Trump-Hating Judge Sullivan Hires Another Trump-Hating Judge To Continue Abuse Of Law

Judge Emmet Sullivan is in the midst of a major battle with the Department of Justice. General Flynn and Attorney General Barr are also closely involved. That’s why he is calling in the big guns to help out. A retired Clinton judge is being brought out of mothballs to assist him.

Once the Justice Department elected to drop the case against General Flynn, that should have been the end of it. Unfortunately, this saga is only going to continue. The documents that exonerate Flynn have already been released. What more is there to talk about right now?

We have seen the evidence that proves he was framed. Judge Sullivan has decided to extend the case. He could have solicited amicus briefs at any time and chose not to. The timing is rather curious, isn’t it? Of course, we are not the only ones who have noticed the rather coincidental timing.

The briefs were not solicited until after Barack Obama did everything in his power to ask for them. As soon as that conversation was “leaked” to Yahoo News, the wheels of justice were put into motion. Public comment is now being allowed on the Flynn case and the Democrats hope that this will provide them with the help that they so desperately need.

“Consider the implications for many cases where defendants seek to withdraw pleas due to prosecutorial abuse. It would create a threat of a judicial charge even when prosecutors agree with defendants,” Turley said.

“These extraordinary moves by the court are increasingly discomforting. This is a single charge where significant jail time was neither warranted nor expected,” he said.

Judge Sullivan probably already realizes that his behavior is not ethical. That did not stop him from continuing to walk down the wrong path. John Gleeson is the aforementioned Clinton judge who has been appointed by Sullivan. His job is a simple one. He is going to be arguing against the motion that was filed by the government to dismiss the case entirely.

He is also going to examine the case, in hopes of finding enough evidence to hold Flynn in criminal contempt. Obama seems to believe that Flynn is guilty of perjury but we are not even sure what he is basing that on. Jonathan Turley has already tried to take the former president to school on this one.

It’s doubtful that Obama is listening, though. The aforementioned Democrat law professor is against the move from Sullivan and he is on the left side of the aisle. This should tell the Democrats everything that they need to know about the pointlessness of this move. Obama doesn’t even know what he is talking about when it comes to this case anyway.

He is under the false belief that Flynn was even charged with perjury in the first place. Turley believes that Sullivan’s dirty move would create a very dangerous precedent. A defendant could face additional judicial charges, even when the prosecutors are in agreement with their case.

In Turley’s mind, there is only one charge to worry about here and jail time should not have been expected or warranted. As for The Court, they seem to be very invested in the idea of punishing Flynn. From the looks of it, they are not about to let this go anytime soon.

The Court is also obsessed with the idea of creating dismissal alternatives. Criminal defense attorneys like Turley are not appreciative. Prosecutor abuse is going to take place now that the precedent is being established. Unlike some of the Democrats who cannot take a big picture view, he is willing to consider the long term ripple effects of this choice.

Of course, hard-working Americans are also watching the outcome of this case closely. If this can happen to someone as prominent as General Flynn, what’s to stop it from happening to the rest of us? Sadly, most of us cannot afford the legal defense that Flynn was able to obtain. These stories make us wonder how long it will take before ordinary Americans are subjected to the same treatment.

After all, those who ignore injustices because they are not directly affected by them are just as awful as the people who perpetrate them in the first place. Sitting idly by and watching the government-run roughshod over an innocent defendant like this is not something that anyone should be willing to do. We need to stand up and acknowledge what is happening here while we still can.

It won’t be long before we are not able to talk about this type of stuff at all. As increased censorship on social media takes away our right to say what we think and feel, cases like Flynn’s are only going to become more commonplace. Let’s hope that Sullivan’s dirty trick does not end up producing the desired result. General Flynn deserves a full exoneration as soon as possible.

37 thoughts on “Trump-Hating Judge Sullivan Hires Another Trump-Hating Judge To Continue Abuse Of Law”

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      1. Another thing is if a judge is personally involved he should step down if the judge is Democrat he cannot judge a Republican fairly therefore he is not following law. Therefore he should step back.

        1. Joanna
          how ridiculous. . / so who is personally involved? According to your criteria, your party affiliation would suggest we should change out our entire system of judges each election period, and switch it according to party lines.

          The case shows that in the US, on this day, we have two systems of Justice…. one for President Trump’s friends… where charges are dropped, and everybody else.

