Caught Red-Handed: CBS Staging Fake Coronavirus News in Project Veritas Video

CBS News has been caught in the act of creating their own fake news, just like we all knew that they would. It was bound to happen eventually, right? We just want to know why the mainstream media is so afraid to talk about this. They were in the process of staging a fake coronavirus broadcast, with a testing line and all.

Project Veritas exposé is what caused them to panic. The story was set to take place at Cherry Medical Center. The Grand Rapids, Michigan facility had fake patients and when an insider decided to spill the beans? Project Veritas was right there to let the world know what had taken place.

One of the registered nurses who works at this facility let Project Veritas know that they were given the heads up about the upcoming visit from the news cameras. “We knew they were coming,” she said. They did not know that they were going to be treating fake patients, though.

We wonder what else we are not being told at the present moment. Alison Mauro is another registered nurse who took the time to speak with Project Veritas. She claims that she and her colleagues did not actually swab the patients that were present when the CBS cameras arrived. The whole thing was for show.

Worst of all, the medical facility’s actual patients were forced to wait until the charade was over. If you would like to see this video for yourself, be sure to check it out below. You are not going to believe your eyes once you have had the chance to take a closer look. This is the sort of thing that you would expect to see on Saturday Night Live.

The fact that it is taking place at an American medical facility should be enough to give everyone pause. Real patients are suffering because this medical facility decided that it was more important to stage some tests than to help their patients. As for CBS News and Cherry Health, they are denying any role that they played in this sordid affair.

They are claiming that any suggestions about fake news are completely false. While there are saying all of the “right” things about the fake news story, we are finding it a bit hard to believe. CBS News is only fueling the narrative by panicking and taking the story down once their tomfoolery was pointed out to the rest of the world.

James O’Keefe took to Twitter to let the world know more about what CBS News has done. He bragged about forcing them to take the broadcast down. Project Veritas received conflicting statements about the fake news broadcast and it is easy to see why CBS News is in the process of backpedaling. The prospect of being found out like this has to be terrifying, for certain.

If people learned that stories like these are entirely made up, it would diminish the credibility of mainstream media outlets everywhere. The mainstream media has already been taking a beating from President Trump and stories like this one are only going to add more fuel to his fire. The reporters who wanted to go against him are probably starting to feel pretty silly, aren’t they?

O’Keefe is one of the last journalists on Earth that we are able to trust. Unlike the media outlets that he takes down, he has no biases and he is not looking to make a name for himself. O’Keefe wants to make sure that we are being given access to the necessary news, without all of the unwanted spin that we are being subjected to on a shockingly regular basis these days.

We can count the number of journalists who do any sort of real reporting today on one hand…..maybe two, if we are being very generous. Disinformation is making it very hard for us to learn more about what is actually going on in the world. That’s why we are grateful to all of the freedom fighters out there who take the time to give us the facts without any of their added spin.

It would be nice to see all of the other mainstream media outlets who are clearly lying to the people (and peddling fake news) get exposed but we will not hold our breath. The coronavirus pandemic is going to get worse before it gets better. There is already enough bad news out there for the United States to endure without these types of charlatans poisoning the well with their outright lies.

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