Watch: Steve Bannon Says Henry Kissinger Has Blood on His Hands in the Current Crisis

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal that was published over the weekend and it has received some interesting reviews. He was calling for a new world order in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Steve Bannon is seeing red. The former chief strategist from the Trump administration has found a lot of fault with the piece.

He is warning Kissinger about his own past. According to Bannon, Kissinger has a number of secrets that are on the verge of coming out. Bannon does not want to hear a single word that Kissinger has to say. He believes that the liberal world order is a figment of everyone’s imagination.

Bannon wants everyone to know that Kissinger still has blood on his hands that dates back to the Vietnam War, in addition to the blood he has on his hands over the pandemic. Bannon wasn’t done yet, though. He continued with his diatribe and levied some serious allegations against Kissinger.

Kissinger is alleged to have taken “blood money” from the Chinese Party after spending years propping them up. The Chinese Communist Party is said to have spent decades paying the former Secretary of State. Bannon alleges that all of the Wall Street fat cats who have been in business with them are also going to be exposed.

Steve Bannon:  We do not need to hear from you about the liberal world order.  You’re guilty sir.  You think you have blood on your hands for the bombings back in the Vietnam War?  You have blood on your hands for this.  You have been the mouthpiece and the prop for these people from the beginning.  You propped up the Chinese Party and not just that you took the blood money from them.   You’ve been paid for decades by the Chinese Communist Party.  It’s all gonna come out.  All the Wall Street guys in business with them, all the corporatists in business with them, all the think tank guys in business with them, taking blood money?  It’s all coming out!… The world is going to stand in judgement of you. Because you’re just as bad as the devils, in fact you’re worse. Because you didn’t even believe in the ideology. You believed in the money.

Once the facts come out, Kissinger is sure to be judged by the rest of the world for what he has done. If Bannon’s statement is true, Kissinger certainly has a rough road ahead. It’s bad enough that he took the money from the Chinese but he did so without even believing in their ideology.

This is not the first time that Bannon has spoken out about the dangers of the Chinese regime. It has been a pet topic of his for some time now. He believes that they pose a major threat to America and its something that he is very outspoken about. These types of talks are welcome at the moment.

We are living in a place and time where the mainstream media seems to be very afraid of the Chinese. They are acting as if they have taken care of the pandemic already and talking about them as if they are not the ones who are responsible for what we are going through right now. The lack of skepticism towards the Chinese government is tough to wrap our minds around.’

You would think that American reporters would be the first ones to ask the big questions and point the necessary fingers. They would rather kiss up to the Chinese instead, though. We wish that all American leaders felt the same way as Steve Bannon. There are not many people out there who have the same level of guts.

It takes a sizable amount of courage to call out the former Secretary of State. Chinese secrecy has been allowed to prosper because media types are too scared to say what needs to be said. With any luck, others will become inspired by what Bannon has to say. We are tired of hearing the same old lies, day after day after day.

There are people who believed that Bannon would be the one who is in favor of ending the lockdown. In fact, he is one of the few that has been saying that the lockdown needs to continue. He actually believes that the lockdown needs to be intensified. These are the measures that need to be taken and we are glad that someone is willing to talk sensibly.

People seem to think that the Trump administration can snap their fingers and make the problems go away. In reality, it is time for our government officials to start getting real. Unfortunately, it is hard for the government to make the right decisions when they are constantly being blocked by all sorts of deep state operatives.

All we can do now is hope that the deep state is finally taken down and Bannon is offering us a glimpse of that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. You can’t help but to wonder if President Trump is going to be involved once the skeletons start to come out of the closet.

The crimes of our most powerful enemy are on the verge of being exposed and we are excited to see what happens next. COVID-19 has changed the way that we live and things are never going to go back to “normal”. We just hope that those who are responsible for selling out this great country are taken to task for their crimes.

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