Supreme Court Denies House Democrat’s Fraudulent Request for Mueller Grand Jury Material

The Department of Justice now has a deadline for filing its inevitable formal appeal. The House Judiciary Committee is trying to get their hands on these documents so that they are able to continue their harassment of the current president. It’s a scheme that is easy for anyone to see through.

There is no evidence that proves their points but they cannot accept their defeat. The Democrats are not the type to take their ball and go home. Instead, they are simply going to appeal the outcome of the game and claim that the referees (i.e. the Supreme Court) are not playing fair.

It’s childish, to say the least. This investigation has no end in sight and we are not even sure what they are trying to accomplish anymore. It’s time for them to save face and forfeit but they are not going to do that. For the Democrats, this goes against everything that they stand for.

That’s why they are doing everything in their power to keep this silly investigation alive. You would think that they would have bigger fish to fry, considering that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s bad enough that they were trying to impeach Trump just as the news started to take a turn for the worst.



The application for stay of the mandate presented to The Chief Justice and by him referred to the Court is granted. The issuance of the mandate of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, case No. 19-5288, is stayed pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, if such petition is filed on or before June 1, 2020, by 5 p.m. Should the petition for a writ of certiorari be denied, this stay shall terminate automatically. In the event the petition for a writ of certiorari is granted, the stay shall terminate upon the issuance of the judgment of this Court. If no petition for a writ of certiorari is filed on or before June 1, 2020, by 5 p.m., the stay shall terminate.

Everyone knew that this outcome was going to happen eventually but apparently the Democrats did not get that memo. They are going to be lucky to get out of this without any major legal issues. We are pretty sure that it is illegal to launch an investigation of this magnitude without having access to any legitimate evidence but we don’t have a fancy legal degree or anything like that.

Mueller also went fishing for a case that he had to know was nonexistent. This is what happens when people allow their dislike of the president to guide their decision making. It’s bad enough that this case has already been proven to be frivolous several times over. Instead of bowing out gracefully, the Democrats are going to have to be removed from this case while they are still kicking and screaming.

Don’t they have their own mountain of corruption that they need to be dealing with? This is the same party that put all of their faith in an alleged criminal of their own. Joe Biden is facing credible allegations of corruption and sexual assault. Instead of taking the time to find a better candidate, they would rather keep harping on Donald Trump over and over again.

His first term is almost complete and they have yet to have any success. This should be all signals they need that is time to power down. Perhaps they already know that Biden has no chance of winning the presidency outright, though. If that is the case, perhaps they are a bit more shrewd than they are being given credit for.

After all, if you know that you cannot win an election fair and square, what other recourse do you have? The Democrats are so desperate for a win, they do not care how they manufacture it. The phrase “by hook or by crook” definitely comes to mind here. The Supreme Court’s denial of their insane request is not going to be viewed as the detriment that it should be. They are viewing it as a mere roadblock that can be navigated around.

That’s what happens when you spend roughly four years pursuing a case that has no basis in reality. It has to be humiliating to have that case fall apart in such a public manner. By that logic, we fully understand where the Democrats are coming from here. That does not mean that we actually agree with them, though. That’s an important distinction that needs to be made.

With any luck, we can finally put this whole thing to bed and move on with our lives. The Democrats can spend the next few days preparing their appeal but the Supreme Court is not going to be thrilled about it. We are not sure what they expect to change. This is their chance to walk away with some semblance of dignity intact but if we know the Democrats? It’s not an opportunity that they are even remotely ready to take.

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