Black Panthers Protest Chinese Restaurant Over China’s Racism

The New Black Panthers have launched a protest against a Washington, DC Chinese restaurant. Their reason is a very simple one: they are demonstrating against the restaurant because of racism that is currently taking place in China. The organization is looking to make their presence felt when it comes to various Chinese merchants that have set up shop in America.

Malik Zulu Shabazz is the organization’s attorney and he is providing further background on the protests. He believes that discrimination is taking place within the People’s Republic of China and he is not enamored with the mannerisms of Chinese companies that are residing in Africa.

DC residents are probably familiar with the restaurant that they are protesting. Yum’s is located on 14th Street and they are well known in the area. They provide casual Chinese dining, in addition to chicken wings and submarine sandwiches. The founder of the restaurant immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong over 40 years ago.

The New Black Panther Party is also going to bring their grievances to the Chinese government in a more direct manner. A presentation is going to be issued very soon. Formal diplomatic notices are being prepared as well. Black activists will be taking to the streets in 20 different American cities.

If any Chinese businesses are open during the pandemic, they could serve as the site for live demonstrations. These demonstrations are designed to put a stop to the atrocities that they believe are taking place against Africans all over the world. If Africans in China are being harmed, additional harm can come to Africans who reside in any number of location.

That’s why they are looking to remain as proactive as possible. Other Chinese owned businesses are going to be targeted during these protests. This includes convenience stores and beauty supply stores. It will be interesting to see how these protests unfold and how much of a police presence is available.

The police forces of various American cities are being stretched thin at this point. Every day, it seems like there is another protest taking place and there’s no way that these officers can put a stop to all of them. It also has to be terrifying to know that you are putting yourself at risk when you have to put a stop to mass gatherings.

With any luck, these protests are going to remain peaceful. There are no reports of violence or looting. They have a legitimate beef with the Chinese and the time has come to take action. The Chinese are finally going to reap what they have been sowing all around the world for decades now.

That seems to be an ongoing theme this year. 2020 is the year when all of China’s dirty laundry is going to be aired out. What is Joe Biden going to have to say about this one? On one hand, he likes to pretend that he truly cares about the issues that affect black people. On the other hand, he is a Chinese puppet who cannot possibly go against them for any reason.

He’s caught in quite the tug of war. If he endorses the New Black Panthers and tries to legitimize their movement, the Chinese will come down on him swiftly. If he decides to side with the Chinese, all of the leftists that he is spending his time pandering to are going to see through it almost immediately.

Meanwhile, Biden is wasting his time coming up with asinine nicknames for President Trump. He’s had months (if not years) to come up with a good burn for the president. Can you believe that President Tweety is the absolute best he could do? We wonder if his gangland crony Corn Pop is the one who helped him come up with this one.

All jokes aside, the left is going to have a tough time squaring this one. Their knee jerk reaction will be to side with the New Black Panthers. They cannot do so without incurring the wrath of the Chinese. Where’s AOC when you need her? We are sure that she is going to wade into this discussion any moment now with some of her trademark anti America rhetoric.

How are the Chinese going to respond to what is taking place? We sure that Yum’s will be offering some sort of retort for what is happening. It probably feels a bit unfair to be the site of a protest when you have been peacefully residing in America for decades. One thing is for sure: this story is not going to be going away anytime soon.

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