This Is Sick! Public School Teacher Offers Reward For Someone To Infect Trump

A Rhode Island public school teacher has decided to place her heartless and callous demeanor on full display of the general public. We cannot believe that an educator would act like this for no reason. She’s got a nasty history of harassing those who support school choice as well.

Her latest social media stunt is truly despicable, though. Amy Bednarz is allowed to teach 6th graders and she sets a terrible example for these children every time she opens her mouth. The students at Villa Nova Middle School deserve better than this, that is for sure.

She is willing to pay someone to cough on President Trump! We hope that Secret Service pays her a visit over this tweet, too. Amy needs to know that this type of behavior is not acceptable. You might not be familiar with Twitter terminology but the tweet immediately became a candidate for the “ratio” hall of fame.

A “ratio” tweet takes place when someone says something so stupid, it does not receive any likes or retweets….just responses. As soon as she fired off this nonsense, she received 12 responses (and no likes or retweets). Middle school students are taught English as a second language by this woman.

Does she realize that she is setting a terrible example for all of these children? In addition to her Trump baiting tactics, she is also known for attacking others. Keri Rodriguez has felt her wrath in the past. The National Parents Union’s president has experienced severe hostility from this woman and we wish that someone would step up to teach her a lesson.

Keri has even written her blogs about her awful experiences with this teacher. Amy threatened Keri’s children and harassed with unwanted phone calls. This is one woman who has gotten too used to biting off more than she can chew. Amy researched Keri’s street name and has issued more than a few threats over the course of the past few years.

We cannot believe that she has gotten away with this behavior. Rodriguez says that she has no problem with negative feedback. After all, it comes with the territory. She is tickled pink when people take the time to read her blog, whether their responses are positive or negative. Amy takes the negativity to a whole new level and it is easy to see why people have had enough of her awful behavior.

This is not a time to be furthering personal vendettas. It is a time for togetherness and no one should be worried about trying to intentionally poison the president. The left makes little to no sense when they talk like this. Let’s get real here. If they are able to poison Trump, the White House still remains Republican.

What does the left think happens here? If Trump falls ill, they are not going to be able to install the president of their choice. Mike Pence becomes president and the train keeps right on moving. Amy may have thought that she was super smart for using an anonymous Twitter but she’s not as swift as she would like to think she is.

It did not take long before she was inevitably found out. You would think that she would take down all of the posts about her cat that pop up on each account. Why does even she bother with the anonymous account? She might as well speak her piece on her own account. The attempts at being clandestine are failing miserably and only serve to make her look like the type of person who throws rocks and hides their hands.

Bednarz was contacted, in hopes that she would be willing to provide comments. At this time, she is not willing to speak openly. This might be in her best interests. If she was smart, she would take down all of the stupid posts before she is paid a visit that she really doesn’t want to have. Bednarz needs to get out in front of this and offer some form of commentary. Otherwise, all we have to go on is her silly tweet.

Once she was reached on her Facebook page (which is open to the general public), she decided to deactivate her Twitter account. What do you have to hide, Amy? If you felt so strongly about this take, you should be willing to stand behind it. Instead, she is doing what so many liberals do when they are caught in the act: she is running away and hiding. Hopefully, she has learned a lesson from all of the unwanted attention that she has gotten over this tweet.

1,787 thoughts on “This Is Sick! Public School Teacher Offers Reward For Someone To Infect Trump”

  1. That is a terroristic threat. No matter if she tries to downplay it, the fact she made the offer could inspire a person to do it. The Democrat who shot Rep. Scalise was a revved up Bernie supporter. This woman is an ugly skank on the inside, and her obvious glee with posting such a despicable thought shows through on the outside. She is not someone qualified to be an educator. Fire her immediately! Secret Service, pick her up and charge her. Then, jail or fine or both. This cannot stand. Enough is enough.

      1. You are being too kind to her. The extermination should be carried out ve-e-e-r-r-ry slowly. I’m just a stone’s throw from Rhode Island, and if I ever test positive for the Wuhan flu, I might look her up.

        1. Excellent idea! See how she likes a taste of her own poison! Fools like this are part what is wrong with the school system! If this threat had been directed at ANY demonRat, they’d all ready be arrested!

          1. Long time ago, anyone who threatened the President, whoever the President was, didn’t matter, they were automatically arrested!!!!

      2. I could not agree more a slow painful death to endure during her down fall from the deadly virus might be nice. Democrats are the meanest sneakiest pieces of lying shit.