          Michael Flynn was working in his cabinet position as a foreign agent. He took $530000 from Turkey….representing their interests and not the interests of the United States.

      2. We need a way to remove rogue judges, recalls for all elected officials in states including senators and governors. And I am betting 2020 is going to be a great year for republicans and a thorough routing of the dim wits and rinos.

      3. Dear Bren N Texas

        Timothy 2:4….. in those days people will not follow sound doctrine, but will instead follow their own desires…
        having itching ears, in this passage, refers to people who search out messages that condone their own lifestyle….
        so… what has this Judge done to you?? Remembering that justice should be blind to the normal perversions of social alliances and politics…. what has he done? He is investigating a “dropped” federal charge, when the charges were supported by 1- the person was lying to a federal agency about the contents of communication with a foreign power, about matters of national security…. and let us not forget that Flynn was already in the pay of a foreign power known to be heavy handed against its own population (Turkey) and 2- Flynn admitted twice, that he was guilty as charged.

        So why were the charges dropped??? When the fact of the charge had already been established and met the criteria for investigation. Do you support a foreign power’s influence, in our election , and especially not in the working of the federal government?

        And…. why is this our current distraction. More people are dying daily of covid, and we do not have testing available, and we do not have a federal plan for this epidemic. If the US had real leadership, we would be resurging financially like S Korea.

        1. Nellie,It is strange to see or hear a democrat try to use scripture to support their point of view,of course they will take it out of context just like you have,we have a political party who has turned in to the largest group of liars and criminals on the on the planet now wanting to justify their action by quoting scriprture,that is rich and funny at the same time,I guess you haven’t thought about the fact that this is a curse,and that whether you are democrat or republican doesn’t matter,its all about obedience to scripture that matters,such as keeping those pesky commandments,it like this attempt by you to lay blame on others for what you are just as guilty of as they are,I believe that is called rank hypocrisy,this judge has over stepped his authority,if the DOJ drops charges he has no right or authority to do otherwise,judges don’t make policy or laws,you liberals crow about justice and the rule of law but are the biggest transgressors of law known to man,we have the leadership and it sure as hell isn’t a democrat,and I see your still ranting about foreign powers,maybe you should look to Hillary and people like Adam Schiff for that,they like to talk to Russians,you people are a joke.

          1. Dear JR
            you do not know my party affiliation. I believe christians are in all our ethnicities and populate all of our parties, and should be working to better our republic, and living righteous lives.

            You are trangressing strongly in the direction of being an “accuser of the brethren”…now aren’t you?

            Why don’t you try reading “foreignpolicy” news to get some different info. It was founded in 1970, is neither republican nor democratic, and can give you information about President Trump that he is covering up.

            Timothy was used as an answer to Bren N Texas…. he was quoting from Isaiah, and Timothy is New Testament. Why don’t you point out to us how this was “taken out of context”…
            1 Timothy 2:4 – An Exegesis

            “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, (2) for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. (3) This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, (4) who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. (5) For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, (6) who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time. (7) For this I was appointed a preacher and an apostle ( I am telling the truth, I am not lying), a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth. ” – 1Tim 2:1-7

            So where is the context that you think is wrongly applied??????

    2. The Unites States Supreme Court may recinde judge sullivan’s quest to retry Flynn, and also assign judge sullivan cases of less major importance like ‘dog bites man, man bites dog back’, or “father and mother file for divorce from their children”. Say goodbye to the judge.

      1. Dear Ralph eye,
        No request here to retry Flynn. The Justice department is being asked to justify their decision to drop this case. FYI

      2. DEar Ralph eye
        The Supreme Court has given authority for Judge Sullivan to proceed in just the way he is doing, under rule 48a, published in 1947….the judge is required to reject a dismissal which “is not in the public interest.”
        This article was specifically devised by the Supreme court as a counter to when the prosecutorial process seems contaminated by political leverage”. You can’t beat Pres. Trump ‘s advocacy for Flynn as representing “highly connected”.and politically leveraged result. …

        Realize that Flynn has already been tried, and had elected to wait a year for sentencing. The year is up. This is not going to be retried.

    1. the translation of the above post…. for May 14 2020 at 6:59 pm…. author is “Alcohol tissues”
      in Thai language…
      so don’t any of you wonder why the Thai’s are on this thread… and whether you are all bringing your bots along with you. Do any of you subscribe to social media???? you might be getting targeted with disinformation????

