Horrifying Video Shows Alarming Abuse Among Senior NYC Covid-19 Victims

Sara P. is a nurse practitioner who is speaking out about the issues that are taking place at New York City hospitals. These facilities currently look like something out of a horror film. The hospitals lack the necessary protective equipment and they cannot handle the volume of patients that they are receiving.

Patients are being left to rot….literally. Sara says that she has never seen this level of neglect in her entire life. In her mind, no one cares about what is taking place and we cannot believe what we are seeing and reading. Her video is a major eye opener for those who believe that it is business as usual at these hospitals.

Now that New York City has become the crisis’ epicenter, the hospitals are left with a difficult task. Tough decisions have to be made going forward. Sara does not want to be a part of what is taking place but she has no choice. This is the predicament that healthcare workers are facing at the moment.

While they may not agree with the measures that have been taken up until now, they cannot walk away from their responsibilities. The video was initially posted on Facebook but it probably won’t surprise you to learn that it has since been taken down. The tech elites are not trying to let anyone see these clips.

Sara also decided to post a message that had been sent to her by a close friend. The friend is a traveling nurse that works in New York City. The nurse friend says that she is watching patients’ kidneys shut down almost immediately. She also said that many of the patients are only receiving one round of CPR before they are left behind.

According to the video:

“Patients left to rot and die”
“Never seen so much neglect”
“No one cares”
“The blind leading the blind”
“Out of a horror movie”
“I don’t want to be a part of this”

These types of post apocalyptic scenes are not supposed to be happening in the United States. No American citizen should ever be left to die during a situation like this. The coronavirus pandemic has stretched our medical facilities’ ability to care for patients to the absolute limit. They have been left to grasp at straws but the powers that be do not want people to know about the issues that they are facing.

The video that was provided with the post is still up on YouTube. We are sure that it won’t be long before it is removed. Conservative Treehouse has decided to upload a copy of the clip as well. We just hope that more people are able to see it. The general public deserves to know what is going on here. The tech elites cannot keep everyone in the dark forever, that is for sure.

If these stories are true (and we have no reason to believe that they are not), Governor Cuomo needs to be held responsible. Criminal and civil charges should be filed against any New York state officials that are fully aware of these conditions. They have yet to move to do anything about them because they believe that they can ignore them until they go away.

This is one of the main reasons why the coronavirus pandemic has spiraled out of control. Too many officials thought that they could turn a blind eye. These deaths cannot even be attributed to human error. When mistakes like these are being made intentionally, someone needs to be held responsible. These are the steps that need to be taken, so that our medical facilities are better prepared for the next crisis of this magnitude.

We should be very clear when we report on what is taking place at New York City hospitals. There are a wide range of medical personnel who are taking the necessary steps and ensuring patient safety. No one should read stories and assume that every medical facility is struggling. This is not the time to start painting broad pictures with an extra large brush.

In the meantime, it is important to amplify the stories that are true. Without reporters that are willing to speak out about these types of horrific occurrences, no one would ever be able to learn more about them. The news cycle is very busy at the moment and it is easy for stories to slip between the cracks. The tech elites are also working overtime to make sure they are swept under the rug.

We must all do our part and share these stories with our closest friends and loved ones. Democracy perishes in the darkness. That’s why we have a certain responsibility in these instances. Don’t allow the elites of America to decide which stories we see (or do not see) under any circumstances!

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