So Sad: Yet Another Biden Memory Fail on Camera

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline has gotten very hard to ignore. We are not sure why the Democrats continue to remain in denial about this. No one who has been paying any level of attention can tell that he is starting to lose his marbles. Why he is being allowed to go on television and say whatever pops into his senile head is beyond us.

His recent appearance on CNN offered him yet another opportunity to make a fool of himself. During this interview, he let the world know that there are three things that need to be done quickly. There was just one problem: he could not remember all of them! We would be laughing if we weren’t so concerned.

This man is being trotted out over and over again, despite his clear lack of lucidity. It did not take long before Sleepy Joe started to stumble over his words. He forgot his entire train of thought and petered out before he could think of the third thing that we need to do.

We hope that he remembers soon! If you are anything like the rest of us, the suspense is killing you. Biden is looking to position himself as the counterpoint to the Trump administration. There is just one problem with this sentiment. The two proposals that were made have already been put into action by the task force that has been appointed by the Trump administration.

Old Man Biden cannot keep up with what is going on. Have you seen the clip yet? It is an absolute doozy. When he said that three things needed to be done quickly, did the third one involve forgetting your train of thought? This is a man who has lost his fastball and we are not sure if he even has access to his change up anymore either.

It is so hard to get over the Democratic rationale for allowing him to address the public in the first place. We are certainly not here to stick up for Bernie Sanders but he is able to formulate a full sentence. Biden even said that Trump needs to put together his own task force but guess what?

This task force has already been in place since January. This just confirms what many of us already knew: this man’s next original thought will be his first. All he is doing is suggesting plans that have already been put into place. Do any of his staffers realize how ridiculous he looks? We wish that they would put a stop to this charade before it gets any worse.

It’s not going to be long before Biden’s slip ups start to get even worse. He’s already been caught on tape using racial slurs in the past. If we were a part of the Democratic party, we would be trying our best to limit the amount of time that this man spends on television. All he is doing is making the party look as foolish as possible.

The liberals are apparently fine with rallying behind a man who cannot form a coherent thought and it makes us wonder why they hate Trump so much. Most of the concerns that they have expressed about him would also apply to Joe Biden. Biden has been accused of sexual assault, he’s not always coherent and he has been caught lying on multiple occasions.

Where is all of the liberal outrage about these sorts of transgressions? Instead, they are willing to look the other way because they are desperate to have President Trump removed from the White House. If Joe Biden’s past few public appearances are any indication, there is absolutely nothing for the current administration to be worried about.

Jill Biden must be hellbent on getting her hands on the First Lady position if she is allowing this silliness to continue. Bernie Sanders must also be furious every time that he sees this man on television. His own political party torpedoed his chances at the presidency, so that they can get behind a guy who looks like he is an even money bet to start drooling on himself on live television.

It is easy to see why he and his supporters would be so angry. As for Trump, we are sure that he is licking his chops when it comes to a Joe Biden debate. Mind you, this is the candidate that Democrats believed would be far more electable. We wish that we could have been a fly on the wall in those meetings. How did they ever manage to talk themselves into this? Inquiring minds need to know.

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