        1. Agree wholeheartedly, is this what is teaching our children, she should be fired and arrested for trying to solicit bodily hard to our duly elected President. Wouldn’t want this low life teaching my children.

          1. She has made a direct threat against the health and welfare of the President of the United States. This IS a crime and she should be arrested and prosecuted for it. There is no room in our society for threats of this kind to be made against any governmental official but most especially not against the President of the United States of America.

      3. You reap what you sow and this demonic wench, who is probably poisoning the minds of those children she teaches, has nothing to be proud of, but to be shameful of. Wonder if she is another like the female 5th grade teacher who was arrested in a violent act in an antifa terrorist group a whie back. Don’t remember whether they named her or not , but it was about the same time the male 30’s college professor was arrested in antifa violent terrorist group. According to the head of the antifas’ they are all proud of the fact they are violent.
        Since this woman is sending out thoughts of serious health issues for others, hope she will still feel “proud” of herself when poetic justice boomerangs her inhumane insane wishes for others back to her!

        1. It’s sad to think this demented individual is teaching our children and grand children. I hope that she realizes what kind of an example she is to those children…awful.
          If she talks to long and loud someone may do more than cough on her.

        2. I can’t understand why the antifa group are not arrested when they cause trouble on the streets. The police are supposed to stop violent people from doing the things they do. If they are just marching OK but the minute they break the law by starting fights and pushing people around they should be put in cars and taken to jail. If that happened a few times I think they would be a bit less apt to come out on the street doing the things they do. If they were made to take off the mask and hoods while being arrested I’m sure a few more would stop with their games. They don’t want people to know who they are. It’s a shame when people don’t have anything better to do than wait for night time or the week end to put on a hood and join a group to pick on other people because you think you have the right to tell them how to think. What a sad life they must lead.

      4. This bitch is a despicable hunk of dog crap! I shall pray every night she gets the DEADLY virus! Her parents must be so proud to have raised a subhuman like her! If my kids were in her class, I would remove them immediately! FIRE THIS BITCH!

        1. Her unfortunate parents have nothing to do with her serious lack of judgement and ill will. I am sure they have disowned her long ago. She probably gets a real thrill from the responses that she is receiving. The best thing would be not to give her any attention at all. I totally agree with you that this person should not be teaching anything to anyone. If she is so unhappy with our current President I wish she would direct her energy into electing someone that is acceptable to her. This is a recommendation that I would offer to many Democrats that have turned our political system into a cesspool with all the negative personal attacks on President Trump. If the Democrats do not succeed in electing their chosen candidate it would be wonderful if they took the loss like an adult, instead of whining and bitching about the Republicans. Frankly, I am tired of hearing their complaints and made up conspiracies. President Trump won the election fair and square and it appears that he will be elected for a second term.

          1. From what I’ve seen over the years is, the typical democrat is a spoiled brat who would prefer to live on welfare or some other sponsored accommodation. They need a parent forever. They are attracted to a parental government, which parlays into a Socialist government. They are easily swayed by demons in power, like Nancy Pill-osi.
            They typically do not support the nation in any way, but still think they should be supported. They do not understand the notion that freedom isn’t free. They aren’t willing to work if they can get away with it, and anything that takes effort is avoided. They typically don’t have any business acumen, and don’t understand how taxation works. They have no interest where the money comes from, as long as they get what they think they need. They don’t know how to prioritize, and have no discipline, and ‘wants’ come before ‘needs’.
            They bitch and moan about things that don’t matter to the average American. There are citizens in America that might hate them for the lewd and perverted things they enjoy, but most could care less as long as they as they stay away from them. But, they want their perversions carved in stone; make it a law so they can have sex in the streets, and live off the public with impunity simply because there is a tiny fraction of the public that are vocal about their perversions. They want to force their notions on the rest of the nation.
            They have infiltrated the schools for decades, slowly working to indoctrinate our children to accept their perversions. They hate Christianity, and want all religion except Islam expelled from the country. Christianity makes them feel guilty, because they know they are doing wrong. They allow Islam, because it’s different, and might be cool. It allows them to throw a monkey wrench into normal America; never learning their perversions would mean death under Islam. To me, if they like Islam, it proves there is a devil component to Islam.
            I started calling them dummycrats and demonrats, because it is evident that they are demon spawn and hell’s acolytes, Satan’s minions. Demonrats are the elected, dummycrats are their supporters.
            This particular school teacher is everything a proper dummycrat should be. She’s so self-absorbed, she can’t separate her politics from her job. She’s an atypical dummycrat who doesn’t realize children are not her peers. She’s still a child.
            If Pill-osi (Nancy President) can get someone arrested for making threats against her, then the FBI or Secret Service should visit this teacher.

