Video: Trump Takes Down Fake Media With Brilliantly Produced Timeline of COVID-19 Events

The liberal media has spent the past few weeks attacking President Trump at every turn. They want the world to believe that the coronavirus pandemic is all his fault. In their minds, we need to be reminded of his record on the pandemic every single day but at a certain point?

Enough is enough. The constant attempts at rewriting history are getting to be a bit much. Now, President Trump has decided that it is time to take action. He’s grown weary of the media elites who feel as if it is their God-given right to attack him. The president has also been accused of downplaying the threat of the coronavirus.

When Trump decided to play his own highlight reel during the latest briefing, he was finally able to shut all of these people up. The video provided a glimpse into the leadership that he has been providing. Jon Karl could not resist going on the attack, though. We are not going to lie to you….we saw that coming.

These types of attacks are beyond predictable. It does not matter what evidence the leftist media is presented with. They are never going to let up. In their minds, the media is the last line of “resistance” and they have to be seen putting up a good fight. How else are they going to get the clicks that they seek from the people who typically consume their content?

Jon Karl asked President Trump why this video needed to be played. Since he’s never seen a video of this nature being played in the White House briefing room, he decided to get snarky with the president and ask an obvious question. These are the opportunities that Trump clearly relishes. He is never shy about firing back at those who decide to take shots at him.

He let Karl know that he is trying his best to correct all of the fake news that is being presented these days. The mainstream media has allowed these narratives to spiral completely out of control. It is easy to see why the general public has grown so distrustful of everything that they have to say. When someone’s bias is clearly on display, it is tough to ignore.

The leftist media talking heads that were present for the video did not have much to say, outside of the usual nonsensical retorts. How are they supposed to argue with video evidence? It is sad that these coronavirus briefings have now been turned into a nonstop royal rumble between Trump and the alarmist left. There is little that can be done now, though. All the president can do is try the lead the nation as best he can and clap back at the leftist media when possible.

Pardon us for thinking that the left should be spending their time on the pursuits that actually affect them. Instead of attacking the current president, they should be taking a closer look at what is happening with their candidate. For as much time as the media spends going after Trump, you would think that they would be dedicating a similar amount of energy on the recent allegations that have been made about Joe Biden.

If you are anything like us, you are noticing that there is a major difference between the amount of coverage that is given to prominent Republicans who are accused of sexual assault. Brett Kavanaugh is a prime example. The allegations against him did not have much credibility to them but the leftists issued biased hot takes about what was actually going on. Biden, on the other hand? He is being treated with kid gloves.

Since he is the only hope that the Democrats have of removing President Trump from the White House, they have no problem sweeping his allegations under the rug. Barack Obama is even going to be offering his full fledged endorsement.

You’re going to tell us that Obama had no idea about the allegations that are being made against Biden? He’s got a history of making women uncomfortable but it is being ignored, so that the media can attack Trump for the millionth time.

After all of the things that the media allowed Barack Obama to get away with during his presidency, the idea that a video like this one needed to be questioned strikes us as a bit odd. While there are some Americans who are still letting the wool be pulled over their eyes, the rest of the country is fully awake. They see these biases and they are not going to tolerate them any longer.

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