Jesus, Have Some Heart! Democratic Governor of Michigan Threatens Doctors Over Compassionate Use of Chloroquine

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made a decision that is going to adversely affect the state’s population as they attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Doctors in the state are now banned from providing their patients with hydroxychloroquine and Z-Paks. Hydroxychloroquine is considered to be one of the safest drugs when it comes to treating the virus.

The success rate is high but Whitmer does not want to hear about that. She’s not the first Democratic governor to make this decision, either. Nevada Governor Sisolak issued a similar ban recently. If you live in either of these states and you are hoping for the proper care, you are essentially out of luck.

Can you believe that the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in Michigan is actually issuing threats to doctors who are using these medications? During a time like this, state governments need to remain open minded and consider all possible treatments. These types of bans are self serving at best and actively harmful to the population at worst.

A letter was sent earlier this week, letting these physicians know what would take place if they continued to prescribe these sorts of medications. They are going to face professional consequences for trying to keep their patients safe. This sort of reaction is a hard one to fathom.

While there are rational recommendations to be made about the hoarding of medications as production starts to increase, there is no reason to be so down on the medications as a whole. The letter did not even provide any sort of recourse for the doctors involved. They were told to expect administrative action against them if they were found to have prescribed these medications.

These are the types of threats that do very little to help anyone. The doctors are now left without a course of treatment that could have been very helpful and patients are being left to suffer in the meantime. Pharmacists have also been told that they are supposed to be neglecting any prescriptions of this nature that are being sent into them.

Meanwhile, there is a debate raging about pharmacists who are being forced to fill prescriptions that go against their religious beliefs. These new regulations in Michigan could leave pharmacists in a terrible position. Instead of being able to make decisions that are based on their religious beliefs, they could be forced to fill out prescriptions that go against them.

We cannot imagine how frustrating it would be to have to fill out a prescription that goes against your beliefs, while not being allowed to give people the medications that are going to save their lives. This is an awful juxtaposition and Michigan should not allow these new rules to stand.

Health care providers have also been placed in an untenable position, as they are now required to report any physician that is found to have prescribed the medications. These measures are draconian, to say the least. Neighbors are being asked to report each other to the authorities and it is starting to feel like we live in a nation of tattle tales.

Healthcare professionals need to be able to come together during these sorts of moments. Instead, this letter is encouraging them to turn on each other. They will be at each other’s throats now because they have no choice. Their livelihood is being threatened, which places them in a tough position. They can either provide patients with the medications that they need or risk losing their jobs.

Do these states not have a heart? Michigan and Nevada are closing off a form of treatment that is already generating the desired results and it all feels very political from where we are sitting. Would these states still be making these choices if President Trump was not the one who had let the world know about the effectiveness of these treatments? It is hard to say.

Governors should not be meddling with medicine. Are doctors going to be allowed to tell governors how to do their jobs? Probably not. So why would anyone sit back and allow it to happen in reverse? These are the sorts of questions that need answering and we are tired of patients being made to suffer for reasons that don’t truly make sense.

The families of the patients who are affected by this governor’s order should have every right to sue. These governors do not care if anyone lives or dies. All they care about is satisfying their constituents, even if they are completely wrong about everything that is currently taking place.

57 thoughts on “Jesus, Have Some Heart! Democratic Governor of Michigan Threatens Doctors Over Compassionate Use of Chloroquine”

  1. Dr. Whitmer. You and the Gov. of Nevada are the two most notable idiots who have decided that MSM is more informed and trusted than Dr.s Fauci, Oz and many others. You are ignoring data coming in from France on a 600 person trial. New York with 350 person trial, and other 80 person trial. Stop playing politics with your constituents. a course of Hydroxychloroquin with Zythromax and Zinc Sulfate was used in France. 600 patients. 30 ventilators, 6 deaths, the rest cured. Deaths were mostly 70-90 year-olds with underlying health issues. the rest were virus free in 6-8 days. Why in Hell would you forbid doctors from using something that these researchers have shown anecdotally to be safe. These drugs have been around, in the case of Chloroquin for 75 years and in use constantly. How many Z-packs are prescribed each flu season? You two POLITICIANS, get out of the way and let professional physicians use every tool in their kit to save as many lives as they can. OR, are you going to site the FAKE NEWS about the idiots in Arizona who drank Aquarium Cleaner Solution because they saw Chloroquin as an ingredient on the label? Yes, one of them died, but that was Darwin’s fault.

      1. Trump may have to declare Marshall law in order to get
        People proper medical treat
        ment. The Governors are
        Proving stupidity in their
        Decisions of care of their

    1. It goes to show the American people that this politicians don’t give a damn about the american people They only care about TITTLE,POSITIONS,POWER,MONEY THIS IS ALL THEY CARE ABOUT WE ARE BEING SOLD FOR THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER

    2. Gov Whitmer is Nothing but a Democratic Hack! She has NO Problem letting all of Her Own Constituents DIE! She, like her fellow Democrats, want NOTHING BUT POWER AND MONEY! Mark my words, once someone DIES, because their Physician was NOT allowed to prescribe Medication that could save their life. Whitmer Should be Charged with Attempted Murder!!!