          2. the parents could take their kids out of class and let the principle know, my child will be sitting in the media center during this class, until an actually qualified instructor is found. My child will not be punished for your choice of instructor. this is not freedom of speech, this is just nasty.

      5. ok then they need to lock her up and throw away the key>>>>>> give her the virus locked up see how she lie it.. oo she should be fired>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      6. And you wonder why our kids are so far one sided ? Idiots like these are programing them to think just like them, they need to be fired and their Lic removed ! Let her sit in Jail for a couple of years to think about it ?

        1. and that is why parents need to teach these little ‘ angels ‘ , WHEN THEY GET HOME! OR HOME SCHOOL, or CHANGE SCHOOL!

      7. @ John, The only sub-human in this country is the know-it- all idiot in the white house who professes to know more than the experts and withheld information pertaining to the virus because he was more worried about the numbers on wall street and his reelection then the health and well being of We The People.

        1. @ Felipe D. Valdez, I suppose you are one of the People President Trump could put a golden Egg on your Doorstep and you still would have something derogatory to say. I’m sure since you dislike him so much you are not going to accept the Stimulus Check right. I hope you will send it right back. do you complain about Pelosi’s District in California were homeless People crap on the Sidewalk. you dont think Pelosi,Schiff and Nadler don’t lie. Democrats let all those Illegals in for the Votes.

    1. I agree, That is a direct threat on his life. Why isn’t she being arrested. She is disgusting and pure evil
      We have had enough of this kind of threats against our President that gets ignored, He has been threated by Waters and a few other Dems, but nothing ever happens to them. Wrong on every level

      1. Can you imagine if anyone ever threatened Der Fuhrer Obutthole like that? They’d be hanging by their ankles in Gitmo! Oh no, wait, he closed Gitmo and let all the terrorist murderers out!!!

    2. And this is the type of teacher we have working in our countries schools. And it is NOT only in the State of Rhode Island. it is country wide. This person should be made an example of. Have the secret service pick her up and charge her with making a terrorist threat against the life of President Trump.

    3. Apparently the school board condones her behavior. The article says she has been doing this and harassing people for some time now. Fire them all and get some genuine, caring individuals in their place. School children in her grade are very impressionable at that age and do not need a teacher of all people demonstrating this type of behavior.

      1. It’s frightening that so many school districts are still being run by these liberal twits. It makes me glad that I don’t have children. I would have hoped they’d have all gone the way of the doe doe when Obutthole left office but unfortunately, many of them remain.


    5. She just put a bounty on the POTUS’ head. She should be arrested immediately & put in prison for life with no parole.

      1. If she is not arrested then anything goes for these nuts to threaten anyone they hate to do harm to them by putting a bounty on their head.

    6. As a former educator, I am appalled at this woman’s hatred!! She SHOULD NOT continue to be employed and when it comes to her stimulus check, it needs to go back!! How dare she display such despicable behavior!!🤬

      1. I believe he has already spoken, if you really care, it is not a woman !! read again and feel the hatter that guy has for the President. I might be wrong but usually this are the type of individuals who write this type of nonsense.

    7. She may get her bounty but it will be on her headnotTrump! She is tr
      reason this ex School Board member is all for school choice for you children. I
      am of opinion each parent with children in school should get the money spent educating
      Their kids as tuition to any school of choice..Religious school do so much better job of education
      for far less money! It is the parents job to educate their children not the State nor Fed,s which the min part of non eduction of our children today.

    8. Why is she not in jail for making a threat like that? at the very least she should be fired and never allowed to teach again. This shows how sick, and corrupt allot of people are these days

    9. this inhuman terrist p.o.s. should immiditly be arrested and charged with soliction for murder terristic threats . esspecilly seeing this was against the united states of americas chief commander and president of u.s.a. i will be notifying my state represenatives congress and govoner . that iwant this traiter arresseted charged and jailed for a long long long time. if she ever gets remove right, credentials to ever teach [corrupt] students minds again.

    10. This Bitch needs to be arrested , charged with Treason and Shot to Death by a Firing Squad for making a terroristic death threat against the President of the United States !!!!

