What? Japan Is Officially Asking US to Share UFO Data

Now that the UFO data has been shared by the United States government, there are a number of people who want to know more. Scientists are already in the process of studying these spacecraft. Our Navy pilots were chasing these UFOs around and scientists now have reason to believe that they were created by a different species.

Are these species extraterrestrial? It’s a strong possibility. Some even believe that the extraterrestrial species has had interaction with governments here on Earth. Of course, there are some who are probably scoffing at the idea. Surely, this cannot be true. It sounds like something out of a cheap science fiction film.

If it is not true, Japan has a lot of explaining to do. They are asking the United States for all of the data that we have to offer. Why would they be asking for data if UFOs are not even real? It really makes you think, doesn’t it? All of the true believers out there are probably crowing as we speak.

People cannot honestly believe that we are the only form of intelligent life that exists in the universe. It would be an arrogant point of view to take. The United States military has already admitted that the videos we all saw the other day were real. In fact, we are of the belief that the Pentagon has even more information about these UFOs that they are waiting to release.

The U.S. military establishment has finally publicly admitted that the infamous Tic-Tac UFO videos are real and the objects in them are unidentified. Do you believe them? Do you think the Pentagon has much more information about these flying objects that hasn’t been released? Of course it does … and most likely so does the Japanese military, which nonetheless has formally requested more data on them from the Pentagon. Will the Pentagon release all of it to Japan? Any of it? Should it?

South China Morning Post reports that Japan’s Defence Minister Taro Kono has appealed to the U.S. Defense Department for more info on UFOs which he himself doesn’t believe in. He also claims that no Japanese military pilot has ever encountered a UFO (more on the claim later) but, being a good Defense minister, he wants to develop a protocol so that they are prepared if that day ever happens. Or has it already happened, and this feigned disbelief is merely a cover-up?

We are now left to wonder if the Pentagon will share all of this data with this Japanese. Taro Kono is the defense minister in Japan and he is asking for the information, even though he is a known nonbeliever. He has even claimed that the Japanese military has never encountered a single UFO during any of their travels.

He wants us to believe that he is just doing his job as a defense minister but there is something fishy about his request. He still wants to develop a protocol for dealing with something that he does not believe in. Perhaps the disbelief is merely a cover story and the Japanese have bigger plans in store?

The Pentagon may not even see fit to release the information to Kono. He could have to take a number. After all, the American public has been waiting for additional data on this very topic for decades now. It would be infuriating if the Japanese were made privy to the information before we were. We would hate to think that foreign countries could access this data before we have a chance to.

We’re just joking, of course. Japan has a conservative culture and they do not believe that UFOs are real. Anyone who discusses these sorts of topics in Japan is considered to be crazy. The Defense Minister may just want to cover his backside and make sure that he is safe, no matter what happens. We can’t lie, it’s a smart strategy.

The pictures and videos that we have seen explain it all, though. It is hard to remain skeptical in these sorts of instances. If you have seen the photo of Kono speaking with Mike Pompeo, it is easy to see why we do not believe his story. These two are probably talking about the UFOs and they think that we are none the wiser.

The Japanese are not the only country that is looking into the matter. Did you know that the United Kingdom is also running their own program that is designed to investigate these spacecraft? Their program has been in existence for decades now. The Russians also have a program of their own and theirs dates all the way back to the Cold War era.

Russia was not willing to discuss their program openly but according to the CIA’s document archive, their astronomers were engaged in the research process. The evidence is mounting and it is getting harder and harder to deny the existence of UFOs. There are people who will continue to act as if they are not real until they actually see little green men. These folks are watching way too much television.

There is clearly something going on at the highest echelons of various governments. We cannot continue to neglect the evidence that is piling up. Japan is not going to let us know how they truly feel about the prospect of UFOs. Kono seems to think that he can simply pretend to remain in disbelief, while also making every necessary move to cover his you know what. We just hope that the details are unclassified soon.

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