Pelosi Starting yet Another Witchhunt While Thousands of Americans Are Dying

Nancy Pelosi made a major announcement on Thursday. She claims that there is going to be a bipartisan selection committee that is responsible for launching an investigation into the federal coronavirus response. She wants to make that the $2 trillion stimulus is spent in a wise and efficient manner.

That’s rich coming from here. This is the same woman who was perfectly fine with handing out all kinds of money to Democrat special interest groups and lobbyists. Was she worried about money being spent in an efficient manner then? Probably not. This is yet another example of Pelosi being willing to talk out of both sides of her mouth.

She loves to say one thing and do another. No one seems to know how many Republicans and Democrats are going to be serving on the committee. Who knows how they are going to divide the numbers? Until we have further confirmation, it is hard to take Pelosi’s words at face value.

According to her, Democratic Whip James Clyburn is going to serve as the committer chairman. We are sure that the selection process is going to be fair and impartial. The committee is going to be examining all aspects of the response to the coronavirus. Will the taxpayer dollars be spent in a way that truly helps the economy? It remains to be seen.

It is hard to have faith when the Democrats are the ones who have decided to take control of the investigation. They have an important job ahead of time and we hope that they take the time to choose the right committee. Clyburn compared the nascent committee to the Truman Commission that was formulated back in the 1940s that was responsible for investigating the nation’s response to World War II.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was displeased by the decision that Pelosi has made and decided to strike back. He believes that the committee is not necessary because Congress has already taken the time to write oversight provisions into the package. From the looks of it, there is no real reason for Pelosi to start creating new committees.

Her reasoning is not nearly as altruistic as you might think. She wants to create a committee that has subpoena power. House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff is also proposing the creation of a separate commission. The coronavirus pandemic response will be investigated by a 9/11 style commission and President Trump is also going to be investigated.

Paul Sperry is an investigative report who believes that Pelosi and Schiff’s initiative will be focused on the disproportionate rate of infection among the African-American population. Rolling lock downs could be called for into the fall as well. All of this sounds well and good until you stop to think about the actions of Pelosi and Schiff up until now.

Did these two think about the proper response to the coronavirus pandemic when they were tying up Congress for months at a time with their sham of an impeachment hearing? Congress knew that the virus stood a strong chance of spreading outside of the Hubei province where it originated. Where was all of this rhetoric from Pelosi and Schiff then?

Pelosi has been pointing the finger at President Trump for downplaying the virus but she was just as responsible for soft pedaling its potential impact. She was seen walking around the Chinatown district in San Francisco during the month of February. These actions do not seem to align with all of the concern that she is trying to project to the general public right now.

When President Trump decided to limit incoming flights from China, Pelosi did not seem too concerned about potential downplaying. Instead, she attacked the policy and referred to Trump as a racist. Those who have been paying attention this whole time are not going to be fooled by her sudden change of heart. All she wants is the power to file a subpoena.

At this point, it is hard to imagine a universe where Trump could lose the upcoming election. It’s like Pelosi and Schiff are doing their best to hand it to him on a silver platter. Trump can point out all of the inconsistencies on their logic and cruise to an easy victory.

The leftists are the only ones who are still fooled by their antics. They seem to believe that they have the country’s best interests at heart. In reality, all Pelosi and Schiff care about is whatever is best for them and their political careers. We just wish that everyone else could wake up and see that.

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