Must See TV: Watch Al Gore’s Facial Reaction Listening to Biden’s Nonsense

Al Gore is back in the news lately and once you find out why, you are not going to be able to stop laughing. Joe Biden has been launching attacks against President Trump for the past few weeks. His dispatches have been a great source of unintentional comedy, that is for sure. From the looks of this clip, Al Gore certainly seems to agree with this assessment.

Biden was in the midst of one of his Trump-related dispatches when he completely forgot what he was actually saying. This happens to Biden an awful lot these days but we digress. During this particular discussion, he happened to be speaking with Al Gore. Gore’s a Climate Change truther but this is not a topic that Biden is qualified to speak on.

Instead, Biden was too busy stumbling over his words and he was immediately forced to regroup. He was trying to tell Al Gore something to the effect of “climate change is nonexistent” but it looked like he was experiencing some sort of brain freeze. These videos are starting to get painful to watch, in all honesty.

The Democrats are beyond shameless to keep trotting him out here after he has shown himself to be this incompetent. The look on Al Gore’s face while Biden is babbling away is absolutely priceless. It takes a lot to get this sort of reaction out of someone like Al Gore. You’re talking about a guy who used to listen to Bill Clinton speak in informal settings.

It’s the type of clip that you have to watch to truly appreciate. If Al Gore can barely contain his amusement at watching Biden try to navigate his way through a simple sentence, just imagine how bad the rest of his campaign is going to be. He is going to be humiliated at every turn when it is time to actually debate the points he is trying to make.

To Biden’s credit, it is entirely possible that he is making up a new word here. We have never heard the word “aggress” before but perhaps he knows something that we don’t? Far be it for us to make Biden out to be a liar just because he is inventing new words that we cannot possibly comprehend.

At times like these, we are all Al Gore. His facial expression says it all. No one likes to agree with Al Gore but Biden is not leaving us very much wiggle room here. He’s just lucky that Gore did not end up laughing out loud. They both might be career criminals but at least Gore is able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

We just wonder where this is going next. The Biden circus is never going to stop and we are sure that the Democrats will continue to prop him up for as long as they need to. We are on the verge of a Weekend at Bernie’s type of scenario where he needs to be propped up with a stick. This is ironic, especially after the party already decided to get rid of an old man by the name of Bernie.

It’s not like he would have been much better but he has the ability to construct a sentence and use the words that we have all agreed upon as part of the English language. The Democrats have even allowed the speculation about Governor Cuomo stealing Joe Biden’s spot to reach a fever pitch. This would not be happening if he was able to handle simple television appearances without having these types of brain meltdowns.

All jokes aside, these Biden appearances are starting to border on elder abuse. Whether you sit on the left side of the aisle or the right, there is no way to ignore what is going on right now. We wish that they would call the fight before it is too late but they are going to allow this freak show to continue into the fall.

He is not going to be able to handle the duties of this campaign for long. The coronavirus pandemic has kept him from being able to travel as often as a presidential candidate is normally expected to and he is still struggling. What is going to happen when things reopen and he is asked to speak publicly on a more regular basis?

Myriad problems are going to arise once he is asked to debate his points and speak to people who oppose him ideologically. They’d better get an earpiece that will let Obama do his thinking for him before it is too late!

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