CDC Wants Mail in Voting in November to Help Failing Biden

The CDC is in the process of corrupting the voting process for the next election and they are pushing election officials to make a potentially terrible decision. When you take a closer look at the CDC website, it all becomes so painfully clear. They want everyone to simply mail in their ballots this November.

Anyone with two eyes can see how this would work. This would allow the Democrats to engage in voter fraud and push their feeble candidate into office. There’s no way that Joe Biden would be able to win the election under normal circumstances. Unless the Democrats and the CDC come together to hatch a plan like this one, he is dead in the water.

The same doctors who have laid waste to the American economy now want to put a stop to the normal election process. Call us crazy but there are better ways to go about the task of safeguarding voters. Social distancing measures may not even be necessary by the time the election arrives.

That has not stopped the CDC from continuing to offer up recommendations that do not have much of a basis in reality. Election officials are now being pushed into the prospect of considering mail in voting and it remains to be seen as to whether they will be able to resist.

While we do agree that voters should be encouraged to use voting tactics that minimize human contact, why can’t this happen in a typical voting environment? Changes would need to be made but they are doable. Meanwhile, The CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Project recommendations are much different from the ones that have been provided by the CDC.

They believe that the damage that would be done by these changes are too hard to overcome. Any integrity that can be found in the voting process currently would be a thing of the past. If these organizations can see it, why can’t the CDC? Skeptics may want to take a closer look at the numbers that were provided by Wisconsin after their in person primaries.

There was no uptick in coronavirus cases in the state after these primaries took place, despite all of the warnings that were issued by the liberals. John Cardillo is on the case and he believes that no one involved is even trying to hide their actual agenda. The CDC should not have any involvement in elections. To the best of his knowledge, elections are not actually in their purview.

In fact, there are many who believe that it is time for the president to start dismantling this organization. If he is not willing to do so, the next election could be corrupted before it even has a chance to take place. We are sure that it will only be a matter of time before the CDC’s Biden endorsements start to leak out.

We just want one election that is not interfered with by any government agency. Is that so much to ask? If one US election is held through the mail, we are never going to be able to go back to the way that things were. People are going to get too used to the convenience and the average citizen is not able to realize what they are complicit in.

Voter fraud is very real and it looms large going forward. The Democrats are currently looking for all sorts of ways to steal the election and the CDC is in their back pocket. The powers that be want us to believe anything that they say at this point. The same Americans who are able to stand in line at big name department stores are now being told that they won’t be able to stand in line for an election that isn’t going to take place for months now.

The Democrats would have engaged in vote harvesting already if they could have. Hillary Clinton is probably shaking her head as we speak, wondering why she was unable to benefit from this idea. Maybe she’ll be the one who partners up with Joe Biden. After all, she has already offered up her endorsement and she did not seem to mind him sleeping through it either.

The leftists had better take advantage of the next few months. There are not going to be any Trump rallies and they also have the CDC pulling the strings in their favor. The Centers for Disease Control should not be interjecting themselves in any sort of political discussion but that has not stepped them yet. We just hope that the rest of the population is smart enough not to fall for this.

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