Stacey Abrams Complains That Illegals Can’t Vote Illegally Any Longer

Stacey Abrams is no stranger to failure. Most know her as one of the many people who has tried and failed to become the new governor of Georgia. Now, she is taking her penchant for bitter defeat to new heights. Can you believe that she is actually upset about the lack of illegal aliens who are able to vote?

Her lament is a hilarious one. Gee, Stacey, it really is too bad about how the illegal aliens do not have any government representation. When we stop to think about the issues that are taking place in America right now, this is definitely one of them!

Of course, Abrams is trying to do everything in her power to position herself for the vice president position. She believes that the younger population has to be switched over to the left side of the aisle. Otherwise, the voting base that will be created will be more white and Republican than she would like.

Of course, the Democrats could always decide to do a better job and sway young people that way. They are not stupid and they do not need their hands held in the manner that Abrams is insinuating. Abrams is now looking to include illegal aliens among her voting base because she knows that this is the only chance that she has.

We get the gist of what she is driving at here. Apparently, white people cannot participate in the government anymore. Abrams and her ilk want to play the ‘more woke than thou’ game and it is eventually going to backfire on them terribly. You can only play a game like this one for so long before it blows up in your face.

What happens when she is forced to speak with someone on the left side of the aisle who is not a hysterical fool? In order for America to reach its full potential, we need the thoughts and input of all our citizens. Abrams wants a government that is run with the interests of illegal aliens in mind and we cannot believe no one told her to rethink this stance.

Biden is one who has supposedly lost his mind but now we are watching his potential running mate lose hers in real time. Abrams is trying to use any power that she gains to right the wrongs that she feels are taking place. This is simply not how good governing works.

The best governments are willing to consider the opinions of everyone who has some form of input to offer. Abrams wants a world where she can run roughshod over the laws that we hold dear. If illegal aliens want their opinions to be taken into account, they should probably become citizens. It’s not like this option is not available to them.

America is full of success stories like these. Foreigners come here all of the time and they often hail from adverse situations. Abrams has a more simplistic view. She does not view these situations through a nuanced lens. Her old “down with white people” videos have surfaced and they are too silly to summon any real outrage for.

Abrams is even willing to engage in fraudulent re-districting to make her dreams come true. It’s a good thing that she is never going to have any real power. Biden might choose her for the vice president slot but we all know that his campaign is dead in the water.

Even James Woods was ready to weigh in on what she said. We do not agree with his level of alarm, though. He seems to think that Biden will get elected, die in office and leave her to run the country. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not buying into the same polls that told everyone we were about to have a Hillary Clinton presidency.

If Abrams has her way, she’ll be distributing absentee ballots to all of the illegal aliens right before the election in November. We are not going to be surprised in the least when she is found to have engaged in voter fraud. All we want to know is how she actually plans to pull this off. She’s already tipped her hand, so we know what to expect.

Biden may want to eliminate her from consideration before it is too late but the nut jobs who are willing to vote for him might actually be thrilled to have her. This is his last chance to think twice about a potentially terrible decision. Even Kamala Harris has more sense than to say something that is this insane.

227 thoughts on “Stacey Abrams Complains That Illegals Can’t Vote Illegally Any Longer”

      1. She ran for gov in Georgia but lost, thank the Lord….. talk about a stupid person…… this “thang” sure takes the cake. Why don’t we just have Mexico hold our Presidential election??????? DUH

    1. Stacey Abrams has a brain the size of an atom.. Simply amazing how dumb fucking Democrats want another fucking moron on the ticket with a Alzheimer victim. Trump will run away in November if she is the choice. I am from Georgia and know people that know her, they say she can barely spell her name.

      1. Dear Rob plant,
        your language is so classy… lol.
        As you know, Stacey Abrams’ remark about the democratic “wave” was mischaracterized, and does not support illegals voting. Please look on AP fact check, where you can view her entire remark.

        Most of the rest of the respondents appear to be spots where you can order your drugs… hmmm?

    2. I don’t believe you learned anything useful from that article, except that the “non-racist” contender for the Dems, Stacy Abrams, is quite the racist.

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    1. Your attempts to flood the response portion of this article are in vain. We all know what Stacey Abrams is, and what she is about!

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    1. She has a warped mind. Illegals should not be allowed to vote. If you want to vote, become a US citizen or go back home. Take ms. Abrams with you. she sounds like a real idiot. Dont ever vote for her. You’ll regret it.

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  69. This a laundry list of prescription drugs why did these fools deem it necessary to engage in idiocy, I’d bet my lunch they are of the “leftie” side of our Democracy.
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    1. Wasn’t donkey rear ends Reagan and the two Bushes enough? Even your top Republican officials finally admitted that Reagan and Bush, Jr. were not up to scratch and were totally useless.

  96. The formula is this: 1) almost 60% of America is White, around 17% is Black, now 18% are Hispanic. So, alienating the 60% right off the top is an interesting choice. How do you think you will win if you have to get 100% of the rest to lose by 20%? I guess they didn’t do much math at her school. After all when she got fewer votes in Georgia, she jumped up and declared herself the winner! I always knew the participation trophies were a bad idea after about age 7 or 8.

  97. White people working with Black people gave our heart and soul as well as come of our lives to make it possible for you to be able to write these negative comments without being Jailed —-If it was not for the civil rights Bill that we all supported you would be cleaning toilets and going into segregated wash rooms and could not walk on the side of the street that wihite folks walked. When President Johnson needed the votes to pass the civil rights bill he got the votes that he needed from Republicans as their was not enough votes from the southern Democrats who were apposed to segregation —Think about this -think about it hard ———-We have always had your back–

  98. This woman is a nutcase. She actually said that she would step down as governor of GA if selected to be a VP pick for biden. Kemp is the governor of GA. She is nothing. This tells you her mental stability.

  99. I don’t understand why this is so hard for Liberals to understand:
    It doesn’t matter how long they have been in this country, they are CRIMINALS!
    In most States, felons are not permitted to vote.
    Democrats today are saying that no one, even the President, is above the law. So my question is:
    How come ILLEGAL ALIENS are?

    1. I don’t why it is so hard for conservatives to understand that they help create the illegal immigrant problem by interfering in other countries plus knowingly hire illegal immigrants in full violation of the labor and immigration laws. My question how come the business leaders think that they are above the law when they hire illegals and don’t get heavy prison time plus their companies being stripped of their business licenses for violating the law?

      1. You still dodged the statement. They are here illegaly; therefore, tehy have no right to vote at all NONE. They do not deserve to have ANY welfare nor schooling. Go back then come legally.

  100. I do not think that Stacy Abrams has at least a minimal chance of becoming vice president of America. She is so stupid and vulgar that it is impossible not to notice. Would a person who aspires to occupy such a high post would publicly declare that illegal immigrants, that is, people, violators of the Constitution should have a representative office in the government? Or “Down with white people” from the government? No, she’s too stupid, It is simply impossible to hide.

  101. other dumb democrat against American citizens all you democrats can take a flying leap off a cliff somewhere

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