Biden’s Rapid Response Team Attacks Over Releasing Biden’s Involvement in Flynn Unmasking Scandal

The Joe Biden camp is in the process of engaging in major damage control because of the Flynn unmasking scandal. It seems like we can’t go more than a day or two without hearing about a new Biden scandal. Biden looked to unmask General Flynn in early 2017 and he did not wait long.

The allegations about Flynn had just been published in the Washington Post the day before. Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s conversations with General Flynn were believed to contain important information about the United States but this assertion has been proven wrong several times over.

Richard Grenell is now the acting DNI and he is responsible for the declassifying of an important list. We now know the names of all Obama administrative officials who were involved in this cover-up operation. The list was obtained by CBS reporter Catherine Herridge earlier this week and has since been shared with the general public.

While many of the names were not surprising in the least, Joe Biden’s caught us a bit off guard. We thought that he would have the intelligence and savvy to remain above the fray. However, we now realize that we probably overestimated Joe Biden significantly in this instance.

FBI director James Comey, UN ambassador Samantha Power and ex-DNI chief James Clapper were among the other names listed. Of course, these came as less of a surprise. These are the people who were rumored to have participated in the Flynn spying operation for years now.

Andrew Bates is the rapid response director for Joe Biden and he was furious about the release of these names. Biden probably thought that he would be able to get away with this type of behavior for as long as he wanted to. He’s now receiving a much-needed wake-up call but that did not stop Bates from going absolutely ballistic.

He claims that Herridge released the names because of her partisan politics. She stands accused of being a right-wing hack who is only trying to hinder the Democratic party. It’s funny how this stuff works. The same Democrats who will run with any Republican accusation without reaching out for further comment first are now mad that the same thing is being done to them.

It’s ironic, eh? Andrew Bates did not even have the courage of his convictions. Instead of standing firm, he started to backtrack almost immediately. We are now left with screenshots. As for Biden, he is trying to deny the role that he played here. He appeared on Good Morning America earlier this week and claimed that the allegations are all false.

To be fair, it is entirely possible that Joe Biden may have simply forgotten his participation in the Flynn unmasking plot because it took place about three years ago. We are talking about a guy who can’t even remember how many grandchildren he has. The idea that he may have forgotten about his past political corruption may not even be all that far fetched when we really stop to think about it.

The left is finally getting a much-needed taste of their own medicine and we cannot stop laughing. The same party that is more than willing to leap out the window as soon as they have any Republican allegation to consider now wants everyone to stop and collect information first. Maybe they should have been practicing what they have been preaching all this time.

Instead, they are turning around and engaging in the sort of hypocrisy that they are always accusing the Republicans of in the past. In the future, they should probably start contacting the targets of their accusations to find out more about their side of the story. They do not offer anyone else the chance to provide a rebuttal but now they are fuming because Biden didn’t get to bumble his way through a response.

Give it a week or so, they will find a way to blame President Trump for what is going on right now. It does not matter what has actually taken place, either. If they need to bend reality to make things easier on themselves, that’s what the Democrats are going to do. They have already wasted everyone’s time on this scandal but they are perfectly fine with wasting even more.

Biden’s corruption knows no bounds and while his memory may be faulty at this point, ours is not. No one has forgotten about all of the corruption he’s been engaged in. In a fair and just world, he would be removed from the presidential race entirely but that is surely a pipe dream.

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