Watch! Did President Trump Flip off the Press? You Decide

Barack Obama is well known for a lot of reasons but some may recall his penchant for flipping the bird during various public appearances. It goes against the image that the mainstream media has created for him but we still remember these bird flips anyway. President Trump has now decided to get in on the act.

He wanted the liberal reporters at the White House to know exactly how he feels about them. If you ask us, it was long overdue. These reporters have been trying his patience for some time. We are stunned that it took him this long to lose his temper with them. The annoyance level is off the charts.

When they are not asking him loaded questions that are designed to elicit clickbait answers, they are actively working to tick him off. It is easy to see why any president would eventually lose their cool in a situation like this. The United States is currently in a pressure-packed predicament and we should all be working together.

Instead, liberal reporters are viewing the pandemic as their chance to finally issue their most searing Trump put-downs. They all seem to think that COVID-19 represents a major opportunity. It’s a ghoulish approach to take during a crisis of this magnitude but that does not stop the liberal media from continuing to engage in the same sort of nonsense every day.

We are sure that they are going to have a lot to say about Trump giving them the finger but they are doing the same to him. They may not actually flip him the bird during their daily interactions but they might as well have. There is no love lost between the mainstream media and President Trump.

Olivia Nuzzi asked a particularly awful question and we are wondering if this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. These liberal reporters are an absolute disgrace. We are not surprised that they are being treated this way. It is nice to have a president that does not mind offering up his own opinions (or gestures) on various topics of this nature.

There are too many public figures who believe that they need to tiptoe around the liberal media and their bizarre questions. Why should anyone care what they have to say? They are not worried about anything. All that matters to them is their silly agendas.

Trump also has a gift for expressing the sentiments of the average American. This is something that the mainstream media cannot deny. He is a master when it comes to embodying certain narratives and this middle finger is a prime example of that. We are sure that lots of people were at home cheering when they saw him standing up to the media bullies.

The president is trapped in a position that few of us could envy. If he takes the media jabs in stride, people accuse him of being a weak leader that is not able to take charge. When he strikes back at the liberal media, he is the one who is referred to as a bully. There is no way for him to win in the eyes of the general public. He may as well let his true feelings be known.

Americans are unable to get through these press briefings without wanting to flip the bird themselves. The choice words that many of us have for the liberal media cannot be printed but we know where you are coming from. It can be frustrating to watch the president try his absolute best to lead the nation, only to be forced to handle questions that are not being asked in good faith.

Bad faith actors like these are constantly clouding important discussions. American discourse has taken a major hit and the liberal media only has themselves to thank for it. In their minds, the leftist point of view is the only one that deserves to be expressed. That’s why they always feel justified when they engage in thoughtless attacks on President Trump and anyone who is willing to support him.

Trump is not even obligated to provide any of these hacks with the access that they have been able to enjoy for the duration of his presidency. We wonder if they realize that they can be given the boot at any point in time. They are not even bothering to ask questions anymore. These are just broadside attacks that are phrased in the form of one. The American people have their eyes wide open and they are not going to play these childish games anymore.

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