    11. Parents; Better get acquainted with your kids teachers, if they hate TRUMP that much they probably hate America and our Freedoms. God only knows what else their teaching our kids. Like Socialism.

    12. Hey Amy, why don’t you move to North Korea and try threatening Kim Jong Ill like that? They’d throw your treasonist ass in jail so fast, you’d get dizzy! Then, let you rot in jail because there’s no Fifth Amendment in North Korea that guarantees your right to a speedy and fair trial!!!!

    13. The sad part of this whole story is that is becoming a scourge on the good teachers of the world. These kinds of teachers think that they are above the law and rules set out by the board of education. It does not matter who you are if you are teaching school your political opinions do not belong in the classroom whether it be elementary, secondary or university. These teachers should lose their teaching credentials, their jobs, and no pensions. It is happening all to often and everywhere.

    14. Needs a mental institution for all her hateful remarks. Any parent that lets her teach their kids is sick. The school administration should fire her.

    15. I agree…anyone who threatens the President should pay a price…it’s called RESPONSIBILITY…
      If this woman is not at the very least FIRED, this type of activity will continue… She NEEDS to be PUNISHED for THREATENING the President!!!!

    16. This is a terrorist threat upon our President and should be treated as such. She should be set to Guantomano. Not sure how they spell it but that is where they send terrorists. She belongs there.

    17. Fire her sorry ass take away her teaching certificate and let her work in the care ward thus sorry bitch scum bag is typical of very stupid and insane people

    18. This TEACHER is one SICK TERRORISTIC PERSON!! WHAT DOES SHE THINK SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE TEACHING, FOR GOODNESS SAKE?) Not only doe she need to stand trial for TERRORISTIC ACTIVITIES, But she needs to have her TEACHING CERTIFIICATE REVOKED AND SPEND the rest of her time cleaning up all over the school. There ARE always things to be done; I know because I am a retired teacher.

  2. Why isn’t this useless bag of sh*t being charged with attempted Murder? Once again the liberals have shown a 2 tier justice system. American Patriots need to demand justice be carried out.

    1. It is and she should be arrested for it. If it was a conservative making this kind of threat against a top democrat, they certainly would be. But then, they have this double standard and the laws do not apply equally to all.

  3. This BITCH should be in Jail soliciting murder to the President of the United States. I hope karma kicks in and she croaks like most of the other Liberal Socialist Commies

      1. They can’t. She is probably union. But I will say this, She is the best reason I never sent my kids to
        public school. They do not need this kind of learning.
        Please: Educate; don’t indoctrinate

        1. Which is a prime example of why NO teacher in this country, at ANY level, should be allowed to belong to a union OR get any kind of tenure! This repulsive behavior has become the norm in ALL our schools for the past 20 years! THIS is a large part of what is wrong with the youth of our country!

        2. It makes you wonder how often these liberals try to teach their students to hate the president and/or all conservatives. If I were the parent of one of these children, I would remove them from that school immediately

  4. Well; I’ll take her money, then cram a sack full of wormy Skunk shit down her throat. See how she likes being “infected”. GOD DAMNED SLUT.

  5. This just proves the old adage that states, “them that can, do; them that can’t, teach!” Certainly there are many fine teachers in the country. This person is not one of them.

  6. I can’t for the life of me understand how this person can get away with all she has done, but to actually threaten the president of the United States and still no action against her??? What is happening, even if our so called FBI IS TOO STUPID TO TAKE ACTION, WHY HAVEN’T HER SCHOOL BOARD, POLICE DEPARTMENT, AND OTHER AUTHORITIES DONE SOMETHING???

  7. She is going to claim freedom of speech. However, threatening remarks against the President is an infringement that requires prison. At the most, it’s attempted murder, in my opinion. At the very least, her teaching credentials should be revoked permanently to be effective in any state where she might apply.

  8. My daughter is a teacher in the public schools and if she wrote something like that i would disown her. The secret service should arrest her or someone in her vacinity should make a citizens arrest.

  9. It’s horrible that this is someone who is entrusted to teach students. She should be visited by Secret Service and questioned, then removed as teacher, with no future of being re-hired!

  10. Typical slut-bitch, fire her useless ass. One of the many reasons public schools in America can’t graduate anyone who can read. May Miss Moron catch the virus herself/

    AmeriKan Soviet Socialist (ASS) mule party communis!
    Clearly obvious and obviously clear- indoctrination forced upon the most vulnerable minds!
    Typical rhetoric from an indoctrinator! Straight out of the manifesto!
    The soviet block of N. E. Marxists, you hired to indoctrinate your children – – -> fools!

