Senator Hawley Wants to Ban Chinese Spy Software Installed on Millions of US Phones

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri has decided to introduce a new form of legislation that is designed to protect the American people. He is looking to ban the usage of the popular Chinese social media app TikTok going forward. Don’t worry, though. This ban is only supposed to apply to government officials.

Hawley does not want government officials to use the app for a very simple reason. He believes that all of the information that has been collected about American teenagers is being reported back to the Chinese Communist Party. That’s why this app is considered to be very dangerous to our collective security.

The United States military has already decided to ban its members from being able to use the app. This is a decision that has been hailed in many quarters. While we are not privy to all of the needs of government officials and United States military members, it is hard to see a scenario where TikTok serves an actual purpose.

Do we really need to see a TikTok clip from a government official or a military member? It’s not like we are dying to see a Congressional member dancing to the latest Drake song or something. That’s why we have high hopes for Hawley’s legislation. We do not see why anyone would oppose common-sense legislation like this.

There’s no reason to leave American teenagers exposed to the dangers of the Chinese Communist Party. If you are anything like the rest of us, you are wondering why a government official would even need to use this app, you are not alone. In fact, some Americans are already wondering if the previous administration is responsible for the issues that are taking place.

The Chinese spying is not even covert anymore. It is taking place right under our noses and enough is enough. We did not know that legislation had to be passed but as long as some of our elected officials are on the right path, that is good enough for us. In the meantime, we hope that American teenagers are doing their best to remain calm.

Social media is causing a number of problems for the younger generation anyway. There is really no need for anyone to know what you are up to on an hourly basis. These people are constantly telling on themselves by posting information that the general public does not need any sort of access to.

Does TikTok really need to see your dance video? Can’t that selfie wait a little while? The fact that Hawley felt strongly enough about the current state of affairs to propose legislation speaks volumes. He knows that social media addiction is a major problem for children and adults alike.

Sometimes, people need to be saved from themselves. In a world where we cannot be too careful about the information that we share, legislation could be the answer that we need. Hawley is not looking to police the usage of social media from non-government officials. All he is trying to do is keep our information secure from foreign countries.

It’s a noble pursuit and we hope that this legislation is successful. Of course, there is going to be Democratic opposition but that is always going to be expected. It does not matter what a Republican proposes. Democrats live to go against them. The Republicans could propose legislation that says the sky is blue and they would still find a way to argue about it.

Politicians have been selling our information down the river for some time now and we have had enough. Aren’t Americans tired of having their information made available to the highest bidder? While we are finally making the proper efforts to secure our borders, social media usage is a border that cannot be closed with a simple wall.

It takes thoughtful legislation from forward thinking public officials. If any government employees have an issue with the idea of a TikTok ban, we have a very easy proposal for them. They can demonstrate how they are going to be using TikTok going forward and how it will benefit them in any sort of official capacity.

Some might be wondering why any Chinese social media app would be used by an American but let’s take it one step at a time. It would be nice to sever all ties with the Chinese, so that we are not as reliant on them for any of our goods and services. In the meantime, all we can do is hope for the necessary legislation that is designed to keep our government officials safe.

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