Intelligence Report: Iran Is Going After US Elections in November to Help Biden

In news that should not be surprising to anyone, the Iranians are currently looking to wield their influence in negative ways. If they have their way, they are going to help to remove Donald Trump from office. They want Joe Biden in the White House because they believe that he is going to be easier for them to influence.

Iran’s plan is easy enough to follow. They are under the impression that they can sow discord in our nation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Senior United States intelligence officials are monitoring the nature of this threat right now. Iran’s objective of dividing the country is only going to be as successful as we allow it to be, though.

Iranian cyber warriors know that they are going to need new materials if their plan is going to be successful. International health organizations are also being targeted at the moment. Once they get their hands on the necessary information, the next phase of the plan goes into effect.

This playbook has been in existence for some time now. This isn’t Iran’s first rodeo. They have been looking to inflame the tensions that exist within the United States for some time now. We all need to keep our heads on a swivel and question any new information that is being provided during the lead up to the election this fall.

Many Americans do not realize that Iran has already tried to intervene in American elections in the past. Those who were paying close attention back in 2012 can definitely attest to this. Three major American banks experienced cyber attacks during this election cycle and Iran is believed to be responsible for them.

Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America were the banks who were victimized by these denial of service attacks. Iran has their own cyber military and they are not afraid to strike at a moment’s notice. While Americans should have the appropriate level of fear, the fact that these threats are being discussed now is a good sign for the rest of this election season.

Tehran is in the process of escalating their covert conflicts with the US and their allies and has been since 2012. This information was provided by Langley Intelligence Group Network. Pentagon officials are also looking into these threats. They believe that United States utility companies could be targeted when and if Iran decides to attack.

The methods that were used by the Iranians have been shockingly simplistic up until now. According to the Pentagon, they were trying to guess passwords without the usage of any sort of additional software. The security world has already been discussing these attacks. By all accounts, they are currently common knowledge.

In the meantime, the Iranian government is currently investing a sizable amount of their time and energy into cyber hacking. Cyber hacking has been top priority for their government for years now. Iran considers America to be one of their most formidable adversaries. It only makes sense that they would try to weaken the country by any means necessary.

President Trump has been willing to keep his foot on their necks for the duration of his presidency. Their most recent efforts at assisting Venezuela have landed them in hot water. In their minds, a Trump removal would help them in a number of ways. Their willingness to meddle in American affairs is emblematic of their own issues.

Iran is in deep trouble domestically and this story underscores their desperation. They are dealing with various uprisings and people are looking for a regime change. The current regime is also cash hungry. Maybe they envision a deal where they are able to do Biden’s bidding in exchange for some more federal aid?

Tehran is trying their best to remain viable until November rolls around. If they believe that a change in leadership on this side of the pond is going to help them, more power to them. We cannot see the upside here. If America is already well aware of these efforts, we are not sure how successful they are going to be. A Democratic president is probably not the cure all that they seem to think it is.

The United States is engaging in robust efforts that are designed to counteract any sort of cyber attack. It is time for the United States to remain as vigilant as possible. The last thing that anyone wants is another election that is marred by all sorts of accusations of meddling. Iran’s ambitions may be lofty but our best and brightest minds are already on the case.

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