Video! California Riot Police Standing Down After Emotional Appeal by Veteran

The lockdowns have caused a number of uncomfortable confrontations as of late. Citizens are getting tired of being stuck indoors. Many of them feel as if their civil rights are infringed upon. This puts police officers in a very challenging position. On one hand, they need to uphold the law. On the other, there are citizens with very real complaints and they need to be heard.

Protesters have taken to the streets in a number of California cities. Sacramento and San Francisco residents are taking to the streets in record numbers. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has issued stay at home orders that are far too restrictive. California residents are not about to accept these orders without a fight.

Sacramento is the capital of the state and one of the largest protests took place there. Thousands of protesters were willing to go toe to toe with police officers, many of whom were clad in riot gear. The California Highway Patrol tried their best to put a stop to the protests but they were not successful.

They wanted to ban protests at the state capital. The proper amount of social distancing was not taking place. As for the protesters, they decided to gather on the steps of the Sacramento state capitol building. Once they arrived, they began to chant. “Whose house? Our house!,” cried the protesters.

These are people who are beyond frustrated and they have been pushed to the end of their ropes. Other protesters began to chant “Freedom!” and this is a scene that we never thought we would see in our lifetimes. It is easy to see why these protests have gotten to this point, though. People are worried about the economy because they are not sure where their next rent or mortgage payment is coming from.

While some states and cities are suspending rent, this is of little solace to those who know that they will still be on the hook for this money once work resumes. With this much stress and anxiety on their plates, people are resorting to protests. When the populace feels unheard, this is how they respond to the authorities that they feel oppressed by.

Joshua Coleman is the California resident who captured this video footage. There was also a very touching moment included in this clip. Cordie Lee Williams is a veteran of the Marine Corps. When he saw the police officers advancing towards the protesters, he decided to act. He asked the officers if they were really willing to behave in this manner when the protests were peaceful.

Cordie told the officers that they may lose their jobs but that he would rather lose his employment than his soul. Williams also asked the officers if they wanted to use their power for good or for evil. In his mind, the police are not tough for being willing to threaten these innocent Americans. Instead, he wanted them to stop and think about the ramifications of what they are doing.

In his mind, true toughness is doing what is right and standing up to all enemies, whether they are foreign or domestic. This is the oath that he took when he joined the Marines and we bet that they are proud of their comrade right now. He got in the middle of a potentially difficult situation and was able to effectively diffuse it.

It’s always great to see cooler heads prevailing. Williams went on to challenge the officers in a more direct manner. He told them that they needed to ask themselves if they were carrying out a lawful order or an order that is “bulls—” (his words, not ours, of course).

If an order does not pass the smell test, the officers who are being asked to carry it out must take the proper steps. The officers responded to Williams’ word in the manner that you would expect. They stood down and left the protesters alone. Obviously, they would have intervened if they needed to. However, these people were not causing any sort of harm or damage. They are frustrated and wanted their voice to be heard.

That’s all protests are, usually. No one wants to be angry and people are not actively looking to destroy anyone’s property. A protest like this one is always going to be a last resort. Kudos to this Marine for being willing to step up. Things could have gone much worse if an officer had become fearful. That’s when things tend to go awry. The footage of this conversation has gone viral and for good reason. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

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