Media Lies Exposed! Italian Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Helps Prevent Infection

The liberal media has an anti hydroxychloroquine agenda for some time now. It does not take a genius to connect the dots here. Ever since President Trump touted the medication as a potential treatment for the COVID-19 virus, the liberals have been up in arms. They will make up any story that they have to about the medication, as long as it makes the president look bad.

Now, there are studies that flout those opinions and the leftists are hopping mad. We shudder to think of all the Americans that never got the chance to utilize this medication because of the liberal media. Their vendetta with the president has gone too far and it is now costing people their lives.

Coronavirus patients deserve the best possible treatments, not just the ones that are approved by the liberals. We are sure that if Barack Obama had touted the medication, there would be no such issues. It’s sad but true. The blood is on their hands but we are going to go out on a huge limb and say that they do not care about that at all.

The jihad against Trump must continue at all costs. The liberal media even dug up their own study from UVA that supports their viewpoint. According to this shoddy study, the aforementioned medication does not provide any benefits at all. This hardly seems true but let’s allow the liberals to have this one. They aren’t exactly racking up the victories these days, are they?

The Ingraham Angle even allowed Dr. Stephen Smith to come on and set the record straight. Dr. Smith says that the study is a sham and we are inclined to believe him. After all, he is speaking from a place of wanting to help the American people. He’s not speaking from a place of malice towards Donald Trump and that is the major difference here.

Everyone can see it and they are tired of the charades. President Trump certainly has faults. He’s no different from any other leader in this regard. But why would he suggest the usage of a medication that is going to hurt people? That’s a bridge too far, even for those on the left who are willing to think more critically about these situations.

Italy has conducted their own study and as one of the hardest hit countries, they are in search of any solution that can help them stem the tide. The drug that American liberals are so vehemently against because the orange man said it was good is already being used by Italians who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Wouldn’t you know it? All of the people who were already using the drug to treat these ailments were safeguarded from the coronavirus pandemic. We are not surprised but we are sure that there are more than a few liberals who are getting ticked off as we speak. They wanted President Trump to be wrong so badly that they did not care what lies they told.

Only 20 of these patients actually tested positive for the virus and not a single one passed away. How are they possibly going to talk around this study now? The liberals have zero shame but they are going to have a tough time ignoring this one. We are sure that the media will make some sort of excuse for this study and they are probably going to speak ill of the Italian medical system in the process.

The larger pharmaceutical companies are also sure to reject this hypothesis because the drug is already readily available. Since there is no money to be made by gouging the American people when they are at their most vulnerable, the pharmaceutical companies are not about to put their name on anything that could actually be helpful.

That’s the way it works over here. We only get to use the medications that the mainstream media has approved of, the ones that allow the pharmaceutical companies to line their pockets even further. This Italian discovery should have been front page news today but you already know how that goes. Orange man bad! Medications bad!

The liberal media’s lie have done so much damage during the course of this pandemic, we can scarcely keep track of it all. We just hope that they come to their senses and start reporting the actual news before too much more time passes. Instead, they are simply reporting the stories that make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s an absolute joke that no one is laughing at.

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