China and WHO Worked Together to Expose the World to COVID-19

The World Health Organization deserves to be called out for their actions when it comes to the coronavirus. They are not alone in this. China also deserves to shoulder a sizable amount of the blame for what has taken place. If you are anything like us, you are tired of watching the mainstream media avoid these assertions.

President Donald Trump has taken the WHO to task recently. During one of his more recent press briefings, he slammed the organization and the media took their side. He was accused of searching for a scapegoat to cover for his own mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

A New York Times reporter claimed that Trump had found his “villain” for the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Guardian accused him of being in a blind panic to shift all of the blame over to another entity. Of course, there is no doubt in our minds that Trump is looking to shift the blame. That’s a natural inclination for him at this point.

He does not like to be wrong and he does not like to take the blame when adverse situations take place. The testing debacle at the onset of our nation’s response to the pandemic cannot be explained away. He cannot make this failure anyone else’s fault. It does not matter how many times he tries to blame the World Health Organization or the Chinese government.

President Trump should not have been minimizing the virus’ potential impact, either. He fired off some quotes that he is going to struggle to live down. If the Democrats had a candidate who was even somewhat sentient, he would be in a lot of trouble. This is one of those situations where multiple things can be true, though.

There’s no denying Trump’s mistakes but we are able to acknowledge them while taking the World Health Organization’s failings into account. They came together with China to create a very harmful environment for the rest of the world. The United States may have failed its citizens when it comes to their early response issues but they were only placed in this situation because of the WHO’s incompetence.

China is also at the center of the disaster. Their actions (or inaction, as it were) need to be taken into account. China behaved in a deceitful manner when the virus first began to spread and the WHO sat idly by, allowing it to happen. If the WHO and China had made the right choices during the early going, things may have turned out differently.

China was not content to merely lie about the outbreak. They also decided to silence anyone who tried to tell the truth. Journalists and doctors who tried to blow the whistle have vanished. Their sins were sins of commission. Meanwhile, the WHO’s sins were sins by omission. They did not have the courage or independence needed to step up to the plate and challenge China’s actions.

While the WHO and China were not actively working together at the time, they effectively formed a team that exposed the rest of the world to a very deadly virus. China behaved in the manner that we would have expected. Did anyone really think that they would remain transparent at a time like this? The WHO’s actions are truly disappointing, though. This is an organization that is supposed to stand for more.

They do not have to sit around and validate the propaganda that is being spewed by the Chinese. The WHO claimed to have conducted preliminary investigations back in January and their findings were minimal. They even went so far as to downplay the results that they did find. The WHO was slow to call the Chinese outbreak a public health emergency as well.

After taking their sweet time declaring this pandemic a public health emergency, they were unwilling to call the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic until the middle of March. This is valuable time that was wasted for no reason. Did the WHO put a decisive stop to air travel in the meantime? No, they were against the idea of widespread travel bans.

Chinese officials were even praised for their “transparency” and we want to know where WHO officials were getting these ideas from. This organization carried the water for China when they did not need to and now the rest of the world has been forced to suffer through a horrific pandemic as a result.

In a fair and just world, WHO leadership would resign immediately. Trump may need to take a closer look at his own reaction but that does not mean that he is wrong here. The Chinese and the World Health Organization deserve all of the scorn that they are receiving at the moment.

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