Heed President Trumps Warning

The Democrats hate everything about President Trump. Their only hope of sanity lies in the November election. The funny part about their hatred is that people love the president. They are approving of the way he handles the country, the media, the liberals and the virus. Everyone has learned to trust what he says and how he does things. And now everyone is listening to him about small businesses and what is happening to them, except the Democrats.

President Trump has been vocal about the fact that small businesses need to be opened before the last closures are removed. Companies that were closed because of the virus are just about ready to ignore the closures and reopen their doors. They just cannot stay closed indefinitely. The president is telling people that it is better to open than to let the businesses ignore regulations. The fallout from a revolt would be devastating for all parties involved.

Scientific advisors would warn that it would be a mistake to open the country again. This is the burden that President Trump must bear alone. Ultimately it is his decision when things should reopen. He will face the task of getting people back to work before a recession takes over. His advisors are telling him that his base is starting to waver under the stress of not being able to work. But President Trump is fully aware that it is more than a political move. It is a move that affects the livelihood of millions of people.

One official noted that “People are fine sitting at home this month, but they are going to start reopening stuff whether or not their governor says it’s OK. There’s going to be a breaking point, and the president needs to get ahead of this and start issuing sound guidance.” It should not surprise people that the president is already talking about it and taking heat from the controlling Democrats about it.

Rush Limbaugh, who is a nationally known radio host, stated that “Well, I love the idea — if all of a sudden on Monday, people say, ‘Screw this,’ and went back to work. For that to happen, the people that owned the business would have to open ’em up.” As he agreed to a caller’s statement. President Trump is a people’s president. He knows what the people want and exactly what he needs to do to get them back to work.

Laura Ingraham stated that “At some point, the president is going to have to look at Drs Fauci and Birx and say, we’re opening on May 1. Give me your best guidance on protocols, but we cannot deny our people their basic freedoms any longer.” Doctors and medical advisors will always play it safe. They do not want to be sued. But President Trump has to balance it all. This is why ultimately it is his decision.

It is going to come down to a guessing game. When will it be the right time to open things up? No Democrat can make that call, only the president can make the decision. The last thing America needs is a revolt against authority. But the American people can and will take matters into their own hands. This is one way that America is a great nation. The people are not afraid to stand up for what is right. And the president is on their side. President Trump is echoing the sentiments of the nation. They want their country to open again and they want to get back to work.

The Democrats would love to see the country closed for a long period because it would make people dependent on the government. Democrats love to control people. They could very easily make people servants to their cause by controlling their lives. But the Republicans are not about that happen.

The people voted President Trump into the office for times such as what is happening now. They needed someone they could trust to do the job of the president without selfish motives. The Democrats would have surely destroyed the country if they were in power during this great time of need.

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