    3. Absolutely agree with your post, Oldad. I have tried to accept Whitmer as our governor; did not vote for her but felt she should be given a chance. At first, I thought she was proving herself to be worthy of the office but after this ridiculous and asinine decision of hers regarding life and death, I am hoping she does not get a second term,. Heard rumors Biden might pick her as running mate. Now, I know he is going off the deep end. How dare she have the gall to know more than doctors? And to threaten them for prescribing a possible life-saving drug? Hopefully, this news gets out to all the people in Michigan. We have to defend the physicians regarding this. If she thinks she knows more than the educated physicians, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Oz, then she better wake up – she is far out of her league and her realm of knowledge re: health care. And this I have to say to her: Stay out of medicine and just stick to your DAMN roads. People should really be up in arms re: this travesty.

  2. Well, what do you expect from the far left? Straight facts? That requires logical thinking. They certainly don’t think with their brains—or anything else for that matter. They believe everything should be the way they think, so they pull stunts like this to be sure that everything is the way they think it is. They don’t care if people live or die—just so long as they have CONTROL. They have no control over themselves, so they try to control everything else around them. Want more of this? Then go ahead and vote for democrats in in November.


      1. Barbara she is not a sicko she is a moronic, brain dead democrat. Lets not forget what their LOGO is. ” A JACK ASS”. So what do you expect from them. Sorry for the people in their states but they voted them in so they are getting just what they wanted.

        1. For a governor to threaten the lives of the people he/she governs in that state just for spite and not principle, should be incarcerated for removing the oath that doctors take along with publically threatening the lives of US Citizens by depriving them from the medications that could save lives. I really hope that Democrats are sitting back and observing what their party is doing toward people.

  3. IMO, the unconscionable ignorance and adamant social neglect of Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer regarding her BANNING the prescribing or use of Hydroxychloroquin with Zythromax and Zinc Sulfateor by any Michigan doctor or pharmacist, UNDER HER THREAT OF REVOKING THEIR LICENSES TO PRACTICE … should get her stoned in the streets.

    Ms. Whitmer, her entire administration and the State of Michigan should be charged with criminal neglect, malfeasance in office, willful neglect and more for knowingly causing the deaths of thousands of its citizens. The injection of using of Hydroxychloroquin with Zythromax and Zinc Sulfateor together has saved and cured hundreds of lives from Covid-19 in France and many more throughout the United States. These lawsuits will bankrupt the State of Michigan … they will lose!

    1. Governor not Doctor Gretchen half-Whitmer thinks she knows more than the real Doctors on how to treat patients. She has done this primarily as an affront to the President and nothing more. Now keep in mind half-Whitmer is a cochair on the Biden campaign and perhaps thinks she is in contention for the VP spot. So, even bad publicity gets her known, especially if it contrary to Trump , and helps her case for that position. Too bad people might have to die for her notiarity.

      1. Perhaps we all should recall that the Obama administration promoted physician led suicide for those of us who are elderly. We cost them too much. Frankly, it is time for this country to come back to the basic belief that sickness among the young and the old should be treated. Our medicine chest presently holds these potential life saving drugs due to a beloved physician. As a patient, I have been on plaque-nil for years due to Lupus and Arthritis. The new drug was added at my request. We must recall that Biden and Obama were involved in the earlier efforts to promote age related death counseling. This whole think smells like the governor and her buddy are striving to eliminate some appropriate medication for those of us most at threat in this viral threat. Perhaps she wants to be Vice President or even the Director of National Health Care. God help us.

    2. Just saying, in Texas, the Governor cannot prosecute anyone. He cannot issue an edict concerning medical treatments using legal drugs, and he has no power to lift a medical license. Besides, he is not a stupid, knuckle-dragging, slobbering, arrogant, libtard who is so self-involved, and narcissistic that he finds this idea, Okay. Governor Gretchen is not the Emperor of Michigan, she is just the Governor. She obviously hates Trump and is willing to sacrifice lives in Michigan to prove it. You elected her, Michigan. Congratulations. Please tell me you will remember this on the next election cycle. And, Gretchen, keep up the good work, or was that Dr. Gretchen?

      1. I, my children and many others, did not vote for her but we have to suffer for the choices of others. I hope they are regretting their vote.

  4. The Food and Drug Administration gave emergency use authorization to hydroxychloroquine and a related malaria drug, chloroquine. The agency can authorize emergency use when there are no available alternatives and the “known and potential” benefits of the product outweigh known and potential risks. Time for her to rescind her order.

  5. Good luck with your re-election campaign. I’m sure your Republican opponent with point out that needless Michigan citizens died with your decision. Not only are democrats brainless, but they are also heatless; that’s even worse.