    1. the above post, translated from the Thai language (May 14, 2020 15 7 PM) the handle is “sanitary mask filter”
      so are any of you buying face masks, filters for face masks? How are we getting Thai manufacturers on this website????

      Interesting, if so. Could mean that you are not trusting President trump to outfit you in PPE. I know he has not provided frontline medical workers with PPE…. and it is a problem.

      1. dear Emil Hinterthuer
        evidence for the judge being racist? what evidence?
        You do have evidence that he is an American and respects the flag…. people are allowed you know.

    1. amazing YEpThatsRight….. because in this country, there is a process before you can imprison someone. Imprison the judge??? Which country are you from? Russia?

      Actually, justice for this country might be to come under the thumb of these rogue foreign powers, but am hoping for mercy. Cannot imprison anyone in this country without due process. Flynn is going through due process.

  1. If it can be done to Anyone then it can be done to to Everyone. Nobody is safe. If it can happen to Flynn then it can be done to you as well. The forced guilty was just that: forced and the Crooked investigators knew it; they used Extortion threatening Flynn’s son who gad not committed any crime. Compulsory Self-Incrimination is Unconstitutional and the FBI knows that; Extortion is also a crime – a Felony to be exact.

    1. Dear glock19fan

      so why was Flynn paid to represent the interests of Turkey against the interests of Americans ??? $530,000 by accounts, and simultaneously being vetted for a cabinet position for National Security Adviser.

      Do you think a man can serve two masters? He was already in the pay of Turkey.

    1. This is what has me scared with Pending Indictments, arrests and trials stemming from Durham’ investigation. All of these case have to be filed in Sullivan’s DC Court system and its judges. I don’t know about you but my confidence is shaking and wavering.

  2. Flynn is not the criminal here Sullivan on the other hand is at minimum UNETHICAL at best and he has violated every standard that every Judge swears to and all of them should be very angry with Sullivan’s criminality.

  3. The Commie Socialists are “Creeping into our Society”, one day at time, one law at a time, until We The People are engulfed
    in a world unknown to our parents, if we are to keep our Freedoms we MUST be very watchful and Fight Back. They will not cease until every damn one of them is Gone! If it takes Arms to keep our Freedoms, Liberty and Justice for all then so be it!

  4. General Flynn twice lied to the FBI. That in itself is a crime.

    He was not “forced” to lie.

    I was a Company Commander during Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991). I have no respect for General Flynn.

    1. He was under duress when he agreed to the plea. The Feds are the ones who should be on trial and not Flynn. There is already enough evidence out in the open that Flynn was setup.

      Wow, a company commander. Big friggin deal. A job that can be held by an O-3. Guess what, dad as an E-9 was charged with training people in that rank. In fact, E-9s trained officers up to the level of O-5s. On dad’s last ship, there were 3 officers. A LCDR ( 0-4 ), LT ( 0-3 ), LTJG ( 0-2 ) . Then dad and under them were 97 other enlisted people. Brother in law was a Detachment Commander as a Major ( retired as a LtCol ) and he think Flynn was railroaded.

  5. Trying to put someone in prison with clear knowledge hat he hasn’t committed a crime is not only unethical, but is also malfeasance in office under color of law .It is official misconduct and should result in Sullivan losing his law license and being taken off of the bench. Furthermore, if he is attempting to encourage other judges or law enforcement officials to conspire with him to do the aforementioned ,they should ALL be charged with Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and the DOJ should charge them for same……………..This is not only unethical ,but also illegal. The prosecutors are the only individuals who have the authority to file charges, and they have declined to do so , based on official misconduct by the DOJ. The allegedly unbiased judge in any case is only active to proceed over the case and bring it to fruition. He has no other authority to disregard the prosecution’s motion to dismiss……..This is an absolute discrace by the judiciary and this judge. General Flynn needs to be not only free of charges, but he needs to file a law suit against the DOJ for illegal acts against him and his family……….


  7. Bias under the law? No bias! Lady Justice is suppose to be blind, not blind towards the rule of law, but blind from choosing to whom it may be applied and not applied to! These so called “Judges” are just that “SO-CALLED” and should be removed from the chair! THE END!!!!!

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