Biden Gibberish Alert: Watch Joe Falling Apart on Camera yet Again

Biden has been on quite the media tour lately. Every time we see him, he is making less and less sense. ABC’s “This Week” invited Biden onto their show and the man could not remember when the 1918 flu pandemic actually took place. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly.

The Spanish flu is referred to by the year that it took place and Biden was flummoxed. The man’s descent into senility is getting harder and harder to ignore. He is speaking total gibberish and not making any sort of sense. We wish that we were surprised by what was taking place.

The next time that Biden makes sense during this election cycle will be the first. He can’t remember how many grandchildren that he has, he doesn’t know the difference between his wife and his sister and simple facts seem to elude him. If you can tell us what he said and what it means, we are all ears.

We have watched the clip a few times and we still cannot figure out what he was even trying to say. There’s some random rambling about the Civil War and something about fiddles? Unfortunately, we do not speak fluent Biden and it is hard to find out what he was driving at here.

This interview is an unintentional comedy classic already. Can you believe that Biden does not even know how to say the word “coronavirus”? This is what happens when the Democrats decide that they are going to support one candidate, no matter what. They have cast their lot with Biden and they are not going to turn back.

It does not matter how badly these interviews go. In their minds, Biden is always going to be a better choice than Bernie Sanders. They would rather be embarrassed by Biden’s cognitive decline than risk having to listen to Bernie’s socialism babble for then next four years.

In their minds, Biden is the lesser of two evils and this is the same mentality that allowed Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination during the last election. Maybe his speeches will make sense if we play them in slow motion? There are even some that are suggesting that we play the Biden interviews in reverse.

All jokes aside, maybe he should take time away from trying to smell various women’s hair and start working on his speeches. The sad thing is that the Democrats are clearly aware of his decline. According to various reports, his mental decline is an open topic of discussion among members of the party. Is this really any better than just letting Hillary have the nomination again?

There are even rumblings that she is going to become Biden’s running mate. He has already made statements that imply that this is the next step. Biden thinks that choosing a female running mate is going to save him from the usual critiques about his inability to make sense. He could choose Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren and nothing would change.

Biden is already insinuating that he is only going to serve one term before passing the presidency down to someone else. Why would the left even waste their time voting for him? If that’s his plan, we are wondering why he has decided to run in the first place. If we didn’t know any better, we would have to assume that he was bullied into running by a party that was too scared of the direction that Bernie Sanders would take them.

The Democrats are not a party that is truly prepared to cater to the left. Biden is the moderate candidate that they normally favor and this turn of events is very on brand for them. As long as they have a moderate candidate who can be propped up and sent to television stations, they do not care what happens after that.

We do not know what it would take for the Democrats to back away from these types of candidates at this time. They are fully committed to the sort of candidate that is designed to appeal to the “moderate Republican”, a voter base that does not truly exist. If this is their plan, it is doomed to failure.

In the meantime, we get to laugh at all of the slip ups and gaffes that Biden has been supplying at a steady rate. No one is going to be able to predict the future for the Democratic party but if this is the type of candidate that they are supporting? It is clear to see that they need to head back to the drawing board.

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