Best Trump Campaign Video Ever: “Let Them Eat Ice Cream”

The Nancy Pelosi ice cream video is going to live in infamy forever. We still cannot believe that she thought this was a good idea. Nancy Pelosi really got on national television, showed off her fancy fridge that is chock full of expensive ice cream and expected the best. It’s one of the most brutal clips that we have ever seen.

There’s no self-awareness here whatsoever. Pelosi fails to realize that many of the people who were watching this clip did not know where their next paycheck was coming from. How could anyone be impressed with her $13 ice creams when they are unable to feed their families? She’s truly disconnected from the needs of the working class.

Americans who are in the process of waiting for food banks to help them are not going to be impressed by these sorts of clips. To make matters worse, she held up the coronavirus stimulus bill with all kinds of crazy provisions. Pelosi was more concerned with climate change, federal abortion funding and illegal ballot harvesting than helping the American people through a crisis.

Now, she is in the process of blocking another key initiative. The Paycheck Protection Program is looking to have a crucial extension approved. This extension is pivotal to small businesses, as they are looking to keep all of their employees on the payroll. The Trump camp is now taking direct aim at Pelosi’s antics.

She picked the wrong time to upload a video like this one, that is for sure. We wish that she could see herself for who she truly is. Instead, she views herself as the ultimate crusader for working-class rights when there is very little evidence to support this claim. As for the Trump camp, they are not going to allow a moment like this one to pass them by.

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with Marie Antoinette can make the obvious link. The Trump campaign has already made the “let them eat ice cream” joke and we are right there with them. While some may attempt to paint this attack as a partisan concern, we cannot understand why the left does not feel the same way. Pelosi is allowing their most important concerns to fall by the wayside.

Funding is being blocked for the working class and Pelosi’s on television showing off a fridge that costs more than they make in a year. We cannot begin to imagine how infuriating this must be to someone who is in the process of frantically refreshing the IRS website to learn more about the status of their stimulus checks.

She’s snobbish, to say the least. We are waiting for the collective awakening to take place but it is not going to happen anytime soon. There are still stubborn leftists who have no idea what they are supporting. They would rather toe the party line than ask any of the necessary questions that would cause them to question anything of importance.

At the rate she is going, Pelosi is going to be responsible for the election of lots of Republicans. How can they possibly resist the chance to take her down when she is making it this easy? It’s like she’s got a sign on her forehead that says “I have no idea what I’m doing, please make fun of me”. The video seems like something out of a Saturday Night Live sketch until you realize that it is very real.

The Donald Trump campaign will not even need to engage with Joe Biden because the leftists keep offering him untold amounts of ammunition. Experts have long believed that he can essentially run his campaign against Congress and the Senate instead. Since their approval rating is only continuing to dwindle, this is looking like more and more of a sound strategy by the day.

It’s one stunt after another from Nancy Pelosi these days. We have come a long way since she shredded the speech during the State of the Union address. She received all sorts of praise for these actions but we do not hear any of these people talking now. They are probably all ashamed of themselves for entertaining her nonsense for so long.

Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts need to start taking a long, hard look at what they have allowed themselves to become. They are elitists who do not even have the decency to recognize their privileged position within American society. The Trump campaign is here to remind everyone of Pelosi’s ways and we always enjoy it when she is put in her place.

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