Watch Trump Put CNN Reporter in His Place

President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings have provided him with the opportunity to pass along important information. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has taken a decidedly different view of the briefings. In their minds, this is their chance to issue a searing takedown of the president.

In other words, they are all looking for their 15 minutes of fame and they don’t care who they step on in order to get it. This does not seem to bother President Trump, though. He’s perfectly fine with defending himself against the nonsense that the mainstream media throws his way.

Instead of using these briefings to ask the pertinent questions that matter most, the media is trying their very best to create fake news. Everyone knows how the president feels about fake news, no matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on. Jeremy Diamond is the CNN news correspondent who felt the wrath of Trump most recently and we cannot stop laughing.

When the president asked by Diamond if he felt duped by the president of China, his response was predictable. He pushed back against this assertion immediately and went on the offensive. CNN was blasted and he took direct aim at what he believes are the failings of the previous administration.

Trump is never shy about letting the world know how he feels about the Obama administration. CNN was called “pathetic” during the rant. The president believes that this network should get back to the real news. We are inclined to agree with him. There are simply too many mainstream media outlets that are not willing to put their bias to the side in these instances.

The leftist media types view everything through a certain prism. This point of view has an adverse effect on the news that the nation receives. That’s why CNN’s ratings have been in serious decline. The American people have had enough of the lies and their viewing habits reflect this change of heart.

Why would anyone be willing to be lied to? Why should anyone trust networks that wear their distaste for the current president for the world to see? They may think that they are speaking truth to power but they are wasting everyone’s time instead. When the president is forced to address asinine questions like these, it takes time away from more important duties.

Meanwhile, there are some Trump supporters who would like to see him behave in a more traditional manner. They want to see him rise above the taunts. However, there is something to be said for a president that is willing to meet these detractors head-on. He is never going to shy away from them. Having a president that is always willing to state his true feelings makes for great entertainment if nothing else.

These fake news peddlers need to be dealt with one way or another. If the president allows these reporters to feel comfortable, who knows where things will lead? The mainstream media needs to be bludgeoned into submission early and often. Future presidents will be sure to thank Trump for the helpful precedent that he is setting here.

We cannot begin to imagine what is going to take place once he is allowed to have a debate with Joe Biden. Sleepy Joe is not going to know what hit him. President Trump has to be licking his chops at the moment. If we are lucky, Biden will completely forget where he is and start referring to Donald Trump as “Corn Pop” or one of his other gangland pals.

Anyone who does not like Trump’s treatment of the press is typically the sort of person who can dish it out but cannot take it. When the press is attacking Trump, the leftist media does not seem to mind in the slightest. If the tables are turned in any meaningful way, that is when the claws come out. Everyone notices this hypocrisy and we are tired of it.

Why do media outlets that could not care less about providing the truth to the American people get to have a seat at this table? In our humble opinion, the fake news media should be practicing what they preach. If it is okay for them to continue to treat the president poorly, they shouldn’t be able to whine when they are given a taste of their own medicine.

That’s the liberals for you, though. All they do is complain when things don’t go their way and ignore the role that they played in the whole mess to begin with. They’d better stop tuning into these briefings before their feelings get hurt any more.

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