Media Freaks Out: Trump Is Taking Hydroxychloroquine

President Trump revealed an interesting fact during his conference with various restaurant owners on Monday afternoon. He let the world know that he is taking the controversial medication hydroxychloroquine as a means of safeguarding himself against the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the president, he has been taking this medication for a few weeks now. Before he started this regimen, he took the time to speak with a White House doctor. This is not a decision that he was willing to take lightly. In his mind, this medication is not controversial.

A number of people have already decided to take it and they are experiencing a sizable amount of success. While there are many who have spoken out against the medication, medical professionals do not share in this opinion. A poll of 6,000 doctors shows that this is actually the highest rated treatment for COVID-19.

Doctors in India are relying on the medication as a prophylaxis. It’s probably not a coincidence that they have the lowest death rate per million in the entire world. Democrats have been asking for the drug to be taken less seriously ever since Trump’s initial declaration about its effectiveness.

The liberal media has also been looking for any shred of information that will discredit the drug. For them, it’s not about helping people get better, it’s about making Trump look bad at all costs. When a study took place in Virginia that denounced the drug, the liberal media hopped on the story immediately.

It’s funny how quickly they are able to jump on stories that make the medication look bad when they ignore any story that makes the medication seem effective. They are clearly picking and choosing what they are going to acknowledge. The Democrats and the hysterical leftists who are responsible for supporting them do not care about the welfare of their fellow man.

To them, its all about the never ending war that they are waging against Donald Trump. The media should not have wasted a significant amount of time talking about which medications Trump does or does not take. Of all the things that could be discussed at the moment, we are not sure why this would take precedence over anything else.

Earth to the liberal media: we are in the midst of a global pandemic. We are not going to get out of this mess by issuing “searing” take downs of the current president. It’s not helpful behavior and it’s certainly not conducive to our country’s long term planning.

Do they want to see people recover from this terrible disease or would they rather see Trump looking bad? Near as we can tell, the answer is obvious. The orange man is bad, so that means that any medication he is willing to suggest to the rest of the population has to be bad as well.

Meanwhile, those who actually care find themselves wondering how the medication could be so effective. If Trump has been exposed to an outbreak that is taking place within the White House, it stands to reason that the medication has provided him with the protection that he needs to remain healthy.

Some are even speculating that there are some Democrats who are relying on the drug at the moment. While we do not have any proof to provide, it would make a ton of sense. They are a hypocritical party that never passes up a chance to make themselves look bad. When we find out that the Democrats are relying on the same drugs that Trump is touting, we are not going to pretend to be surprised at all.

We just hope that people take the time to remember one very important thing. Any decision that President Trump makes regarding his own health is between him and his own doctor. If he sees fit to share the results that he is getting from the medication that he has chosen, that is also his own choice. While there are too many people out there who want to spend their time bickering over his personal choices, there are far more important things that need to be discussed.

In the meantime, all anyone can do is pray for a vaccine that can be used by all Americans before too long. No one wants to be stuck indoors for the foreseeable future. While we do need to take the necessary precautions, summer is here and it’s time to get back to our normal lives again. Masks can only offer so much assistance and that’s why Trump is looking to bolster his level of protection.

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