This Is Sick! Public School Teacher Offers Reward For Someone To Infect Trump

A Rhode Island public school teacher has decided to place her heartless and callous demeanor on full display of the general public. We cannot believe that an educator would act like this for no reason. She’s got a nasty history of harassing those who support school choice as well.

Her latest social media stunt is truly despicable, though. Amy Bednarz is allowed to teach 6th graders and she sets a terrible example for these children every time she opens her mouth. The students at Villa Nova Middle School deserve better than this, that is for sure.

She is willing to pay someone to cough on President Trump! We hope that Secret Service pays her a visit over this tweet, too. Amy needs to know that this type of behavior is not acceptable. You might not be familiar with Twitter terminology but the tweet immediately became a candidate for the “ratio” hall of fame.

A “ratio” tweet takes place when someone says something so stupid, it does not receive any likes or retweets….just responses. As soon as she fired off this nonsense, she received 12 responses (and no likes or retweets). Middle school students are taught English as a second language by this woman.

Does she realize that she is setting a terrible example for all of these children? In addition to her Trump baiting tactics, she is also known for attacking others. Keri Rodriguez has felt her wrath in the past. The National Parents Union’s president has experienced severe hostility from this woman and we wish that someone would step up to teach her a lesson.

Keri has even written her blogs about her awful experiences with this teacher. Amy threatened Keri’s children and harassed with unwanted phone calls. This is one woman who has gotten too used to biting off more than she can chew. Amy researched Keri’s street name and has issued more than a few threats over the course of the past few years.

We cannot believe that she has gotten away with this behavior. Rodriguez says that she has no problem with negative feedback. After all, it comes with the territory. She is tickled pink when people take the time to read her blog, whether their responses are positive or negative. Amy takes the negativity to a whole new level and it is easy to see why people have had enough of her awful behavior.

This is not a time to be furthering personal vendettas. It is a time for togetherness and no one should be worried about trying to intentionally poison the president. The left makes little to no sense when they talk like this. Let’s get real here. If they are able to poison Trump, the White House still remains Republican.

What does the left think happens here? If Trump falls ill, they are not going to be able to install the president of their choice. Mike Pence becomes president and the train keeps right on moving. Amy may have thought that she was super smart for using an anonymous Twitter but she’s not as swift as she would like to think she is.

It did not take long before she was inevitably found out. You would think that she would take down all of the posts about her cat that pop up on each account. Why does even she bother with the anonymous account? She might as well speak her piece on her own account. The attempts at being clandestine are failing miserably and only serve to make her look like the type of person who throws rocks and hides their hands.

Bednarz was contacted, in hopes that she would be willing to provide comments. At this time, she is not willing to speak openly. This might be in her best interests. If she was smart, she would take down all of the stupid posts before she is paid a visit that she really doesn’t want to have. Bednarz needs to get out in front of this and offer some form of commentary. Otherwise, all we have to go on is her silly tweet.

Once she was reached on her Facebook page (which is open to the general public), she decided to deactivate her Twitter account. What do you have to hide, Amy? If you felt so strongly about this take, you should be willing to stand behind it. Instead, she is doing what so many liberals do when they are caught in the act: she is running away and hiding. Hopefully, she has learned a lesson from all of the unwanted attention that she has gotten over this tweet.

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