  12. Disgusting piece of dirt should be held accountable for threatening the life of our PRESIDENT. I’m so glad my children are grown and don’t have to be in the company of such despicable, liberal illiteracy. No, she should be glad because she would get more than bargained for from me!

  13. They need to fire her. People are so cold hearted they don’t have compassion for people anymore. Be careful what you wish on someone else. You reap what you sow. To me the democrats don’t have any regard for human life. Shame on people that don’t have respect for a human life everyone is important. God is our creator, he made us and he loves the human race but not the sin. People need to repent and ask the Lord in their hearts and then you will truly no how to love people We have a awesome president that loves America and the people. He is doing his best.

    1. Excellent post, Tammy. Not only is this ignorant twit guilty of threatening the president which is a Federal offense, she is showing absolutely NO COMPASSION for those who have contracted this horrible disease. There is a special place in hell for people like her. She’s a teacher? Someone should have taught her long ago, ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE OPENING MOUTH!!!

  14. All of you are missing a fabulous opportunity. This site gathers up Repubicans , not the FBI, her school board or the parents of her students. Find ways to get the word out to those people and say what you said here — minus the cursing, name-calling and belittling. I definitely agree this is egregious at best, and criminal at worst. This does not stop, though, with a middle school ESL teacher with Trump Derangement Syndrome who is dumb enough to chance losing a public school position — it goes all through the Liberal colleges/universities with professors who are preaching hate against the US government and Trump. The BEST way to fight this is to make sure you voice your opinion at the polls in November and remember the dyed-in-the-wool Democrats who talk/write like this moron.

  15. she should be arrested, no matter what her reasons were this is disgusting and the sad thing is she’s teaching our youth

  16. She should be fired on the spot………..loose all of her pension……….go straight to prison
    for offering such an offensive deplorible thing. Donald Trump is the President of the
    United States and has done an amazing job throughout all of the rants and raves from
    the Democrats. It is time that the Democrats learn to grow up…….pull up their big
    girl panties and realize who is running this country…………..thank God it is not
    Hillary. You Democrats are enough to make the public PUKE.


  18. CAD…….What a disgusting and appalling piece of work who should be referred to the FBI & CIA to have a little talk with her aka proud teacher yea right. Only in her eyes sweet pea. The school board should fire her and if I had kids in her class I would have them taken out so her insanity would not be taught to my kids. She has no right to spread her hate to anyone especially kids. She should be fired.

    1. Why do the parents let her get away with all this crap? they should get her as fired or they are just as bad And don’t give a rats ass what kind of impression she makes on there children wake up do some thing about it.

      1. What people don’t understand, this is the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Parties plan. Hitler, said give me control of the education system and I will conquer that nation. The progressive socialist communist fascist racist democrat party did exactly that by starting the Dept. of Indoctrination Education when Carter was acting as President. This is why our Country is going Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Democrat. This Indoctrination started slowly but is now the norm. First it was
        College by Communist Professors, than high school now every grade of public school.
        Russian leader Khrushchev once said Communist Russia will conquer America without firing a shot. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party what’s that to come true.

    2. Excellent point. Forget the politics of this incident, she obviously hates Trump. This woman is a cancer who shouldn’t be allowed to infect the minds of their students.

  19. Offering to pay someone to give a deadly disease to the US President is a Threat Against The President Of The United States Of America. A felony under 18 USC section 871. A man was arrested for threatening supporters of Trump and or of Lee Zeldin. Then the same year (2018) another was arrested for making terroristic threats against Nasty Nancy Pelosi (the man charged was also a Dimwit commonly known as a Democrat). I have to wonder if the Secret Service has been notified?

    1. I’m sure they have been. I hope they arrest this bitch and then hang her up by her ankles in the jail cell!!!!

  20. She should be the first HAG coughed on. She is supposed to be educated enough to teach yet she has learned nothing about common decency fire her!


  22. This Democrat/Socialist teacher needs to be put in solitary cell under the prison. If this happens she is guilty of murder but I dought she cares and she caused another young person to die but what do you expect from a Demented Democrat .Lock her up now.

  23. This teacher needs to lose her job and the FBI needs to investigate her for a threat to OUR PRESIDENT for willing to pay someone to infect OUR PRESIDENT. What is wrong with you people. SICK SICK SICK

    Where are the FBI SECRET SERVICE at this time???

