so they will write any story that makes him look bad. Does it even need to be true? Of course it doesn’t. The fake news media wants everyone to believe that Trump is holed up in the White House, worried about the economy and little else.

They claimed to have a “leak” to prove this story but you do not need actual information when you can just make it up as you go along. The corrupt fake news media cannot handle being called out by President Trump for their nonstop lying. We just wish that they would stop reporting their wish lists and get back down to business. This is a time when we need to be coming together, not making decisions that are only going to further the national divide.

During a crisis situation like this one, all Americans need to be able to remain calm. It is harder for the nation to remain at peace when rabble rousing media types are looking to inflame the tensions that they have already created. The left will not be satisfied until they have successfully split the nation into two and we cannot be the only ones who are seeing it.

All Trump has been doing is working around the clock to ensure the continued safety of the American people. The fake news media cannot get the same clicks by reporting the honest truth. That’s why they resort to making up fantasies and fairy tales. In the future, people like Paula Reid will probably think twice before saying the first thing that pops into their heads. Let’s get back to the age of dignified reporting, shall we?

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