Democratic Socialists Around AOC, Omar and Tlaib Reject Biden

The Democrat Socialists of America have made their feelings known: they are not going to be offering any sort of endorsement for Joe Biden. They do not want to see him become president and they do not care who knows it. As the most energized wing of their party, these Socialists hold a lot of sway.

There is a wide range of high profile members that need to be discussed. Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were all Bernie supporters. It is easy to see why they have already decided to turn against Biden before his presidential campaign has begun in earnest.

This announcement is surprising to those who expected the Democrats to abide by the “vote blue, no matter who” mantra. We thought that they would be willing to vote for Biden out of spite for Trump. As it turns out, these Bernie supporters are not about to get on the Biden bandwagon just to show up the current president.

The Democrats have a sizable amount of work to do before the election takes place. How can they possibly sell the leftists on Biden when their own party is refusing to offer the necessary support? The left is definitely going to be skeptical of any non-Bernie candidate and Biden is not exactly setting the world on fire at this point.

He cannot manage to get through his public appearances without stumbling over his words. We have not even started to discuss all of the sexual assault allegations that he is facing. What are the Democrats going to do when Republicans start to raise various questions about this? The Democrats are the first to bring up any allegations that take place within the Republican party.

Their silence on Biden is deafening. The Democrat party knows that their chances of winning are remote. That’s why they have done everything in their power to remove President Trump from office. They know deep down that they are not going to be able to win the election fair and square. The Democrats have to resort to all sorts of dirty tricks to get ahead.

This is what happens when you decide that a candidate is the most ‘electable’ because of their name value. Sure, Biden may be a positive memory to some because of the work that he did as Barack Obama’s vice president but a lot of time has passed in the interim. He’s clearly experiencing a mental decline and no one can ignore it.

Republicans are still digging in their heels and preparing themselves for a battle royale. Now that a wider range of Americans are questioning President Trump’s actions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the door has been opened for Biden to take advantage. There is just one problem: he does not seem to know which way is up half the time.

One day, he wants Trump to behave in a manner that is more befitting of a president. The next day, we all need to be nicer to him. Biden cannot decide where he stands and voters are going follow suit. As for the Democratic Socialists, they are looking to hold the line and avoid the same issues that plagued the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Why don’t these people split from the Democratic party and start their own? This question may seem facetious but we are completely serious. Let’s face the facts here: the Democratic party is not as progressive as some would like to think. In fact, they are moderate in nature. Barack Obama was able to ride a wave of false progressiveness all the way to the Oval Office.

This is the same trick that he is looking to duplicate for Joe Biden. The party is looking to stay moderate and they have successfully staved off the Bernie Sanders threat. These socialists are hoping to move the party further left in years to come but they are not going to have much luck this year. Biden is claiming that he will utilize some of Sanders’ policies but that remains to be seen.

There are even some who believe that Biden will bow out during the fall and offer up his spot to a new contender. He’s already made references to choosing a female running mate. Who’s to say that Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton won’t be the ones who are actually chosen to sit in the big chair come November? One thing is for sure: the Democrats are tired of losing and they are sure to have a few tricks up their sleeve.

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