  25. I can add this broad to a list of women in America I would like to see contract this virus. She can join the ranks of Nancy Pelosi, Hanoi Jane and Billary. Make this virus useful!

  26. Another person with acute TDS and NPD. I do hope the Secret Service pays her a visit and puts her on a list of possible terrorists who say they want to harm the President. This list should be published publically to all so we know what kind of person she really is. She doesn’t deserve to teach.

  27. This person is teaching our children? No wonder we are raising a bunch of socialist idiots. Why is she not under arrest for threatening the President? Why does she still have teaching credentials?

  28. a perfect example of someone who is ugly inside and out. how is this pos allowed to teach our children. she needs to be locked up NOW

  29. Here ya go

    Amy berdenz
    PO Box 390
    Sturbridge, MA 01566

    She lives on the corner of Maple and Jaimson Rd on the right side first house past the corner. She teaches English as a second Language which means she teaches illegals. Her fate will be decided on April 8th at the local Board of Education meeting, and its not looking good for her to stay employed there

    1. Be careful with those directions. Of course I am not familiar with that location, but what direction would you be traveling? Wouldn’t that make a difference? Just my input.

  30. A person who thinks as this teacher does should NOT be in a position to influence the minds of normal children.

  31. Hard to believe someone this stupid could earn a teaching credential. Did she get it out of a snack box? I hope the Secret Service shows up on her doorstep and ushers her away from polite society. Prison is the only place for terrorist morons like this.

  32. I see nothing about this scum being fired and teaching credentials removed permanently! Berdenz,should know that she will never teach and infect children with her hate again. That is just prion to her entering prison for a long stay! Threatening the life of the President and attempted hiring of murderers.should be good for a life sentence. On the other hand I surely hate paying for her room and board in a max so…………………….

  33. This screwball should be having a psychiatric exam to see if she is a danger to herself or her children. She also needs to be red flagged. Where do this nut cases come from?

  34. it would be a good idea for all good, hard working [ taxpayers ] americans to demostrat, protest, and push back in front her house. and at the board of education meeting aprial 8 and she be fired and lose her credentials and never be around , or [ teach] childern ever again.

  35. There are quite a large number of “slugs” out there in the public school systems. This time of COVID-19 restrictions is a good time to get with your children and find out what they are being taught. It will shock the “heck” out of you! If we don’t turn this around and get the control of the public school system back, we could lose the country and our freedoms.

  36. roach says,
    Guess the appropriate response would be a covid19 infected person spits on her. Lets see what happens then.

  37. *NEWSFLASH* … PARENTS and GRAND-PARENTS you have got to JOIN THE *PTA* TODAY!!! … You need to be at those SCHOOLS and VET./OR GO LOOK AT THE COLLEGE’S Before you sends your kids!!! … Lzst time I looked we were still paying for the SCHOOLS and COLLEGE’S. … Those PARENTS should DEMAND she be REMOVED FROM HER JOB! … Also, If a COLLEGE is against CONSERVATIVE FREE SPEECH? Turn your Car Around and Find a Different COLLEGE as Well. …. LOOK< This is our JOB!!! … "WE THE PEOPLE" … To get these people out of our SCHOOLS and COLLEGE'S OK

  38. I think she should be dismissed r.. What kind of roll player is she for students. I think she is nothing but a crackpot.Just another ass who can’t accept he won Maybe some day she’ll grow up. Hopefully she won’t have a job. maybe she will be coughed on and gets it herself.JUST ANOTHER DUMB DEM.

  39. This mentally deranged person is exactly the type of people the leftist want out in society…..especially teaching our children. They are all Satan’s followers and are out to take over us all. They hate Christian’s the most because they know we are followers of Christ. The world has always been a fight between good and evil, and because we are living in the end times Satan is working harder than ever because he knows his time is almost finished. Now all you unbelievers can laugh or call me crazy [ doesn’t bother me at all ], but the believer’s will understand.

  40. This school teacher should be Fired and loose any retirement. Also, she must go to prison for planning, offer to pay and to contract someone to Assassinate our President. Where is the secret service, FBI and the local police? This is not freedom of speech, this is a direct threat against our President and overthrow of our Republic. This is what happens when the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party promotes racism, violence, hate, murder an now assassination of our President.

  41. You know the old saying: What goes around, comes around ? That’s so true! People like the crazy teacher will probably be the one to get the virus. She’s sick now in her mind & her soul. Soon it will be her body!

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