Newly Released Crowdstrike Testimony Transcript Shows Russia Collusion Story Was Hoax From the Start

Ellen Nakashima writes for the Washington Post and she’s become a favorite of the Deep State in recent years. She was one of the first reporters to make Russian collusion claims. When she released a report that claimed that the Democratic National Party was hacked by the Russians, word spread quickly.

Crowdstrike validated the report and their president, Shawn Henry, confirmed it as well. Nakashima was not content to stop there, either. She went on to say that the CIA believed the hack took place because the Russians were looking to tilt the election to President Trump.

Nakashima went on to make some serious allegations about the Intel Community, too. She said that WikiLeaks had received the e-mails from the Russians. The Mueller gang decided to seize on this information, using it in a well-documented effort to remove Trump from office entirely.

For their part, WikiLeaks was responsible for the release of e-mails from the DNC. John Podesta was the campaign manager during Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated presidential bid back in 2016. It did not take long for him to get swept up in all of this. Hillary Clinton was willing to do whatever it took to win the election and it eventually caught up with them.

Not only were they unable to take home the presidency but they also put themselves in a terrible predicament over the long haul. It was only a matter of time before they started to experience legal difficulties that are linked to their lies and half-truths. The e-mails that leaked out were very revealing, providing us with a much-needed window into the Democratic thought process.

It does not matter where you stand on the matter. You cannot ignore the evidence that is being presented here. The mainstream media showed their true colors by refusing to share all of this damaging information before the election had a chance to take place.

Instead, they wanted Hillary to win the election so badly that they did not care. The mainstream media is supposed to report the news and let us know more about what to expect. Withholding this type of information before a major election is one of the worst moves that they could have made. All they ended up doing was exposing their biases.

We all knew that they existed, though. Everyone was called crazy for calling out the obvious hypocrisy that was taking place but we take solace in the fact that the Democrats’ dirty tricks did not actually work. They were unable to swipe the election away from President Trump, despite their best efforts.

Cyber expert Yaacov Apelbaum even decided to investigate the matter. Thanks to his incredible report, we have all of the proof that we need about this “hack”. The DNC’s lies are getting easier and easier to pick apart. Representative Adam Schiff was doing his best to keep the information away from the public but these efforts were all for naught.

The testimonies that are related to this ridiculous sham have been released and they make Schiff look awful. Richard Grenell is the one who put the screws to Schiff and made sure that the documents were released. As the Acting Director of National Intelligence, he has done a great job. Without Grennell, who knows how long this information would have remained hidden?

The idea that Russia was stealing e-mails from the DNC and making sure that they were forwarded to WikiLeaks never made much sense anyway. This leads us to the Seth Rich story. He was the one who was accused of sending the e-mails, before dying under mysterious circumstances.

Rich met with FBI agents and his computer was also examined by FBI personnel. You would think that these meetings would have been recorded with the proper paperwork but nope! If you let the FBI tell it, there were no meetings with Rich and the mysterious death had nothing to do with them. Ty Clevenger is an attorney for a client who is being used over comments related to Seth Rich. The FBI lied to him about their supposed “lack of information”.

They have the communications that took place between WikiLeaks and Seth Rich but they are not willing to share them. If not for the assistance of Clevenger, we never would have known that these communications existed. These developments are a major step in the right direction. The Russian collusion was clearly a nonsensical accusation from the very beginning and the lying Democrats are going to pay for their unwillingness to be truthful.

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