    1. Let’s be realistic here. She is a liberal socialist, who thinks it’s fine to murder babies, so why would she hesitate to murder elderly adults. It’s been shown time and time again that this is what liberal socialists do. It’s evil and inhumane, but she is a liberal, and we all know they don’t care about, anyone but themselves.

  6. This is hatred for President Trump, when you ban a life saving medication, just because you hate the person that agrees and wants to try this medication in order to save lives. If I lived in Michigan or Nevada, or any other state that ban and threatened doctors who prescribe these healing drugs, I would do everything in my power to see they were locked up immediately, impeached and charged with murder and attempted murder and give them the maximum sentence allowed by law. These are criminals. I doubt very much if very many Democrats are in favor of this ban, if any at all.

    1. I can say living in mid-Michigan, working in the healthcare industry and having Ms Whitmer as the Governor of your State, isn’t very encouraging. I definitely am sleeping far better, knowing Donald J Trump occupies the White House!

  7. Shameful that a couple of democrat governors have decided that because the President thinks the use of the drug is beneficial, it should be made illegal for doctors to prescribe it. What a world we live in now.

    1. I heard a gentleman I know say ,last September, “It’s Only Unimaginable What They Will Do, When Their Impeachment Peter’s Out”(THEY= LIBERALS). I know it sounds crazy, but, I’m beginning to give that phrase alot of thought! It’s obvious the Chinese aren’t kind towards President Trump, due to the fact President Trump isn’t just giving them everything they want and expect from the USA. Anyone with an ounce of sanity knows how the Democrats feel about President Trump. I also cant help noticing, that I’m seeing an awful lot of Governor Andrew Cuomo and very little of Joe Biden. Life truly is stranger than fiction .


  9. If you are a Democrat and will read this memo please understand why what this Governor is saying is so wrong on so many levels that she is now playing God. She is a moronic Democrat and not God. She can not dictate who lives and who dies. That is why I do not believe Democrat should be running this great country!

  10. Those two morons should immediately be removed by their state and put in an insane institution
    So blinded by their hatred that they would let people die rather than let them have a chance to recover
    with the medicine just because it is something that the president believes will work.
    I hope KARMA pays them a visit very, very soon

    1. All they need to do is start a petition to recall them and have them removed for incompetence as they seem to have no compassion for those they were elected to serve. Once they get the message they are being recalled will let them know they were elected to serve and not kill and disregard of human life

  11. What a heathen woman! I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read MI governor Gretchen Whitmer caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Good riddance!

  12. The Democrats have zero interest in saving lives, especially if they are not illegals! The leftists have provided nothing for our actual citizens since crooked Hillary lost the election. Vote GOP in 2020!

  13. Any Politician that wants stop the medical field from saving life’s should be examined for a soul !! But what goes around comes around. I really believe that if that politician is on their death bed would take anything to save them . Sounds to me like a lack of a soul is rampant in the Democratic Party!!

  14. I WILL remember, in November, it’s as if the Dems actually Want people to die so they can Blame Trump! Sick Bas-ards!

  15. For a governor to threaten the lives of the people he/she governs in that state just for spite and not principle, should be incarcerated for removing the oath that doctors take along with publically threatening the lives of US Citizens by depriving them from the medications that could save lives. I really hope that Democrats are sitting back and observing what their party is doing toward people.

  16. There are people out there who don’t take kindly to politicians, or anyone for that matter, who willingly put their family members in harms way…knowhatImean?

  17. I wonder what our (MORON) governor Gretchen Whitner going to do now that the FDA has OK it for virus patient through out
    the United States?
    She is as bad as our last women governor they don’t know what they are in office for must be just for the MONEY

  18. Governor Gretchen Whitmer isn’t a doctor but she plays one from the governors office. She’s a typical self righteous arrogant know it all liberal democrat who doesn’t care about her constituents but cares deeply about her power and money. Whitmer should be ran from office for malfeasance.

  19. NOT treating corona with these medications could easily be construed as malpractice. It’s the ugly face of big pharma corruption who stands to make more money selling inadequate therapies over a longer period of illness than a 5 day course of three inexpensive medications that cures it.

  20. I, for the life of me, do not understand a Governor who doesn’t care for her people she supposedly cares about. She no more cares for them in any fashion. This medicine actually works and it does cure people and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. What is wrong with her. Does she hate Trump that badly? Or is Pelosi pulling her strings along with Obama who IS pulling strings. In the next election she has set herself up to be voted out and by God I hope she is. To me she is more horrid than the CoronaVirus. She needs to go. so people demand a recall on her and her cronies through your State Legislature. This really shows what type of person she really is. To deny one’s right to have this med. and threatens the Doctors who want to help their patients, is more of a political move and actually shows one she just doesn’t care. It’s all about the Vote. She does not deserve her position as Governor.

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